Starting in this newsletter, I will be delivering messages from my team of Archangels that are called ARC.

I am excited to begin sharing with you spiritual wisdom as well as teachings about prosperity as a channel for ARC.

ARC is sending you a special blessing today. The blessing is for prosperity and peace. They will be sending you related blessings everyday this week. Let go and notice what shows up for you. Woohooo!

Today’s message is about how to play and have more fun while serving the world in joyful ways that resonate with you.

This is something that you can learn to do when you understand a couple of basic spiritual teachings.

#1: Live life fully and enjoy every moment to the greatest extent possible..

#2: The most important thing you can do is follow your heart.

These teachings are often thought to be easier said than done. This has to do with cultural and inherited beliefs.

Rather than clearing anything at this time, we suggest you try doing this:

Put your hands in receiving position with palms face up.

Ask to receive these beliefs energetically, one at a time:

I am prosperous.

Life is great.

I am abundant in all ways.

God/Source/The Divine will install these beliefs into your energy system.

It will take a couple of weeks for these to integrate.

In the meantime, affirm these beliefs throughout your day.