Many people are reinventing themselves at this time in their evolution. Some have been laid off, others are re-assessing their businesses and careers.

What about you?

If things are not flowing the way they used to, it may be time to re-invent yourself yet again.

I could consider myself the queen of reinvention as I have changed careers four times so far and have continued to shift my businesses as I evolve. Now I am creating a new business as well.

Some people like change more than others.  It is important to make changes before the Universe kicks you in the pants again (grin).

If you are interested in expanding your intuitive abilities and earning a good income from it, then you will want to consider being trained as a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive. 

The next class starts in a couple of weeks and is a relatively inexpensive way to expand your earning ability while helping people get healthy.

I am holding a f-r-e-e introductory call next week where you can get all your questions answered and learn more about being a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive and what that means for you and those you choose to help.
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