Consider how cool it would be to have your teeth cleaned, polished and plaque and tarter removed energetically without having to step foot in a dentist office.

Imagine waking up in the morning and having that wonderful feeling of newly polished teeth and knowing your teeth were cleaned and polished while you slept.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Starting next week, your basic dental work can be done energetically while you sleep or go about your normal day WITHOUT discomfort or having to purchase dental tools, medications, supplements, essential oils, or pay a healer like me or anyone else to do this for you.

You can learn how to set this process in place for yourself, your family or others via my proprietary crystalline healing grid called the C-A-S-H Grid which stands for Crystalline Activated Healing Grid. This is an energetic healing grid that I teach others to use for healing physical ailments, as well as financial, relationship, career, spiritual and other issues. ( we refer to this below as “The Healing Grid” due to confusion about the original name)

Basic Dental Energetic Health is a new bonus we just added to our online training program for “The Healing Grid.”. It is the coolest thing ever and no one else in the United States is doing this.

Here is what you can do with the Basic Dental Energetic Health Section of the “The Healing Grid Training Program”:

NOTE: You can learn to set in place all of the following via a simple proprietary process that will take you less than 2 minutes to do.

  • Have your teeth cleaned, flossed and polished, plaque, tarter, bacteria and/or other toxins removed thoroughly
  • Stop plaque and gingivitis
  • Heal root cause of excess plaque and tarter
  • Heal gum tissue and receding gums
  • Clear out excess phlegm
  • Uncover and heal infections in your gums and mouth
  • Seal your amalgams and cracks in your teeth to prevent leakage of mercury vapors or silver or other inorganic matter that could be toxic
  • Heal root cause of toothaches and sooth toothache pain
  • Heal root cause of halitosis
  • Plus much more

The results are absolutely magical. I cannot remember when my gums and teeth looked better.

Here 7 Important Reasons Why You Will Want to Learn to Use “The Healing Grid” (aka The CASH Grid):

  • Save lots of money on dental bills, basic dental insurance, doctor bills, alternative practitioners, medications, supplements, essential oils, pain relievers, etc
  • You can use the Dental Grid Section AND all aspects of “The Healing Grid” for yourself and your family and others as often as you like, year after year
  • Using the Dental Grid Section does NOT require using dental tools, x-rays, knowledge of dentistry or even having to touch anyone’s mouth or teeth
  • The energetic proprietary processes used in “The Healing Grid” are simple to use, take less than 2 minutes to set in place and anyone can learn to do it including you
  • In addition to Basic Dental Energetic Health, you will learn how to set in place energetic healing for many other health ailments as well relationship challenges, obstacles to earning more money, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges plus much more
  • Healing via The Grid is 100% faster and more thorough than any other process known at this time.
    If you are a healer, alternative practitioner or someone who wants a new stream of income, you can use “The Healing Grid” with clients if you desire. (Certification will be available in the future.)

Additionally, there are 11 2 more bonuses left for easily Attracting Wealth and Meeting Your Prosperity Guide.

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