One of the things I noticed is that the vibe at Atlantic Beach is one that resonates deeply with my soul. I did a lot of vibration raising before and during process of buying a home and moving here. I also cleared a ton of blocks in my way of having this happen.

It was definitely a spirit–led move, but that does not mean it was easy. Actually I have learned, spirit-led movement in any direction often means tons of opportunity for growth so that we can evolve in ways we intended in this lifetime.

If you would like to raise your vibes and start moving stuff out of the way, to make your identification and/or transition to your new home, new career, new relationships, et al easier, I invite to you try seven days of vibe raising for just $7.00.

Now I raised my vibe for a lot longer than that, but you can try it for 7 days and then see if you want to continue for longer. (We’re even providing accountability partners for you to help you keep on track with attaining what you desire)

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