What if you were able to access happiness, peace and experience profound well being anytime, NO MATTER what is going on in around you?

It’s completely possible! In fact, we are SUPPOSED to feel great!

Life is supposed to be juicy and exciting! That is why I’m so excited to be a speaker at this special, one time FREE virtual event!

My colleague and happiness emissary, Lela Texeira, has brought together 21 top happiness experts to bring you powerful tools, tips and practices to help you live the vibrant, joyful life you know is possible including me. These are just some of the amazing things you will learn:

  • The top 3 things that happy people do, to feel and maintain a happy mindset. The top 3 things NOT to do.
  • Simple tricks to get centered and peaceful when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck.
  • How to align and connect to your core being for greater peace, inner guidance and wellbeing.
  • How you can stay happy, balanced and sane even through divorce.
  • Expose the inner critic and how to “disable” the inner bully.
  • Discover the connection between your mind, body and emotions as keys to attracting the partner you desire.
  • Explore how intention and focus can transform how you are experiencing your life.
  • Quick, daily mindfulness techniques that reboot, destress and relax you.
  • The ability to access our innate wisdom and inner quiet, through grief and loss.
  • Discover your life’s deeper purpose and meaning.
  • The steps to creating your conscious, heart centered business and work: how to do what you love and get paid!

And so much more!

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Hope you will join us and take this opportunity to experience more joy in your life!

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See ya soon.