This process is particularly helpful if you find yourself moving around in circles, scattered, fragmented, conflicted about making decisions, have been diagnosed with ADD or dyslexia, are unable to turn your guidance or inner chatter off or get clear direction that makes sense.

You will find that you are more in touch with your truth and feel stronger, more organized and assertive in a healthy way.

You will be better able to receive clear guidance in a way that is easier to understand and use.

In this process, you will bring in and heal many of the soul fragments that splintered off from you at the time of your birth. Physical symptoms and diseases are identified and healed quicker from this whole place as well.

This process will also eliminate challenges with “negative entities” and harsh guidance.

The healing of the world, starts with healing ourselves. Inner Oneness is an important step for each of us to take.
I sometimes recommend you do the Inner Oneness Process before other healing work but it is not absolutely necessary.
After the Inner Oneness Process, it is a good idea to have at least 1-2 more healing sessions to continue to heal those areas of your life associated with the fragments of energy that split off.

I use Dominion Over Self to facilitate the healing of those fragments. The result is often, beyond miraculous, as you will find that you now can easily step forward in your higher purpose in life, whereas before, it was either unknown or felt like it was unattainable.

NOTE: If you have been attuned to Reiki and have not merged the 7 major soul fragments and healed them, we encourage you to schedule an Inner Oneness session because it will be much easier on your soul and allow you to have a more direct line to your higher guidance without interference from negative entities or such.

Inner Oneness  $250

If you have a knowing that the Inner Oneness session is right for you, then go ahead and schedule an appointment.

If you would like to discuss this further to and better understand how it applies to your own situation, you can schedule a complimentary consult with me here .