Medical Intuitive Reading and Healing Session


Do you have persistent or recurring medical challenges or ailments or want to prevent that from occurring?

Have doctors or other alternative practitioners been unable to help you enough to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms?

Do you want to know how to help your body heal itself?

Are you tired of taking medications and supplements?

If so, as a Medical Intuitive, I can and often do provide as much or more information as a visit to 5-7 specialists plus more.

  • I detect hidden problems that are related to your ailments that most practitioners would never detect – saving you time, headaches and future costs. I detect many micro-issues before they become apparent or cause problems in your body.
    • As a Master Level Medical Intuitive, I will scan your body and field to access information including the operating efficiencies of your organs and chakras as well as imbalances, toxins, and energetic disturbances that are keeping you from getting well and could cause disease or pain.
      • I scan your body and field at the micro-cellular level. I look at what is occurring on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, soul level, and attachments.
        • I also look at environmental disturbances, epigenetics, DNA plus more.
          • I also uncover any vitamin, mineral or protein deficiencies and also answer your questions about proper diet and regimens to rectify the situation so your body can heal itself.

            All you need to do is tell me what the symptoms are and answer a couple of questions when you sign up. I also ask you to submit a list of supplements that you are taking to make sure they are correct for you and there are no conflicts.

            We’ll converse about these things over the phone or Skype when we have your reading and healing session.

            You may choose to continue working with me to heal your symptoms afterwards or I will make suggestions for other methods or practitioners which are best for you and your budget. NOTE: Severe and chronic physical issues take more than one session to heal

            Some of the physical issues I have facilitated the healing of include but are not limited to:

            • Arthritis
            • Alzheimer’s
            • Anxiety
            • Pancreatic Cancer
            • Breast Cancer
            • Brain Cancer
            • Multiple Sclerosis
            • Lymphoma
            • Fibromyalgia
            • Allergies
            • Food and Chemical Sensitivities
            • Shoulder and neck pain
            • Severe back pain
            • Insulin levels
            • Digestive disorders
            • Chronic Pain
            • Migraines
            • Blood Pressure
            • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
            • Sinus Infection
            • Chest Pain
            • Lung Disease
            • Bladder dysfunction
            • Thyroid and adrenal problems
            • Weight issues

            And many more ….


            “This is a great process. I had no idea how much my supplements were making me sick. I am feeling so much better since working with you. My energy has improved significantly, my digestion is healed. There is no bloating and minimal gas. I can feel the muscles in my calves where before it felt spongy. I am back at the gym lifting weights. I feel free!!!”

            Katie Opitz

            “I finally found Stacey after a long almost 40 year search for help to heal many, many chronic problems from injuries and abuse. I have worked with over 50 different professionals with little progress. Working with Stacey has changed my life.”

            Rosann Effron

            izzal“Working with you helped me more than anything else I have ever done. I am no longer depressed, my anxiety is pretty much gone. When I started working with you I was fatigued and now my energy level is an 8 on a scale of 1-10. Also my confidence in general, as well as in relationships, is a lot better”

            Thanks for everything”

            Izza L.

            “I had biofeedback shortly after you worked with me and the biofeedback machine verified that my heart was functioning at the percentage you told me via your intuitive gifts. Very cool! I was hooked up to biofeedback again after your work with me, and my heart function that was at 68% is now 100%!!!

            Thanks for all your help.”

            Kellie Rae Ellie

            “I have been on blood pressure medicine for about a year and did not want to be on it any longer. During our reading, I got clarity on what was causing my blood pressure to zoom and it was a bit of a surprise to me. I understood the depth and magnitude of the core issue and when we released it energetically, my blood pressure lowered itself quickly. I am grateful to you for this, knowing that now my body can continue to heal itself.

            We healed anger towards many people at one time including my boss. And I was surprised to see how nice she was towards me that very same day that we had the session. It was unusual for her to express her appreciation for me so wholeheartedly.

            Thanks so much.”

            Edie Tewelde
            Employee Relations Manager


            “Hi Stacey,
            I want to share the good news from my neurologist. At my last appointment, he called me a “miracle”. Since you and I have been working together there has been no advancement of my MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) (confirmed by MRI) AND I am symptom free!!!! This truly is a miracle for someone who has had MS for 15+ years and was very ill. Now I feel even better than I did before MS entered my life. Stacey, you are a gifted healer. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your special gift with me and helping me to get my life back. I have so much to look forward to now.

            Many thanks,”
            Cheryl Bozello Vogt, New York

            Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor


            “I have chronic fatigue and it took all my energy to focus when I was in a room or on a call with a group of people it drained my energy and was very intense for me. After doing a healing session with Stacey, I felt calm, confident, focused, connected and UNSTOPPABLE. Thank you! ”

            Ola Otto, Colorado

            Creative Memories Senior Consultant


            Stacey Mayo is very intuitive and brilliant at getting to the root of what really ails us without prescription medications. I highly recommend her tools and her high and positive energy.


            Heather McMillan, Atlanta

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            Medical Intuitive Reading and Healing Session

            Includes full medical intuitive reading and body scan with priority placed on your most prevalent symptoms. As a medical intuitive, source will scan your field  to determine the root causes of the issue(s).  You won’t feel a thing. I will let you know what is found and answer your questions  in our 30 minute session together and set in place healing of pertinent mental, emotional  and spiritual blocks/beliefs and healing of physical issues when applicable, and make suggestions for what is needed to get well.

            This medical intuitive scan can and often does provide as much or more information as a visit to 5-7 specialists plus more. I detect hidden problems that are related to your ailments that most practitioners would never detect – saving you time, headaches and future costs. I often detect many micro-issues before they become apparent or cause problems in your body.

            Investment: $500

            You will see a payment link after you schedule a time on Stacey’s calendar. Payment is needed to reserve your space.




            QUESTIONS: If you have a question about whether our medical intuitive reading and healing sessions are right for you, you can schedule a 15 minute consult with Stacey to discuss your current situation. NOTE: This conversation is not a replacement for a reading. Please only schedule a free consult if you are seriously considering working with Stacey.

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            About Stacey Mayo: Medical Intuitive

            Stacey is a highly attuned Medical Intuitive. She has helped hundreds of people in better understanding what is causing their symptoms and in healing them naturally.

            She is naturally gifted in this area and received training from Caroline Myss. Her own style and methods have evolved over the years. Stacey has trained over 100 people to become Medical Intuitives and is the Medical Intuitive Columnist for the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

            She is creator of many powerful, yet gentle energetic healing methods including Trifecta Plus and Grace. Her healing methods heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental and soul.