Have You Ever Felt Like You and/or a Family Member Must Be Cursed!

If so, help is here ūüôā

Which of the following can you relate to?

  • A negative mind that doesn’t feel like your own
  • Crazy-making in your mind
  • Weird or scary visuals
  • Incessant mind chatter
  • What seems like endless financial burdens
  • The burden’s on you for everything (or a lot anyways)
  • Endless dependency on others
  • Health challenges that keep coming or get worse
  • An abusive mind
  • Tendency to get abused or attract abuse in some form
  • Bad sensitivities/intolerances
  • Can’t seem to move forward consistently in area(s) desired
  • Accident prone
  • Chronic pain
  • A barrage of challenges
  • Nothing seems to help enough
  • A belief you have a “family curse” associated with your last name or something else
  • You are aloof, stand-offish or your¬†heart is closed
  • You have knots in¬†your skull and/or body
  • You think about an issue¬†and it comes back
  • You sense or¬†believe¬†that you, other¬†family members and/or pets¬†are cursed
  • Past life traumas
  • Unwanted visitations from¬†the other side¬†(or seems to be)
  • Other chronic challenges

You may be wondering if curses are real or you may be certain they are.

We have found the energy of curses in most people’s systems. This energy is connected to ancestral issues of many lifetimes and childhood and adult experiences. It can also be connected to past life convictions/challenges.

(If you don’t believe in past lives, please know we have found beliefs about them in everyone’s system that can impact us negatively. )

We¬†haven’t¬†found that people are actually cursed so much as¬†there are deep beliefs and fears connected to the energy of curses that¬†are intertwined in challenging patterns that don’t seem to heal well.

Help For all Family Members & Pets

For a Limited Time!

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Relief For the Energy of Curses!

NEW 90 Day Healing Program:

We’ve created a 90 day healing program¬†to help release , curses, the energy of curses, beliefs about curses and the challenges they go with. if you purchased this program before, it was $39 for 30 days.

For those who want to continue healing curse energy, we’ve created a program that now goes 90 days. This is because we’ve found some of the deepest curses are in the tension in our skulls, bone, joints s and organs. These deeper patterns take longer to heal

It Includes:

    • 90 days of NEW Special¬† Distance Healing¬† sent by Source 24/7¬† to find and heal the energy of curses deep in your system
    • An Image you can view at any time that is energized¬†for releasing the energy of curses in the moment.
    • Special energies to help you be productive, happy and lighten¬†up while deep issues are healing.

How It Works:

    1. Source scans for the energy of curses in your DNA and system, sends special healing and raises your vibration as able.
      • We have found the energy of curses is intertwined in our deepest issues.
      • Healing the energy of curses helps our deepest issues heal more effectively and faster.
      • New healthy patterns form in your mind and system as the curses are released.

2. You will receive an image to help release the energy of curses in the moment.

      • Looking at it will raise your vibration.
      • It is¬† custom infused to transform the energy of curses found in the moment.
      • This typically provides instant relief and helps you shift.
      • If you purchase for family members and/or pets, you will be made proxy for them and they will receive the energies when you look at the image. (you will receive a form to fill out the names of those you purchase for)

It has a very significant multiplicative benefit¬†to any other healing work you are doing including Stacey’s “suffering less attunement”.

It causes NO side effects or over-processing.

It’s been tested!

We’ve tested it on 50 people and 50 pets.¬†In every case, people and animals felt immediate shifts and relief.

What you can expect!

    • Over 90 days, one can expect to have a lot of good shifts and much reduced energy of curses.
    • New patterns will form for a healthier mind.
    • We guarantee at least 3 big shifts.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

1st Day Big Results!

“I already had it confirmed that 40 curses cleared off me. Whew omgoodness. Thank you! I SINCERELY appreciate this new Program. 1st day Big Results! If this is Only the Beginning Wow ūüĎĆ Thank God for you ūüôŹ Always Many thanks You are a Genius, Stacey Mayo. “

~ Paul S.

My Mind Was Full of Negative Crazy-Making!

“My mind was full of negative crazy making and it was incessant. I could barely take it anymore. For the past few days, my mind has been a lot more positive and able to shift from negative thoughts a lot better. It is helping a lot after just one week on this program.”

~ Sam D.

I’m An Attraction Magnet For All I Want!!

“I was totally depressed and sometimes had suicidal thoughts. Now my mind is shifting to the positive, I wake up in a good place mentally, I’m drawn to do more fun things and am doing them,¬† new and old friends want to get together with me and I’ve attracted amazing business partners/opportunities.

~ Kim C.

My Ego Shifted Out of Victimhood!

I had a realization that I¬† can create what I want. That seems simple but I finally feel empowered. I am shifting to positive thinking and actions more and more. It seems I had a “victim curse” that kept me blaming everyone and not taking responsibility for my thoughts and life.

Thank you.

~ Lori R.

The Curse Releasing Image Really Works and Raises My Vibe!

Almost everytime I look at the curse releasing image, it makes me smile and raises my vibration. I can tell a lot is clearing in the moment. 

~ Joe D.

Our Dog is Coming Back to Life!

Our senior dog had stopped taking his meds and was not doing well at all. Now he starting taking is meds for doggy dementia again and is coming back to life. We are grateful.

~ Karen and Scott G.

My Husband is Much More Positive!

My husband told me his thoughts are more positive and it shows! He is able to shift out of the negative thoughts sooner and take action to help his life and mine life be more joyful. We are grateful.

~ Lynda W


Purchase for the Whole Family Including Pets!

Special Price: $97 per person/pet

Energies are sent by Source and  will continue for 90 days

If you are not sure if curses is an issue for you or this will help you and/or family members or pets significantly, email Stacey AT sentelligentsolution.com (substitute @ for AT)  or use this contact form and she will have Source scan and test it.

NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

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