The best thing you can do as an individual is ground into the center of the earth, meditate and do what you can to be still and accept what is. Take time to journal and see what comes out of your pen that you need to be aware of. There is much coming up from people that needs to be seen and healed.

Many who have been isolating for a long time, are now longing to be with their old friends. Those who did not isolate, are glad to have time for themselves and be alone. Things are switching and a bit topsy turvy for many as balance is needed for each of us. When we balance the yin and yang energy within, then things will become calmer and more balanced in the world.

Expect these weather fluctuations to continue until we learn what we came to learn at this time. Wherever you go, there you are. Some are considering moving to better climates, but you will be drawn to weather that matches your energy and that will continue to fluctuate. Stay put until you are absolutely certain that you will not be going round in circles by moving to find a panacea that does not exist in the outer world.

To find a panacea, means to be content, happy, satisfied with your current lot in life and know that everything you desire is unfolding for you in divine timing.

Stacey Mayo





Q and A Call This Thursday, August 30th

If you find yourself a bit topsy turvy about whether or not to be trained as a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive, take time to journal and allow all your questions to come out. Then bring them to the Q and A call this Thursday, August 30th where you can get them answered and also meet some of our awesome Certified Sentelligent Medical Intuitives.