There are many ways to take charge of your future. We have subconscious beliefs that get in our way of being prosperous, having great relationships, of being and staying healthy and much more. Clearing them thoroughly in a way that really works is in your highest and best interest and can save you a lot of money over time.

Here are 11 more reasons to learn the NEW improved C.A.S.H. Grid plus 5 ancillary healing tools that ROCK!

  1. This is the only time I am teaching this 2 – part class to the public this year.
  2. You will learn to release up to 150 beliefs at a time gently and easily with the CASH Grid. This is more than most healing modalities out there.
  3. You will learn to heal beliefs that go all the way back to the beginning of time with this method. Most other modalities only do about 50-75% of of that.
  4. You will learn ancillary methods that allow your body to receive the healing more easily, and more gently that 90% of the other healing modalities in the world. If you are sensitive like me, this is likely very important to you.
  5. You will learn 5 things that can and do get in the way of healing yourself and others and how and when to release and transform them.
  6. You will learn about much of what is in the way of having a greater sense of freedom and how to release it.
  7. You can learn to heal the emotional beliefs that keep physical symptoms in place or prevent you from doing what is needed to heal the body.
  8. The Grid can also be used for attracting to you that which you desire. It is a catalyst for the Law of Attraction and works magically via Source.
  9. Whether or not, you are a healing practitioner, I will show you how to use these methods and reap the rewards for yourself.
  10. There are special bonuses for the next 6 people to purchase this program who who have NOT taken C.A.S.H Grid training before worth more than the price of the class.
  11. C.A.S.H Grid Training is a requirement for eligibility to take future advanced training classes on healing the body and the soul faster with tools only used by the top 5 healers in the world.

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