Wake Up to Your Vision

People are having fabulous breakthroughs in their Intuitive Career Reading and Healing sessions and they all look different.

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Here’s what’s been happening in these sessions in just the past few days:

One person gained clarity on her mission, an online business in alignment with that mission, an idea for her first product and cleared what’s in the way of stepping into that vision– all in one session.

Another person validated that they were on the right track, got some ideas for tweaking it and cleared major gunk in the way of moving forward and making it a reality.

And another person is waking up to a vision that she hadn’t been willing to allow herself to dream about previously.

What will your breakthrough be?

Many of the people who are having readings told me they’ve been following me for a year or even several years and decided to contact me now because this Intuitive Career Reading and Healing Session really spoke to them and they are so glad they did.

The value of a single reading is 10 – 100x what you can get from reading my articles because it is all about YOU and it’s exponentially faster, more accurate and a lot less expensive than the career transition coaching model I used previously.

The deadline to receive 20% off this investment in yourself is this Thursday, May 13th so if interested, don’t dawdle, as it may be a year before I make this offer again.

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Intuitive Career Reading and Healing Session

I look forward to supporting you in stepping into the next chapter in your life – one that is totally in alignment with your soul and what you intended to do in this lifetime.



How to Act Sentelligently

What would it look like to live your dreams Sentelligently?

Whether or not your are currently living out one or more of your dreams, it is likely that you understand the concept of living your dreams.

It is taking a vision of what you want to see happen and putting that vision into reality … Taking the steps to move it from a dream or vision into a reality.

You may not be as clear about the concept of Sentelligence. Sentelligence is a word I created, which represents our highly functioning and intelligent sensory system, which includes all of our senses; our touch, our smell our taste, our hearing, our sight; as well as our sixth sense, which is our intuition.

Some of us are more in tune or more sensitive in these areas. Our systems are enhanced or more highly functioning so to speak. I prefer the word ‘Sentelligent’ over “sensitive”, because in our culture, being sensitive often has a negative connotation.

I have also used Sentelligent as adjective to describe a person, i.e; “I am a Sentelligent Person” or ‘He is Sentelligent.”

But now I want to talk about what it means to BE Sentelligent and to act Sentelligently.

Being Sentelligent means tuning in to your highly functioning sensory systems and actually listening to them, learning what they need to function well, and acting on the information your receive from all of your senses – touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing and intuition as well as your feelings. All of these senses work together.

So you can be sensitive but still NOT be acting Sentelligently.

For instance you may notice something smells offensive to you and your intuition tells you, that smell is toxic. You wrinkle up your nose and maybe say “ewe!”. What do you do?

Do you continue to use that product that has the strong smell or do you find something else? Do you trust what your nose is telling you?

I have found that people who have been around toxic or chemical smells for a long time have become de-sensitized to it. They don’t even notice it.

And that includes most of the world’s population.

This is because there are chemicals in so many things – they are in most perfumes, after shave, cleaning products, laundry soaps, fabric softeners, etc. No wonder we have become de-sensitized, we are literally wearing and surrounded by these chemicals day after day.

People with a highly functioning sensory system tend to be more attuned to these smells. But even if you are not bothered by the smell, it is important to know that washing clothes, wearing or spritzing chemicals on your body or hair is not a good thing for you. And these toxins can and do accumulate in your body.

I encourage you to start paying more attention to what your senses are telling you. You wouldn’t leave your hand on a hot stove — your sense of touch knows that is painful and you will get burned. Now start paying attention to the more subtle things your body and your intuition is telling you.

If you notice something doesn’t feel quite right. smell quite right, taste quite right or settle in your stomach quite right, get quiet and ask, “what is this about?” “Is this good for me or not?”

Muscle testing is one way to get at these answers. Because our body knows the truth. And when we get into our bodies and out of our heads, we can start living more sentelligently.

I teach muscle testing in my Life Transformation Tools and More Program and in the Sentelligent Solution Series. It takes some practice but is well worth it.

So what does this have to do with Living Your Dreams. Quite simply, it is difficult to live your dreams with ease if you aren’t in tune to how things are affecting your energy system.

Everything that affects our energy system also affects our mood, our ability to think clearly, and our ability to attract and create what we desire.

I will talk more about tuning in to your senses including intuition and how to use it to live out your dreams in future issues.

Have You Ever Been Told “You’re Just Too Sensitive?”

heartinhandsLet’s face it — being sensitive has never been highly accepted in a world that is not so sensitive.  I believe that is going to change. Actually, it is changing.  The energy in the world is shifting and sensitivity is heightened these days – even for those who have not previously considered themselves to be highly sensitive. We are going back to our true nature.

