Commonly Asked Questions About

Stacey’s Distance Healing Programs


Q. What can I do to help myself heal?

A. It is important to stretch and move your body (including your head and jaw) throughout the day.


Q. How is the healing delivered?

A. Healing is sent 24/7 via Source via the proprietary healing modality or modalities you purchased from Stacey


Q. Could the problems I am having be from the healing I purchased from you?

A. The healing is sent custom in every moment of the day via Source and will never overprocess you or cause side effects or make your symptoms worse. If something is harsh in your system, it is not from the healing. It is from abusive programming. Sometimes there is abusive programming that is meant to seem like harsh healing to scare you from receiving the healing you need.


Q. My symptoms are worse or haven’t gotten better and I haven’t done anything to cause it. What is causing this.

A. This is a sign that your system got triggered a lot, causing these symptoms.  It got triggered by hidden abusive programming in your genes and/or system.  All of this has to be found and healed before you will notice a shift. There are huge amounts of bits of matter in each system of patterns that needs to be found and healed. All of it will be found and healed over time.


Q. What if my symptoms* get better and worse and go up and down or new symptoms keep showing up when old ones get better?

A. This is a sign that your system got triggered a lot, causing these challenges. It gets triggered by hidden abusive programming in your genes and/or system.   Your systems gets better as deep systems of patterns are completely healed  and then your system gets triggered again, causing similar or different symptoms/issues. All of this has to be found and healed before you will notice a  sustainable shift. 

*Symptoms can include any challenge on any level including weight, sleep, emotional issues,etc.


Q. How do I know what changes/shifts I’ve had from your distance healing programs (if any) and which programs are responsible for which shifts?

A. Silently ask for clarity and it will come as a silent knowing. (not a voice, thought or insinuation)


Q.  What does it mean if I notice movement in my body?

A. This is likely from energy healing opening up something. It is typically  a sign things are shifting and healing.


Q. How long will it take to get better or see some improvement?

A. This varies with each person and often with each symptom. It depends on how much hidden programming is in your system and how often  and when it gets triggered.  More hidden abusive programming is  found and healed 24/7.


Q. What causes my system to get triggered as referred to above?

A.  This type of trigger is caused by the abusive programming itself. It was created to trigger itself at random times — sometimes very frequently.


Q. Is there anything I can do to prevent my system from getting triggered?

A. We have not found anything  you can do to prevent your system from getting triggered except heal the abusive programming that causes this.  


Q. I purchased the weight program and have not lost weight or gained weight. Why is that?

A. We have found that excess weight is from toxins, not from overeating or eating the wrong foods. The toxins are created by abusive programming that gets triggered frequently. The Ideal Weight Program  transforms and clear the toxins every nano second plus. If you have not lost weight, it means your system currently gets triggered faster than this.. When enough of the abusive programming is found and healed that is causing the weight issue, you will notice a difference in  your weight.


Q. If the program I purchased is for my entire life, does that include future lifetimes?

A. No.


Q. If the program I purchased is for my entire lifetime and Stacey passes before me, will the healing continue?

A. Yes, Source will continue the healing.


Q. Where can I learn more about your healing programs and purchase more if so desired?



Q. Will I get faster relief if I do one on one healing sessions with you?

A. The vast majority of people get exponentially  faster relief when they do healing sessions with me than by distance healing alone. 


Q. How do I purchase a 30 minute healing session for 1 person or pet?

A.  Please click HERE


Q. What is the difference between Preventive Healing Grid and Grace Healing?

A. Preventive is to help prevent health issues and challenges while Grace Healing is for current issues and challenges.


Q. I am on Preventive and still got sick, why is that?

A. The issues causing your illness were deeply hidden in your system and got triggered by hidden programming from abusers of ancestors and/or self. We cannot guarantee to prevent an illness.


Q. I put my dog on Preventive and he still got fleas. Why isn’t it helping him?

A. Preventive typically helps prevent fleas when there are no eggs present in the dog’s or other animals system when they start on Preventive.


Q. I have been on the facials for a while and my skin is not any better. Why is that?

A. This typically is a sign that you have a conscious or subconscious fear of looking good or being attractive. This is typically associated with old unhealed abuse issues that get triggered by programming from abusers. There is nothing known to prevent them from getting triggered at this time. Please know they are healing at deep levels even when you can’t see a physical difference. When enough of this is found and healed, you will see a physical difference.


Q. How can I tell if I am healing?

A. Please review this document and print it out to review often.