Medical Intuitive Reading for a Baby

Hi Stacey

My baby suffers from digestive issues. She has a lack of appetite, bloating, and has cramps after eating. She is in a lot of pain and cries a lot.

Her eyes are yellow. Her skin is kind of gray color.

Her kidneys and liver don’t work well.  She has heart murmur. One of the valves of her lung is blocked. She has constant runny nose and is congested.

I would appreciate any insights about how to help her get well.




Hi Jeanette,

Your baby was born with holes in her heart.

She also has tiny perforations in her digestive system and lungs.

Due to this, she is unable to get rid of toxins properly and it is causing congestion in her lungs.

She needs more nutrition in order to heal. Healing the holes and perforations are necessary for her to get out of pain and be able to eat.

The holes and perforations can be healed by a very high level master energy healer. She can also be given energetic nutrition in the meantime.

Love and blessings,


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Medical Intuitive Column: Food Allergies


I would like to know what I can do to better support my digestion. Do I have food allergies? My digestion is very slow. My brain is even slower 🙂 I am 46 and my intuition tells me to not eat sugar, gluten and dairy… but it’s hard! I think if someone told me point blank that this was the issue and that I would definitely improve/feel better, lose weight, then maybe I could do it….

Blessings to you,



Hi Nikki,

In response to your question, you do have food allergies. You are allergic to wheat and oats. There are a number of reasons why people develop food allergies. Sometimes it is as a result of eating too much of something, other times it has to do with your digestion not being strong enough and other times it is because your immune system is weak. It can also be a combination of all three.

In this case, your digestion is not strong enough to digest these two foods. I strongly recommend you stay off them for the time being.  It is okay to eat sprouted grains as they are easier to digest.

You also need to stay off gluten, sugar, most dairy and alcohol as your yeast is only 78% in balance.  I know it seems hard, but it will help your brain and your digestion and you will feel a lot better for it.  You are very likely to lose weight as well.

Your food allergy to wheat will improve when you release the emotional root, which is related to your inability to feel strong in cases of adversity.


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