Become One of The World’s Most Accurate Medical Intuitives!

Are you interested in becoming a Medical Intuitive AND learning how to do Medical Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions for self and/or others and do it accurately?

If you are already a medical intuitive, would you like to uplevel your skills?

Regardless of whether you have ever done medical intuitive work or taken previous training, you can learn to be one of the most accurate medical intuitives with my upcoming training program.

Master Level Medical Intuitive, Stacey Mayo, teaches people the Sentelligent method.

Stacey and her students have the highest level connection to Source of any medical intuitives or healers on the planet. She knows how to access high level Source information without interference and teaches her students how to do the same.

In this program, you will learn to access high level information about the core issues causing any kind of illness or challenge. This includes beliefs, fears, nutritional deficiencies, toxins/infections, chakra imbalances, body structure or organ issues, abuse, genetic issues, traumas, past life issues, negative programming and other core issues that need to be remedied to restore a person’s health on all levels. When the body is back in balance emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally and on the soul level, then their body can heal itself.
Stacey will open you up to your intuitive gifts and teach you how to do intuitive work accurately.

She will teach you how to do the most accurate readings without interference.

You will learn how to do full medical intuitive reading and healing sessions with ease, similar to the way Stacey Mayo does them.

Doctors Couldn’t Find the Cause of Blood in My Urine But Stacey Did!

“I had blood in my urine off and on for a long time now and the doctors could not find a cause for the bleeding with expensive tests.

In a private healing session, Stacey determined that my spine is really far out of alignment at the base and it’s caused a tiny tear in the muscle that bleeds.

Thank you for continuing to repair that tear while healing the deeper issue affecting my spine.”

~ Dan S.

Thank You For Finding Hidden Lung Cancer!

“My lung cancer is healing. Thank you for finding it and helping it heal. It was hidden and the doctors didn’t find it on the MRI.”

~ Paula M.

This is the only training program that attunes and teaches you to be able to:

1) Access information without interference in your connection to Source.

2) Access information about the ego.  This is extremely important because for some people, most chronic health issues are unhealed in the ego.

3) You will be able to have an accurate higher knowing of what is causing your own problems and those of family members and what is needed to resolve them without having a session with them. Stacey will teach you how to do this in the training.  Most people have interference in their readings of self and family members and don’t realize it.

4) Be one of the most accurate medical intuitives in the world!

5) Find cause of issues in the hidden tension in one’s system (brand new)

6) Attunes you to do readings and healing in way that is 100% safe!


NEW! Stacey will provide updated information, never taught before based on her higher level connection to Source.

NEW! The information you will be able to access for clients will be more science-based. 

Here’s what’s included:

Twelve one hour sessions over the phone, webcast or webcall where I will teach you everything you need to know to be confident in your abilities as a Medical Intuitive. Plenty of time to get all your questions answered. All classes are recorded and downloadable to hear anytime .
Case studies.
Practice time to apply what you have learned.
A buddy to support you and practice with (option to opt out of having a buddy)
Suggestions for pricing and marketing your services so you can start to make money as soon as the course is complete.
Feedback from Stacey in class on what is underneath your own health challenges and how to remedy them if you choose to be a case study. (Bonus worth up to $1500)
All forms and templates needed.
Source will clear blocks in the way of you receiving accurate information throughout the program. (Value up to $900)
Custom Medical Intuitive Attunement to attune and align you with being the Medical Intuitive you desire to be. (Value: $597)
You will also be attuned to safely access a very high level of Source information for your clients and others as well as yourself. (Value $597)
SPECIAL ATTUNEMENTS: You will also be attuned to the level of the most accurate medical intuitives in the world.
(Value $1500)
You will  also be attuned to a higher level scanning ability to help you find issues doctors and other healers don’t find. (Same level Stacey is currently attuned to)
(Value $797)

Agenda for Medical Intuitive Program

Topic 1: Language

  • Learn how to determine the cause of symptoms by listening to the words your clients use.
  • Learn how to determine the cause of diseases by listening to the name of the disease.
  • Learn how to determine the cause of organ health issues by the name of the organ.
  • We will apply this skill to live case studies during class.

Topic 2: Beliefs

  • Learn how to accurately access the beliefs connected to and causing a health symptom or condition.
  • Learn to accurately access the core cause of their health issues.
  • We will apply this skill to live case studies during class.

Topic 3: Nutrition

  • Learn how to access accurate information regarding nutritional deficiencies.
  • Learn how to access accurate information regarding supplements, cleanses and products your client is currently taking and if it is right for them.
  • Learn how to access accurate information about food sensitivities and allergies, the cause of them and what is needed to heal them.
  • Learn how to save your clients money on supplements.
  • We will apply this skill to live case studies during class.