There are lots of terms for what I am talking about such as highly sensitive, empathy and super sensitive. None of them make me feel warm and cozy. And I actually didn’t put myself in this category until the past few years.    Expressing your feelings was not acceptable in my family and it certainly wasn’t the way to succeed in the blue collar printing environment in which I was a Vice President before starting my own business in 1995.

So why should you care if you fall into this group?

In part, it can explain some physical and emotional challenges you may be experiencing as things in our world continue to shift.  But it’s also a positive. It actually puts you ahead of the curve as we move into a world that values six senses and not just five.  If you are a sensitive person, you’ve already been using your sixth sense – your intuition  – as well as your highly receptive nervous system.

But are you using them in a way that really works for you?

That’s what I want to see happen for all of us.  I have seen a variety of statistics on the percentage of people who are highly sensitive. But my guess is that it is higher for those of you who have been drawn to this newsletter.

I am calling this group of people of which I am a member, Sentelligent ™. Because we have a level of intelligence – a uniquely perceptive sensory system – that is heightened and  very smart.  We just have to learn how to nurture, listen to and honor what it is telling us.

From that powerful place we can learn to be happier and more successful in our businesses and lives.

Here are some signs that you may be A Sentelligent Person.  See how many resonate with you.

(You may not resonate with all of them and a statement may not feel true 100% of the time. If a majority of the statements feel true to you, then likelihood is you are A Sentelligent Person!)

    1. You have been told at some point in your life that you were “too sensitive” or scorned or mocked for “over-reacting” to

    2. You feel emotions deeply.  You may feel as if you “wear your emotions on your sleeves” but not necessarily. Men and those of you who are still in the corporate world may feel things but not show emotions due to cultural training that it is not okay to do so.

    3. You may be aware of the emotions of people around you.

    4. An insult or unkind remark will affect you deeply.

    5. Sights, smells, sounds, touches, changes in temperature and tastes may come through at heightened levels.

    6. You feel deeply for others’ suffering or connections. You may cry at Hallmark commercials or when others cry or when you connect deeply with someone.

    7. May suffer from recurrent depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders.

    8. You may be keenly aware of and affected by beauty in art, music and nature. In this group are the world’s greatest artists and art appreciators.

    9. You may be prone to stimulus overload. That is, you don’t like large crowds or hectic environments. You feel overwhelmed and depleted by too much stimuli.

    10. You were a sensitive child.

    12. You sometimes feel animosity toward  your sensitive nature. Most sensitive people whole-heartedly wish they were tougher and more thick-skinned. They feel like their sensitivity is a weakness. Therefore some sensitive adults have learned how to hide their sensitivity from others.

    13. You may use words like I “sense things”, “feel into” things or are “moved by” things.

    14. You flow with your feelings – laugh out loud or cry when a line in music touches you.

    15. Your sensitivity seems to grow as you grow older or lose weight or from other changes in the body or environment

    16. You may have a good time in social gatherings but then feel tired or not so good the next day ( even if you didn’t drink)

    17. You may “just know” things that other people don’t seem to know.

    18. You may have physical ailments that are not easily explained or healed by traditional or non-traditional medical practitioners. (including but not limited to fatigue)

    19. You may have unexplained mood swings and unable to determine why you suddenly feel sad or angry.

    20. You are a good listener and people tell you their secrets

    21. You feel stress and excitement in heightened ways

    22 You have a deep need for fulfillment and meaning in your life

    23. Feel like you are different than others – don’t fit

    24.  May handle stress well in the moment and then feel badly later

How many did you resonate with?   Scroll to the comments section below and  let me know what you see for yourself.

If you would like to know more about how to manage your heightened sensory receptivity, claim your power as a Sentelligent Person, make a difference with others and create a success that is sustainable for you, click this link to attend my F’REE teleseminar where I’ll be sharing specific secrets for creating sustainable success especially for those of you who are sensitive. You’ll learn why it is important to run your business differently than many of the business gurus tell you.  Once you know what these secrets are,  you can take control of your business and create success in a way that nourishes you and amply provides for your and your family.

Here’s the link again to register for the free class: http://peacefulentrepreneur.com/class

Do the Steps to Reach Your Goal Raise Your Energy?


