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Top 10 Design Tips for Anyone & Any Space


DeAnna Radaj

Bante Design LLC

  1. Eliminate Clutter-if you don’t USE IT, WEAR IT, LOVE IT, NEED IT…then you need to get rid of it!
  2. Make use of the Power Position-this is the diagonal corner from the entryway in any space.  This is the most psychologically secure position in any room.  Use for a desk, stove, bed or main seat.
  3. Utilize all 5 Senses & Elements in your space plan- the 5 senses are: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.  The 5 elements are wood, water, metal, fire, earth.  Incorporating this into your design plan will help create a more balanced, interesting & supportive space.
  4. Bring the Outdoors In-This means designing with plants, outdoor furniture or anything else found in Mother Nature’s home.
  5. Maintain a welcome, unobstructed entryway- a well-maintained, clean, easy to read address # & trimmed plants/yard are all examples.  You want to put a good face to the world & make your home easy to find!
  6. Bathroom issues- all drains should be closed (i.e. a drain cover/stopper/plunger…no open pipe), toilet seat down door closed and room well-lit!  The bathroom is related to the WEALTH area of the home & you don’t want your finances going “down the drain”.  The idea is to keep energy UP!  Keep all plumbing in working order, and if a problem occurs, get it fixed asap.
  7. Bring creativity back into your life & space- Think out of the box & out of your comfort zone.  If you like turquoise (THE color for 2010)…paint an accent wall that color, buy some flowers in that color, get a throw & put it over your favorite chair.  If you love it-display it!  If you’ve never journaled or scrapbooked before…try it!  What have you got to lose?  You may find out that you’re really good at it! You  may not be the next daVinci or Spielberg, but you might find a new creative outlet or stress reliever.  You’ll never know if you don’t try.
  8. Create your own personal sanctuary- Everyone needs their own space to “be”, or to be creative or to just decompress after a tough day.  It can be your whole house, a room, garage or corner in the bedroom…or even your garden!  Claim your own area & let everyone know when you’re there, you’re NOT to be disturbed…and afford that same courtesy to others!  It’s your time & you deserve it.
  9. Maintain a smooth flow throughout your space- This means you can walk unobstructed throughout any room of your space without bumping into anything-toys, furniture, clothes…It’s not good Feng Shui to constantly bump into something & maybe hurt yourself in the process!  Move it!
  10. Detoxify your space-Be more conscious of the household cleaners, textiles, pesticides…WHATEVER you buy and/or use in your space.  READ LABELS & know what makes up the item!



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