Hello Stacey

Interesting enough, I was reading your column in the April 2013 Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE and someone from Arkansas wrote you a letter about her tinnitus and about hearing a two-tone sound since relocating in the Ozarks.

Coincidentally, an article in the local Metro newspaper contained a pending probe by a University of Calgary professor concerning a mysterious hum, more a vibrational feeling than a noise, that has been occurring in NW Calgary since 2008 and is now extending.

Can this tone be God/Spirits whispers trying to tell targeted peoples in Calgary and area that it is time to be one with what is? If so, how do I best bring this to Dr. Marcia Epstein’s attention?

Susan Jorgensen


Hi Susan,

Thanks for asking. We are hearing different hums all around the world of different frequencies. The frequency you are hearing in Calgary is that of the 5th dimension energies.

The energies of the east are meeting with the energies of the west. They say “never the twain shall meet” but they are coming together. That is what is causing the humming that you hear.

The humming is symbolic of the coming together of what is. There is a lot of friction in the minds of people and between them as well. This is also represented in the humming energies.

The best thing to do is raise your hands to the east and send white light. This is a way of harmonizing the energies.

If you want to make a bigger contribution to the world, have Spirit raise your hands throughout the day to send white light when it is divine to do so. This will be done in a way that works for you and others.

Please tell Dr. Epstein to buy Sedona Journal and read this article.

Love and blessings,

PS. Anyone can do what we suggested Susan do to make a difference in the part of the world where you live.