What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Your Business?

Let’s Handle It With Ease and Grace

Do you need:

  • Clarity on your next “Big Yes” program, service or product
  • Create products or Services in Alignment With Your “Big Yes”
  • Determine Fastest Path to Cash in alignment with your “Big Yes”
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • A Marketing Plan in Alignment with your Soul
  • Set Your Prices for Packages and Services ( in a way that works)
  • Attract Affluent Clients
  • Other:

Pick two – three related areas for focus ( i.e. clarity on “Big Yes” and fastest path to cash in alignment with it) and we will work together to creatively, joyfully and quickly produce doable solutions that work for you in just one day.

We will also release any fears and blocks that arise so you can get in action quickly and from a peaceful place.

These VIP intensives with Stacey are held from the comfort of your own home on a scheduled  day via the telephone and web technology.  They are powerful, yet rejuvenating.

Clients tell me time and time again that they get 6 months worth of coaching in this one day.

Receive 2 thirty minute follow up coaching sessions with Stacey to keep on track with your plan, make adjustments if needed, get your questions answered, and clear any doubts that may have crept up.

Here is what a Platinum client said about her recent Virtual VIP Day:

“It was an amazing, creative, fun and very productive experience. I used to think I had to figure it all out by myself – how wonderful it was to co-create with you.

Before our session it was as if I could see Paris and the Eiffel Tower but I didn’t know how to get there. Now I have a plan that is clear and doable, yet open and flexible. With this plan, I can earn a six figure income, working only 25 hours a week. I am excited about my vision and the impact I can make. I also see how I can take this program out to other companies and governments as well.

Before I did not know how to convey my program and services so others could see the value. Now I can speak about my programs in a way that could be understood by anyone.

I have confidence in my ability to market and lead these programs and see where I was not owning my power previously.

Thank you Stacey! I appreciate your creative ideas, practical marketing expertise and ability to help me see and clear what was in my way.”

Monica Chiapa
Los Angeles, CA


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