Sometimes we set goals because we think it’s what we should do or what we should achieve.  Sometimes we like the idea of the end result, but not the daily to-do’s involved.  So many times I see people who go into a particular field because they like the money that they can make and the freedom it will buy them.  But they don’t like the things they have to do to get there.  That’s not a great way to live our lives.

Sometimes we change and what was important to us before is not what is important to us now.  And sometimes we have a million ideas and are not sure which ones to do first or we want to do them all at one time and feel like we’re spinning our wheels.

You may have related to one or more of those things or you may have been in a different place.  Just notice what feels like a fit for you and what resonates with you.  When you are aligned with what you really want, it raises your energy to think about it.  Not just the end result that raises your energy, but the actual doing of it raises your energy.

You want to check in first of all with what your goals are that you’ve set for yourself and are you as lit up by the actual day-to-day doing of reaching the goal – the things that you need to do – as you are attaining the goal.  Now when I say that, I’m not talking about the little administrative things.  I’m talking about the bigger part of what you do.  If you’re coaching, do you love coaching?  If you’re speaking, do you love speaking?  If you’re in direct sales, do you love selling?  If not, that’s something to look at.

The means and the result both need to raise your energy.  Again, not every piece of it is going to raise your energy, but the key is to find a way or a means of getting there that does raise your energy and does match your skills.

For example, I love coaching people.  There’s not much I like doing more than that.  I just totally love it.  And I like coaching people individually, I like coaching people in a group.  It raises my energy and it’s a good match, it’s a really good match, for my natural talents.  So this is one of the main ways I help people live out their dreams because it’s a really great fit for me and I love doing it.  I also love creating.  And I love teaching.    So I’m doing different things that are in alignment on a daily basis.

And of course, there are some of the details that I don’t like and I’m constantly looking for ways to delegate those, automate those, or find other ways of attaining my goals so that more and more and more of my day is doing the things that I like.

If you’re looking at what it is that you do, and you can’t find a means of doing it that raises your energy when you think about it, it probably is not the goal for you at this point in time.  Now you may be attached to “there’s only one way” and what I want to say is there’s never only one way.  No matter what other people tell you.  And people will tell you that there’s this way and it’s the best way and it’s the only way.  And it’s never the truth.  It’s just their beliefs because it’s what’s worked for them.

And what’s important is to set goals that light you up and do it in a way that works for you, a way that matches your skills and talents in a way that is enjoyable for you.  Pay attention if you already have a goal and the goal lights you up, look at the means and be willing to explore the ways, we’re going to talk about that more.

This post was excerpted from the class, “How to Get Back on Track With Your howtogetbackontrackDreams” by Stacey Mayo. To learn more and purchase audio and transcript of this class, go to  http://www.balancedliving.com/online-store/scattered-sign-up/

Are the glitches disrupting your peace of mind?

peaceful entrepreneur ripples

It is not uncommon to find glitches in our systems, in our program, in our lives.  We like everything to run smooooothly.  And many times it does.  And sometimes, it doesn’t.  So what to do when it happens?  Do you let this disrupt your peace of mind? For how long?

Today I was looking at my sign ups for my newsletter and one thing led to another. For whatever reason, I decided to sign up for my Living Your Dreams newsletter at the landing page of The Dream Movie and found that after I confirmed my subscription, it took me to a blank page that said something like “nothing here.”

My initial go to place was minor “panic”.  As entrepreneurs, I am sure you have heard the saying that the money is in your list.  Sounds a bit harsh. The truth is this is the main way I communicate with people who are interested in what I do.

I sent my assistant an email to look into it, but then my problem-solving mind wanted to figure it out.   After researching it and testing it for about 15 minutes, I am still puzzled as it appears to be set up correctly.

But I have other priorities for the day. I had to remind myself that all is well.  People are still signing up everyday.  Approximately 200 new people opt to receive my Living Your Dreams newsletter through that particular movie every month. They are still getting their confirmation email.

This is not worth disrupting my peace of mind or my productivity.

After all I had a blog post to write 🙂  and a speech to prepare for. And a full slate of  coaching clients today.

So did this glitch disrupt my peace of mind? Did it disrupt my productivity?  Yes, but just slightly and for a very short period of time. I have delegated it and it will get fixed.  All is well.  And I had good fodder for my blog post.

How about you?  How are you dealing with the glitches in your systems? We can intend for things to run smoothly and that will help. But when glitches do happen, take a deep breath or better yet, do the OMM.  It will provide the space so you can see that the setbacks are temporary, they will get fixed and you don’t have to be the one to fix them. Then take a look and  see how you can make lemonade from it.

Let us know how you are dealing with glitches as they occur in your life.