Topic 4: Organs and Systems

  • Learn to access accurate information about the health of a client’s organs and systems.
  • Learn to access accurate information about the strength of a client’s organs and systems.
  • Learn what is causing the health issues for a client’s organs and/or systems.
  • Learn what is needed to heal and strengthen a client’s organs and systems.
  • We will apply this skill to live case studies during class.

Topic 5: Medical Intuitive Scans

  • Learn what is included in a full medical intuitive scan.
  • Learn how to accurately do a full medical intuitive scan and healing session by accessing information via a high level connection to Source.
  • We will apply this skill to live case studies during class.

Topic 6: Medical Intuitive Scans Part 2

  • Learn how to do medical intuitive scans/readings on more complex cases.
  • Apply information learned to live case studies.
  • Get your questions answered in this class and in every class about anything related to medical intuitive readings/scans.


    The above online classes will likely start in November 2021. The attunements will start when you register.

    If you cannot attend live, the classes will be recorded. You can send your questions ahead of time and Stacey will answer them in the live, recorded class. You can also volunteer to be a case study, even if you can’t be there live.  People who  volunteer, generally get huge benefit from it.


    Optional: Become Certified (can be added on after program starts):

    • You will need to complete all assignments to become certified.  You will have extra time to do this if not done by end of the program. The cost of this will be $50 and you will have an opportunity to decide if you want to do this at the end of the training program.


    NEW BONUS #1:

    Learn Stacey’s Newest Healing Modality That Goes Into the Tension in the Mind, Organs and System!

    (Value $997)


    Once you have had Source scan to find what is hidden in the tension, you will be able to heal the issues causing one’s problems that were not found before.

    Stacey has helped her private clients hugely with this new healing modality.

    Now you can get attuned to use it for yourself and others too. It can be sent to yourself and others via distance healing.

    This is very important these days. This hidden tension is keeping stuck challenges in place and no other healing modality reaches it.

    You will be attuned to it upon registration and Stacey will teach you how to safely and easily send this healing to self and others via Source via remote healing.

    BONUS #2:


    (Value $497)

    These proprietary custom activations will build your confidence in your ability to be successful as a Medical Intuitive. They will help in areas such as confidence in your ability to do the work accurately, to help people significantly, and to earn a good income from being a medical intuitive.

    They are customized for each person and will help you in areas that you particularly need (conscious and subconscious).

    They will bring out your innate confidence and lead you to situations, things and people that increase your confidence as well.

    They build over time and are extremely effective, yet gentle.

    These activations will be sent to you starting when you register for the program and will continue through completion of the training program.

    The Confidence Activation is Working!

    “Just wanted to let you know that I am already feeling the effects of the confidence activation.
    After commenting on a post in a Facebook group, with information about energy healing, I received responses that were confrontational and even rude. For the first time ever, I did not have an emotional response! I answered from a confident, balanced place and someone even sent me a private message inquiring about my service.

    Thank you for the confidence activation”

    ~ Devora Gila Berkowitz

    BONUS #3:


    (Value $97)

    Stacey created a new healing modality specifically to heal peoples’ fears of being a Medical Intuitive.

    This new modality heals these fears more effectively and faster than ever. Listening to the audio helps you heal these issues faster than distance healing by itself.

    BONUS #4:


    (Value $497)


    This is Master Healer Attunement that will bring out your hidden talents and Master Level Healing abilities. If you are already a master level healer, this will take your healing abilities to new levels.

    You have hidden gifts that want to be used. This attunement will bring them out in divine ways: with no attachment to the past. They will be perfect for this day and time.

    Bonus #5:

    How to Build and Market Your Medical Intuitive Business to Make a Great Income!

    (retail $597)

    In this bonus class, I will teach you 7 Sentelligent steps to building and marketing your medical intuitive business.

    This includes:

    • How to become known as an expert in your field.
    • How to reach people who are interested in your work.
    • How to fill your practice with the amount of clients you desire.
    • How to talk to prospective clients.
    • How to let go of perfection issues.
    • How to overcome your doubts.


    Total Bonuses worth approximately $2700.00!


    • The class meets 2 x per month for 6 months via phone, webcast or webcall. The classes are approximately 1 hour and are led by Stacey Mayo.
    • You can start listening to the bonus audio on Clearing Your Fears of Being a Medical Intuitive as soon as you register or whenever desired. It is a short audio and is on the class Resource page.
    • The calls are recorded and posted on your resource page.
    • Healing related to being a medical intuitive is sent 24/7 from the time you register, during the classes and in between  classes.  It is sent via Source by remote healing.
    • The attunements start when you register. They will not over-process you or conflict with anything else you are doing. They are sent by Source via custom distance energies.
    • The class dates and times will be determined after everyone registers. Source scans to find the time and day that works for the most people.  When times and dates are available, emails will be sent to registrants and they will also be posted on the class Resource page.
    • If you cannot make some or any of the sessions live, you can send your questions to Stacey ahead of time and they will be answered in the live sessions which are recorded. If you want to be a case study or submit a case study, you can also submit that to Stacey via email. She will pick the case studies that fit best with the class topic and will benefit the learning of all.

