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What is a Twin Flame and Who is Yours?

It is almost Valentines Day and love is in the air.  It is important to take time to count your blessings and know that you are loved.

I am sending everyone who subscribes to this newsletter love on Valentines Day.  I am blessed to have you in the Living Your Dreams community.

You may or may not know what a twin flame is.  We all have one.  We spend a good part of our life in search of love from someone who will love us unconditionally.

A twin flame is someone who has been with you in at least 20 lifetimes.  The two of you have evolved together over time.  Even if you don’t believe in past lives, it is nice to know who your twin flame is.

My husband is my twin flame and we support each other unconditionally.  It does not mean we don’t have our challenges. Rather we came together to heal those unresolved issues and support each other in our purpose in life and in all ways.

When you find your twin flame, there is almost an instant connection. There is an energetic attraction that is undeniable.  It is not about looks as much as it is about energy.  The energy of your twin flame is in your aura and visa versa.  That makes the connection strong.

My husband made the statement once that “we are inevitable”. I have never forgotten that.

If you would like to know if your twin flame is your partner or is someone you have met in this lifetime, I can help.

Comment below and say the first name of the person you are wondering about and I will let you know if he/she is your twin flame.

A twin flame differs from a soul mate in a couple of ways.  A soul mate is someone who you have a deep connection with. It can be a close girlfriend or a cousin or a spouse. The two of you have also been together in many lifetimes but not as many as with your twin flame.

If you are not married to your twin flame, it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy for the present time. You came together for a variety of reasons — most of which is to heal.

We heal when we are in relationships.  It is good to study about how to have a good relationship but then we must apply what we learn with a partner.

Happy Valentines Day!



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