PS.  If you are ready rise about the glitches and align with the clients and business you desire for the rest of 2009 and into the new year,  grab a copy of my free Client and Sales Attraction Accelerator Kit which includes audio and transcript of 24 of my best ways to align with your desires now.  It’s my gift to you.

Putting the "Play" back in "Playing Big"

Nearly 1/3 of the people in my Peaceful Entrepreneur survey said they were playing too small and that was affecting their peacefulness.

So how do you play big and remain peaceful? How do you juggle all the balls that need to be handled when you are playing big?

For what reason do you want to play bigger?

Notice the word “Play” is next to the word “Bigger”girlwithball

What if we actually “played” with it rather than making “big” so serious. I’ve been taking myself too seriously lately. I mean I love the One Minute Meditation and the “I’ll Pay You To Be Quiet Contest was and is a fun idea. And all of it is impacting people’s lives everyday. But somewhere along the line I got too serious about it.

What is that about? I got too attached. Yuck – not fun.

Can you relate? Do you take your big dreams too seriously? They are important . . . yes! And we can move towards them in a way that is light and fun and brings us joy …one step at a time … unfolding in the perfect manner and timing .. growing and expanding our consciousness as we do.

Ahhhh . . . much better

Next time I will talk about some other suggestions for playing bigger while maintaining inner peace.

Working Too Hard for Too Little Money?

Nearly one-third of the respondents from the Peaceful Entrepreneur survey said they were working too hard for too little money.workhardformoney

So let’s take a look at what this is about.

There is a tendency for people who are just starting in business to undervalue their services and their worth. As you grow your business, confidence builds and some people raise prices accordingly but some never do or lag behind.

And now on top of that, with the downturn in the economy, many entrepreneurs have assumed that people will not be willing to even pay their regular price.

And certainly there was a period of panic, when some people just stopped buying anything they considered unnecessary.

Therefore, some entrepreneurs decided they better lower their prices. Good idea or bad idea? If you did that, is it working for you?

Whew! I did it for a short time but found it was a bad idea for one-on-one services. That will definitely lead to working too hard for too little money.

What worked better was doing the exact opposite. I created a higher end program that offered more value and more focused and strategic time with me for a premium price. So now I am contributing more value and making more money with fewer clients thereby saving me time and energy. And I got more bites than when I lowered my price.

Surprised? Well the truth is there are always people who have money to spend 1000dollarsand they will spend it when they believe they will get good value. My higher end platinum coaching package is an extremely good value and people get that. And they are getting fabulous results in part, because there is a higher level of commitment on their part and on mine.

Now I know you are probably thinking, ‘I can’t charge more.‘ And ‘what about the people who can’t afford it?‘ I know because I had some of those thoughts initially too.

So here’s a couple of counter arguments to that persistent mind chatter.

1) When you charge more and attract the higher paying clients, you then have money to spend which will boost the general economy.

2) When you start making more with fewer clients, you have more time and creative energy to create groups, products and programs that will also serve those who cannot pay the higher dollar amount. ( i.e. my I’ll Pay You To Be Quiet Contest is free – well actually I am paying you. I couldn’t be doing that if I did not have the increased space in my life. I will also be creating other group programs soon. Group programs are another way to leverage time.)

3) End result is serving more people, making a bigger impact and positively impacting the economy.

Oh, but let me know forget the self-worth issue. Most of us have nagging mind chatter about our worthiness – especially women. I had to clear some issues around that before I was able to comfortably raise my prices. I used some of the tools I teach in my Life Transformation Tools & More Program to do that.

Are you tired of working too hard for too little money? It is in your power to do something about it. What are you willing to do ?

Can You See ME?


You probably know about cover-ups from your experience with others and from what you are doing in your own life.

When a big name person or big company get’s caught in a cover up, we are all pretty quick to critique and condemn them for not being more forthright, honest or fair. Examples of this include…Martha Stewart, Watergate, lots of CEO’s and politicians I don’t want to name as they will bring up anger and that is not the point.

But the real lesson comes from looking inside. You see they are just a reflection. Maybe you didn’t skim money or take an insider tip or do what they are doing on a big level, but what are you covering up?

As a society, we have all been taught to put our best foot forward and I certainly agree with that. And we all have a dark side and it is not that we want to spew that all over other people either. So what is the middle ground? How can we put our best foot forward in our businesses and be really authentic at the same time.

