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What's Possible Now?

When you wake up in the morning, what is possible?opportunitySmall

Beyond what happened yesterday, beyond what happened years ago, beyond what has been before?

What feelings might awaken if today was better than those previously explored?

What else is possible beyond that which you already know?
And beyond that which you have experienced heretofore?

What is available to you that you have not considered?
Be curious.

What resources lie in wait for your eyes to see in a whole new light?
Be willing to see.
What surprises might lie in the people you think you know, but really don’t?
Be open.

Who do you not yet know that you might meet today or tomorrow or the next day?
Who lives down the block from you (or on Twitter or Facebook) that you might have a great connection with – someone you have yet to meet.
Be curious; be enthusiastic; reach out.

What part of you lies dormant or suppressed waiting to be fully expressed in the world?

How might you allow that part of you to shine?
Who can be a mirror for you so that you can finally see and accept the greatness in you?

Today, allow others to be your mirror.
It is okay for your brilliance to shine.
And be a mirror for those around you
Allowing their brilliance to shine

Let them contribute their gifts to you and make a difference in your world

And know that you too can make a difference and that you do, every day in some small way

And most of all, remember to have fun, to play, to laugh, to sing, to dance.

And from that joy-filled place, know everything is possible, including that which has never happened before.


May your life be full of new and wonderful experiences, some of which you previously didn’t think were possible.

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