    Here’s What People Are Saying!

    I Got New Clarity, No Interference and No Second Guessing!

    “I’m very excited to report that doing your training has brought a new clarity and non-interference. My accuracy was pretty good but I was always apprehensive about really knowing and had to work a lot harder, second guessing, etc.

    Incredible the difference; like a light beam straight in; no hesitation, no guessing!

    So my deepest appreciation and thankfulness to you Stacey for the work you do and share.”



    Upleveled My Skill Set!

    Stacey’s Medical Intuitive program greatly enhanced my intuitive skills working with clients in person or by proxy from a distance, for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. The energy I received during the program upleveled my skill set to allow me to deliver high-level healing work in private and group sessions. Thank you, Stacey, for your masterful guidance and support.


    ~ Devora Gila Berkowitz


    I Gained So Much Knowledge and Trust in Myself!

    I have no words to thank you and I feel very fortunate that I was divinely guided to you as a client first, and then as your student. You have helped me so much, in more ways than one. Your Medical class has given me so much knowledge and the trust in myself, I never had before! You are such an example in every way, you are really my role model! I admire you and respect you! Again thanks, thanks for all you have done for me and for this class, you went above and beyond!

    All my love and gratitude for you Stacey!



    archanna shyam
    Stacey Explains the Most Complex Topics in Digestible Ways!

    I’ve attended almost all classes Stacey has offered and have been enriched by every one of them! Of course, the medical intuitive program is the best of the lot. Stacey not only explains some of the most complex topics in digestible ways but also supports us as we progress through our own healing journeys through the courses. (stuff comes up and it’s easy to go off track without support) I’m yet to find this combo anywhere else! But for the healing and powerful coaching sessions from Stacey, I’m not really sure if I could’ve come out of my closet and feel as comfortable as I do right now. It has been a life-changing journey right from the start and I continue to look forward to all the possibilities with Stacey as my teacher and coach.

    Much gratitude,


    Karina Sirimanna

    It Was an Amazing Experience to Learn From Stacey!

    “I’m very happy to have such a great teacher like you!!! It was a really amazing experience to learn from you! I never thought that I would be able to do this work, but your method to teach was exactly what I was looking for: learning by doing – step by step and with the right guidance and if there was not enough trust, you gave it (back) to us by clearing the blocks and resistance for us. Thanks again! All other courses were much too long and much too much theoretical stuff to learn first. You teach in a way that is in alignment with me and how I learn best.”

    ~ Karina Sirimanna


    Barbara NoelI Have Worked With Numerous Clients With Great Success!

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my medical intuitive training with Stacey Mayo. I gained a lot of knowledge, and was able to increase my skills, my intuition, and my experience, and by the end of the program was totally confident in my abilities. I have worked with numerous clients with great success since being trained as a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive. ”

    Barbara Noel

    Alberta, Canada

    I Have Been on a Telesummit as a Medical Intuitive and it Went Great!

    Since being trained by you, I have appeared as a guest speaker on a telesummit as a medical intuitive. It went great and gave me visibility and credibility. Thank you for teaching me how to do this and all the confidence I received from your training and healing energies.

    ~ Susan T.


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    About Stacey Mayo

    Stacey-Mayo-final-webA well-known coach and medical intuitive with a wide following, Stacey is the most accurate medical intuitive in the world. She has had the highest level connection to Source of any medical intuitive or healer for at least 5 years. She and her students have the highest level connections to Source of any medical intuitives or healers on the planet. She also knows how to access high level Source information without interference and teaches her students how to do the same.

    Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. As director of the Center, she has assisted thousands of people across the nation in living out their dreams with amazing results. In her journey, Stacey realized that health issues and issues that stop you from living your dreams are often related. She is a Master Certified Coach, a Master Level Medical Intuitive, a Master Level Healer, a Wealth Intuitive ™, and creator of The Sentelligent Solution aka Solutions by Stacey. She teaches and certifies people to be Sentelligent Medical Intuitives and Master Healers. She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University. Stacey took Medical Intuitive Training from Carolyn Myss and was the Medical Intuitive Columnist for The Sedona Journal of Emergence.

    Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Woman’s Day. She is a popular public speaker and author of “I Can’t Believe I Get PAID to Do This!”, named Best Book by USA Book News and for which she was recognized as Georgia Author of the Year. Stacey is excellent at intuiting what is contributing to and causing your health issues on all levels and how to heal it. She can teach you how to do the same. She developed her own style of medical intuitive work and teaches you to do it in a way that is accurate and easy to do.