People want us to be more authentic – they can relate to us as human beings that way. I think all of us have our authenticity sniffers turned way up these days. We don’t want to be taken for a ride anymore. We want to work with people who are genuine, and can truly help us get through these challenging times so we can thrive again but in new and different ways. Thriving doesn’t necessarily mean what it used to mean. It’s about thriving on life! And money to buy what we desire is also part of the equation but not the whole enchilada.

What does it really mean to be authentic? I am hearing that word being tossed around a lot these days by a lot of big name internet entrepreneurs?

Were you taught to look like you have it all together? I can remember my dad taking my hand one day and pointing at a woman and telling me, “don’t ever let yourself look like that.” I don’t remember what she even looked like but the directive stuck with me and I made it mean probably a lot more than he intended.

Anyway, I don’t have all the answers to today’s question but I thought I would start by telling you some things about myself that you probably don’t know. People do this a lot on Facebook and since many of you are not on Facebook yet, I wanted to share myself with you first.

Here are some things you probably don’t know about me:

  • I was born in NYC and have one older brother. From there I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Atlanta after going to college at Tulane. Okay, that’s the boring stuff.
  • My full name is Len Stacey Mayo although my parents always called me Stacey. In the 4th grade, I decided I wanted to be called Len and after my brother teased me and called me Leonard and I received mail from the army, I switched back to Stacey.
  • When I went to college, I thought I would become a social worker and join the Peace Corps – kind of ironic for a gal who doesn’t like to camp.
  • I majored in Business and have combined my love of making a difference in people’s lives with building businesses that make an impact.
  • My last soirée with politics was as President of my Freshman class in college, where I learned that I had no power to get us new washing machines and dryers in the dorms.
  • I stole a Coke from a crate outside a vending machine in camp when I was 7 years old. Luckily I got caught which ended my life of crime.
  • I love music but am not very musically inclined. I have fun singing with my hubby though.
  • I have always been a beach person until the last year or two when I got drawn to the mountains. Now I love both the beach and the mountains.
  • I created The One Minute Meditation™ to help me get peaceful and deal with stress during the day. I don’t remember to do it every hour either.
  • The photo you see on my website and newsletter was taken approx 12 years ago. Oops. Well, you can see the current me on my videos for now.
  • I get to stare at a beautiful 9 foot waterfall out of my office window every day that my husband built.
  • I’ve had my share of challenges – physical and emotional – which is why I am so passionate about helping others. I am not done with my challenges and share as I can of what I learn with my clients to make their lives better.
  • My first marriage (many moons ago) was pretty unhealthy and was to someone who had an alcohol addiction.
  • I have more wrinkles around my eyes than I like and wish I didn’t care. When I shoot videos in the right light, they are not so visible.
  • I am passionate about Peaceful Entrepreneur because I know there are better ways to do things for me and for you and I keep learning and sharing. I don’t have it down pat yet, but it’s a great future to live into.
  • I just read these to my husband and he told me he didn’t know some of these things either.  Amazing.

Would you be willing to share yourself with us too? Under the comments section, feel free to share something about yourself that others don’t know. Don’t use it to pitch – just share yourself authentically.

One step at a time, consider uncovering that which people may not know and see what starts to happen in your business and life. Note this does not mean telling us all your dirty laundry. It is just about being real. Find the balance that works for you.

We might call it the Authentic Experiment 🙂

Oh and speaking of authentic. Another reason I want you to practice coming out and be seen for who you are is because of my upcoming video contest where you could win $1000. So get your video camera ready and stay tuned. This will be easy. (Where’s that easy button when I need it?)

Is There An Invisible Barrier Stopping You?

For most of us, there is an invisible barrier – an inner shield that keeps us from making the kind of impact we were meant to make in the world. Generally that shield is trying to protect us from something. It is rarely logical which is why we can’t use the left side of our brain to plow through it. (as much as we would like to).

And actually plowing through it can lead to dis-ease because the body is trying to protect you from something and it will start out whispering and then get louder and louder if you don’t pay attention. An example of this could be mild gastric distress that turned into a stomach ache and then into ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome. Another example would be mild fatigue that eventually turns in chronic fatigue.

Allergies are another example. I recently learned that my sensitivity to petroleum was due to taking on other’s people sludge. I have cured my sensitivity to perfume and insect bites by looking at what my body was trying to tell me as well. I cannot claim that 100% of dis-ease is due to not listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us – but it is a very big part.

