by Stacey Mayo, Master Level Healer and Medical Intuitive


Sentelligence is a word I coined. It represents our highly functioning and intelligent sensory system, which includes all of our senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. It also includes our bodies, our intuition and our emotions.

Being Sentelligent means tuning in and acting on the information received from your highly functioning sensory systems.

It doesn’t mean tuning in to listen to a voice from the higher realms or visuals in your mind’s eye.

I have found that voices people hear in their mind that act like guidance are actually programmed interference that was installed by abusers. Often this is inherited (genetic) and is in one’s DNA. It can also be in other places in one’s system if you were abused in this lifetime or others. It generally gets triggered at some point in your life, causing confusion for people.

Visuals one sees are also programmed by abusers. I am referring to visuals that just appear; not when you are intending to visualize something. However, the programming by abusers can interfere with what you are intending to visualize.

It is Sentelligent to be able to discern what is your intuition and what is real versus what is programmed interference from abusers.

This can be challenging.

I have creating special healing energies to help people discern what is true and what is not. This can help you a lot in your everyday life as well. This healing modality is my Abuse Healing Program. You can learn more about it here: