Stacey Mayo is a popular speaker and author of the award winning book, “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!”.

Hire her for your next conference, association meeting or event as a keynote or breakout group speaker or have her customize something unique to fit your organization’s needs.

Speaking topics included but are not limited to:

Open Up to Your Higher Sentelligence

Sentelligent™ is a word coined by Stacey Mayo who created the Sentelligent Solution in 2010. Sentelligence represents our highly sensitive and intelligent operating system that consists of our 5 senses, our intuition and our emotions. When we learn how to tune in and listen to our sentelligence, we can better understand all the ways our intuition/guidance talks to us on a moment by moment basis.

Being Sentelligent means listening to and acting on the information received from your highly functioning sensory systems. This includes learning how to tune in to things in the real world which reflect back a mirror image of us as individuals and as a collective in some way.

Everything is telling you something including body symptoms such as gastric distress, a backache, a headache, your spine being out of alignment, leg cramps, accidents, bad hair days, leukemia, toothaches, allergies, a broken nail, acid reflux and more. Simply put, your guidance talks to you through your body, among other ways. It is Sentelligent to take time out from your busy day, pay attention to your body and your spirit, and get the assistance to learn what your body is telling you. Doing this will be invaluable for you in the short and long term.

  • When you listen to your Sentelligence you make better decisions and are more productive.
  • Everyone is naturally sentelligent but when you learn to tap into it, miracles occur.
  • When you don’t listen to your Sentelligence, you are more likely to get sick or lose a job or worse.
  • Sentelligent people are everywhere, but they don’t always act sentelligently. Learn how to act in alignment with the truth of who you are, speak authentically and more.


This presentation is ideal for hospital meetings, chiropractors, traditional and alternative medical practitioners, nurses, as well as corporate settings and associations with a progressive outlook.

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Longevity Needs to Feel Good – Learn to Age Gracefully

No one wants to be old, tired and grumpy or walk with a cane. Often we feel tired or frustrated with the way our lives are going and longevity loses its appeal. In this eye-opening presentation, Stacey Mayo, The Sentelligent Coach, will lead your group through some interactive exercises that will help you to start feeling younger, relaxed and more confident. She will discuss how you can have a long, healthy and joyful life without sacrificing the things you love the most. We all go up and down on a lot of things, especially with regards to a healthy lifestyle. This is commonly referred to as the yo-yo syndrome.

During this unique presentation you can:

  • Learn how to ground yourself and also how to let go of the yo-yo syndrome.
  • Learn how to enjoy life to the fullest, without overdoing.
  • Discover the Sentelligent way to look younger and attain a healthy lifestyle by letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you and so much more.


This presentation is great for associations, conferences, hospitals, professionals, medical staff, nurses, direct marketing conferences, corporate retreats, etc
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Working Together As a Collective

Everyone has conflicts with someone at different stages in their life and career. It is time for people to learn to work together as a collective. We each have something to contribute and we learn from others all the time when we are open to hearing what they have to say.

We often think we know more than the other guy. And sometimes we do. Yet we can still learn from others in a variety of ways, for everyone has gifts and strengths and can surprise us with tidbits of information that may influence us for a lifetime.

  • Learn to tap into the strengths of those around you.
  • Open up to what you have to contribute beyond what you already know.
  • The world is a collective, but we don’t always act that way. A collective that acts in harmony gets better results, no matter what the size of the group.
  • Learn to solve conflicts in a whole new manner.


This interactive presentation is ideal for associations, corporate retreats, shareholder meetings, executive mastermind groups, governments, keynote addresses and more.
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Living Your Dreams Sentelligently

Everyone has dreams. This is a good time to revive and resurrect your old dreams and also see what you might want now that is different from what you desired in the past. Living your dreams sentelligently includes following your intuition, listening to your body and your emotions so that your dreams and goals flow more easily and quickly.

Whether your goal is to attain a new position in your company, start a business, perform beyond your current levels, attract more customers, start or grow a non-profit, contribute to world peace and/or live on the beach someday and travel around the world, there is no time like the present to move forward.

If you are not making enough progress towards your goals and dreams, there could be many things stopping you, be they conscious beliefs, subconscious beliefs or inherited beliefs from past generations. We inherit many beliefs including disempowering thoughts and beliefs about money, success, leadership, being famous and being wealthy.

During this interactive presentation you will:

  • Get in touch with your next goal/dream or revive an old one.
  • Begin to understand what is in the way of you going to the next level and learn to stay grounded to become more productive.
  • Tap into all your senses and see what its like to live your dreams sentelligently and easily
  • Understand what it takes to say “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid to Do This!” everyday. Even if you have a non-profit company, you need money to reach more people and your staff will perform even better when they are well compensated in alignment with your organization’s goals.


This presentation is perfect for Associations, Corporate Retreats, Non-Profits, Coaching Chapters, Annual Conferences and all organizations whose members/employees have dreams and goals.

(A copy of the book, “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!” can be provided for each attendee and included in the fee or available for sale at the back of the room)
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