Many people do not try to plow through their invisible barrier – it is too uncomfortable so they just avoid it. They don’t really try to make a bigger impact and settle for playing small. They can justify their playing small with a lot of statements such as:

  • If I grow my business, I’ll have to give up time with my family – not if you learn to do it smart
  • I can’t charge more because I want to make my services available to everyone, it’s the spiritual thing to do –  you can have different levels of services or product packages for all income brackets
  • I have to work with one person at a time to make a real impact – you would be surprised at the little things you do that make a real impact everyday
  • I can’t start my own business right now, because… the list of possible reasons is endless

The list of justifications for playing small or procrastinating goes on and on. None of the above statements are true. They are simply a belief that is likely covering up an invisible barrier that keeps you from making the kind of impact you were meant to make.

What is it YOU want to attain and what is the reason you tell yourself you can’t?

Being a Peaceful Entrepreneur is not about staying in your comfort zone. Rather it is about moving forward toward your goals, learning to do it smart, noticing what comes up that makes it uncomfortable and finding tools and people to help you release those blocks so you can move forward from a peaceful place.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned over the past 6 months is that it may not even be our own issues that are causing the invisible barrier to block us from having, doing and being our best. It can be from taking on other people’s energy (i.e. emotions, beliefs, etc).

If you are empathic like me you can take on someone’s stuff when you pass them in the grocery store if you don’t know how to protect yourself (more on that later). Even if you are not an empath, we frequently take on the energetic belief system and patterns of our parents and ancestors.

I have found that my invisible barriers have been a combination of other people’s energy, ancestral patterns, my own stuff and even stuff that I brought into the womb.

No wonder it is so hard to pinpoint what is in the way.

Sometimes we can pinpoint what is in our own way and sometimes we need help. I am more adept at seeing what is in the way for other than for myself and so I have a couple of people I call on when I don’t know what is at the root of what’s stopping me. Notice I said root. It is easy to get at the surface issue but then it just comes back again. It is time to get at the roots. That is when big change can and does happen.

Hopefully you saw some things for yourself from this article. This will resonate with some of you more than others. And some of you will want more help than I am able to provide in an article. If you are ready to make a bigger impact and plow through your invisible barrier, I have just a couple of slots left for my Intuitive Brainstorming Sessions. In these sessions, we don’t stop at discovering what is in your way, we clear it.

To sign up or ask questions, contact my assistant at info @ balancedliving.com or to schedule a time directly with me, click here

Another New Peaceful Entrepreneur is Born

I met with platinum client Barry Lipscomb to create the plan for the Council for Sustainable Living. I love working with all my clients and it just keeps getting more fun. The concept for this business is so exciting and can really make a wonderful impact in the world. We had a great time brainstorming and refining the business plan, marketing and implementation steps for this venture.

Here is what Barry had to say about his day.

“Yesterday was fantastic! My expectations were surpassed and my objectives were completely met. I am very excited with the additional ideas we developed around ‘Phase One’ (shh, it’s a secret) of my business plan and feel the core of that idea is complete and ready to implement. I am also amazed at how the idea seems to get bigger as my focus gets smaller.

This seems like such a paradox and I very much appreciated you sharing your own experience with The Center for Balanced Living where you likewise started out with a very big idea but began to focus on a specific aspect of the vision. With the Council for Sustainable Living I can now see through our work yesterday how the big idea was necessary in my understanding of what is important in approaching product design responsibly and with regard for sustainability. I am now also much clearer on what Phase Two looks like and how it is the personally
fulfilling and meaningful work I have sought

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the consideration you gave to the location for our planning retreat. Being in the mountains and around nature was spiritually fulfilling and certainly facilitated the open space you created for the work we did together. I am very glad I took the time to come in a day early and enjoy a wonderful hike through the woods to the waterfalls at Big Canoe. As I shared with you, my process for the retreat began on that walk and the ideas just kept coming through. I do not think the work would have been as rich if held anywhere else.”

Stacey, you are joy to work with. Thanks so much for sharing your talent so openly and making a difference in my life. This venture and more importantly myself, personally would not be in this space today without your assistance. I am incredibly grateful and honor your being and the work you do.”

Barry Lipscomb,
CEO, Council for Sustainable Living

NOTE: There is 1 slot remaining in the Peaceful Entrepreneur Platinum Program.

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About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Healer, Medical Intuitive and Coach and has been in business for over 25 years. She teaches people how to be very successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field and attunes people to be amongst the top in their field. Mayo has been training and certifying people to be Master Level Medical Intuitives and Healers for over 15 years. She has supported thousands of people in achieving better health and living out their dreams. She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women, and is a popular public speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

Here's What Some of Stacey's Private Clients Said: