There are different kinds of medical intuitives. Essentially, medical intuitives have learned how to intuit what caused the disease or ailments and what to do to heal the body, mind and soul. Intuit means to know or sense immediately without the use of reasoning.

Some medical intuitives tell you what kind of doctor to see or what types of medications are needed. Others go inside the body to see what is going on.

Sentelligent Medical Intuitives what is blocking the body from healing itself.

We are all born Sentelligent. This is a word I coined which refers to our ability to tap in to all 5 senses, our intuition, our feelings and something greater than ourselves – also known as Spirit, God or Source.

Everyone is intuitive and can access higher levels of information both from meditating and by getting attuned to Reiki which is universal energy. It is important to do both.

Those who are medical intuitives care about health and wellness. Often they have had their own health challenges which makes them more passionate about helping themselves and others in a way that is permanent without a lot of drugs or surgery.

Basically, a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive is one who intuits what is keeping the body from healing itself. It can be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. We tap in and determine the patterns underneath the illness which will reoccur unless they are released. We also intuit nutritional deficiences, malabsorption causes, food imbalancesand how to remedy them.

Medication can help a great deal but also may cause side effects. People may feel better but if the underlying cause is NOT released, but then they will likely face that challenge again either in their body or in their life or both.

Anyone can become a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive if they so desire. You can too! It is a great way to compliment your current career or start a new one. Many people change careers around mid-life when they have a yearning to do something more fulfilling that also earns them money.

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