Commonly Asked Questions About

Stacey’s Audio Healing Programs


Q. What can I do to help myself heal and shift?

A. It is important to stretch and move your body (including your head and jaw) as you listen to the audio. Relaxing will also help you heal faster. When you relax, laugh and stretch,your body relaxes and you receive healing better.


Q. How is the healing delivered?

A. Healing is sent 24/7 via Source via the proprietary healing modality infused in the audio.


Q. Could the problems I am having be from the healing I purchased from you?

A. The healing is sent custom in every moment you listen to the audio. The healing energies are sent via Source and will never overprocess you or cause side effects or make your challenges worse. If something negative or problematic comes up including health issues, it is not from the healing. See next question below.

By Source, I mean pure Source energy. (You may refer to it as God, Buddha, the Universe, a higher power, angels or something else. All are pure Source energy)


Q. My challenges are worse or haven’t gotten better and I haven’t done anything to cause it. What is causing this.

A. This is likely a sign that your challenge(s) are deep and a lot is triggered in your unconscious causing these issues/challenges.  The core of these deep issues is genetic.   All of the deep patterns in your DNA and system causing this need to be found and healed before you will notice a shift.  When a pattern is deep, it is genetic and goes way back through your ancestral line.

It will help to listen to the audio more often and intend to receive healing prior to listening. Each time you listen, more layers will heal. When the issue is deep, it is important to be persistent.

Private sessions with Stacey will help you understand the deep cause and shift faster.


Q. What if my challenges get better and worse and go up and down or new challenges keep showing up when old ones get better?

A. This is a sign that your system/unconscious got triggered a lot, causing these challenges. It gets triggered by hidden inherited programming and beliefs in your genes and/or system.   This programming gets activated/triggered  often for no specific reason. It is a genetic propensity.

Your  challenges shift as deep systems of patterns are completely healed and then your system gets triggered again, causing similar or different symptoms/issues. All of this has to be found and healed before you will notice a  sustainable shift. 


Q. How do I know what changes/shifts I’ve had from your audio healing programs (if any)?

A. Silently ask for clarity and it will come as a silent knowing. (not a voice, thought, sensation, visual, color, dream or insinuation)


Q.  What does it mean if I notice movement in my body?

A. This may be from energy healing opening up something. It is typically  a sign things are shifting and healing.


Q. How long will it take to see the shifts I desire ?

A. This varies with each person and the depth of each challenge/issue. It depends on how deep the issue is.

More healing happens each time you listen to the audio during the 30 day program.


Q. Where can I learn more about your other programs and services?