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The Sentelligent Solution for Your Spiritual Evolution Expands from Me to We

Sentelligent(TM) is a word I created which refers the highly intelligent sensory system we were all born with. It is composed of our five senses, plus our intuition and our feelings. (Many of you already know this, but for those of you who have recently met me, I want to make sure we are all on the same page.)

Some people’s sensory system is more sensitive and attuned than others. We were all born with one but for most of us our systems got dimmed.

Our sense of smell got dimmed by all the chemicals that are in everything from perfume, to candles to cleaning products to the air we breathe,

Our sense of taste got dimmed by preservatives, artificial flavors and the like,

Our hearing got dimmed by an increasingly large population trying to be heard over each other,

Our sight got dimmed by trauma, fighting, deceptions we do not want to see.

Our intuition got dimmed by being taught that everything is logical and we need to figure it out and be smart

Our emotions got dimmed because early on we learned it was not okay to express them.

And our connection to one another got dimmed by our wounds – leaving us feeling like we must defend and protect ourselves from being hurt again.

All of this has led to us dimming our light, our truth, who we really are as spiritual beings in human bodies.

So what is the Sentelligent Solution?

It’s about learning to listen again to our innate Sentelligence.

To learn to listen to our bodies when we have pain or discomfort and learn what that is telling us.

To learn to discern what foods our individual bodies like rather than depending on the expert of the month to tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat.

To listen to the havoc that stress plays on our bodies.

To get out of our heads.

To release the anger and blame we have as wounded souls.

To connect with the bigger purpose of who we intended to be in this lifetime and what change we wanted to make in our corner of the world.

It is about taking responsibility for everything at a whole new level. It is easy to blame family members, politicians, doctors, lawyers, corporate execs, oil companies and the like. But that does not get us anywhere except more separated.

When we start taking responsibility for our own healing and release all that is not us, we can start to get in touch with who we really are and see that we are all connected – all made up of the same stuff – all have similar wounds whether we are black, white, red, Jewish, Catholic, whether we were raped, beat, or neglected.

All of it left us with similar beliefs of not good enough, not worthy, can’t count on others and more. All left us with anger and blame that keep people sick and depressed.

I have been working with myself and others to release these old beliefs and wounds, to be responsible for our own lives and the changes are amazing. But this is not about me.

On a bigger level, this is about healing those wounds so that we might take down the defenses and the walls of separation that cause wars – inner wars within us, between religions, races and countries, between families and neighbors.

There are many tragedies happening on this planet and people are coming together to help one another. This is a good thing. But still there is a lot of blaming going on.

How many more tragedies do we need to catapult us to come together? Let’s not wait for that. Let’s heal ourselves, take responsibility for our own lives and ultimately come together sentelligently to heal this planet.

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