Unique Energy Healing Method to Help People & Their Pets Function Correctly!


physiology healing

How to Know If You or a Loved One Has Physiology Challenges!

Below Are Some Signs that One’s Body (Physiology) is Not Functioning Correctly.

  • Yellow or discolored teeth
  • Excess saliva/mucous
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Loose stool
  • Constipation
  • Incontinence
  • Ringing or roaring in ears
  • Negative thoughts
  • Unhealthy toe nails and/or finger nails
  • Recurring headaches
  • Fingers swell or are crooked
  • Toes are not straight
  • Flat feet or high arches
  • Weak and or swollen ankles
  • Shakiness
  • Stutter
  • Slow to learn or respond
  • Tend to overreact
  • Tight jaw
  • Peripheral vision challenges
  • Persistent eye or vision problems
  • Runny or clogged nose
  • Saggy skin on face and/or body
  • Weak muscles anywhere in body
  • Body pain in certain areas or that may move from place to place
  • Tingling, stinging and/or burning sensations in certain areas
  • Persistent rashes or skin problems
  • Itchy scalp
  • Walk with feet outward or inward
  • Challenges walking, running, bending, climbing or stooping
  • Challenges lifting
  • Dizziness
  • Balance issues
  • Tongue is not pink
  • Underarm tension
  • Dimpled skin
  • Excess fat/weight in any area of the body
  • Balding or hair loss
  • Double or triple chin
  • Parts of body tend to get too hot or too cold
  • Persistent allergies and/or sensitivities
  • Rage or excess anger
  • Sore teeth
  • Tension in chest and/or heart area
  • Saggy breasts and/or lumps in breast
  • Excess wrinkles in any area
  • Spine issues
  • Tension in neck and shoulders
  • Hip pain or tension, other hip problems
  • Wrist pain or challenges
  • Problems with knees
  • Elbow pain
  • Joint pain and joint problems
  • Weak core
  • Can’t move your body in a particular way
  • Tend to trip and/or have accidents
  • Infants that have challenges crawling, walking or cry too much
  • Digestive issues
  • Gas and bloating
  • Large stomach
  • Stomach pain
  • Excess appetite or no appetite
  • Memory challenges
  • Recurring infections
  • Fatigue
  • Body aging poorly

Why Healing Your Physiology is Important For Adults, Infants, Children and Pets!

Anatomical health problems often start at birth and go undetected as they are minor. If not addressed, over time they get worse and cause a plethora of problems.

Some of these problems become obvious at a young age and some do not. Many never get corrected.

It is important to heal these anatomical problems in a way that works so you, your family members and pets can age with good health, good posture and a fit and strong body.

What Makes This Program Different?

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues That I Want Help With?

YES! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in these areas to improve the results you are getting. It will help you heal faster than ALL Stacey’s previous programs (including TMJ Healing, Grace, Regenerate and her Moving Forward program). When combined with her other programs or any other healing program your issues and system will heal even faster.


The appropriate healing is sent via distance healing 24/7 by Source.

Item 1:
Gentle Energetic Restructuring!

This new special healing energetically gently restructures your joints, skull, jaw, neck and all your organs, systems, limbs, digits, so they function more correctly. It is very effective and the only energy healing of its kind.

You will NOT feel the restructuring happening but will notice differences in how you feel over time. This is gentle enough for anyone including babies, elderly, those who are bedridden, those in deep pain, very sensitive people and pets.

It works well by itself and with any other traditional or non-traditional healing work you may be doing.

Item 2:
Energy of Pilates!

These energies will be sent to you to help with posture, strengthening, flexibility and aging. They help elongate and strengthen the body improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Over time they can help you strengthen the whole body evenly from your neck all the way down to your ankles and feet.

If you already do pilates, it will improve your pilates sessions.

Some people will naturally find themselves doing pilates movements that are right for them in the moment. You will do this naturally and intuitively if it is right for you.

Item 3:
An Energetic Replacement for a Dental Guard!

This process energetically keeps your jaw slightly open preventing your teeth from grinding. You will NOT feel it, nor will your jaw position be uncomfortable from it.

Even if you don’t grind, it helps heal your jaw. This is essential for the body structure to heal. Most people’s jaws are way out of alignment and they don’t know it. When the jaw is out of alignment, it affects your health in many other ways.

If you already wear a dental guard, you can continue to use it or choose to stop using it. It is your choice. In those we tested it on, it has been found to be as effective in stopping grinding as a physical dental guard.

Item 4:
Energetic Physiotherapy (if it’s in your highest and best and desired*)!

  • If you have recurring or persistent problems that have not healed consistently or at all with any other energy program, this option was designed for you.
  • Energetic physiotherapy will help all your organs, systems and body function properly and heal the root cause of all the symptoms listed above plus more.
  • Special proprietary energy healing that was specifically designed for this purpose is sent by Source via distance healing.
  • These energies will help you stretch or move your body and joints beyond where you are currently able to stretch or move.
  • These energies will have you make much faster progress than trying to do it by yourself or with a physiologist.*
  • This is much gentler than what a physiologist would do.
  • The proprietary energies in this program will support you in intuitively doing physiotherapy.
  • This is better than videos or classes as you receive the special energies via distance healing from Source to make it easier and will be supported in intuitively doing what is right for your body challenges in that moment.
  • There will be no forethought. You will just find yourself naturally doing this.
  • You will start at a pace that is right for you. You may start with 1 simple stretch or movement or with a full hour if you are ready for that or anywhere in between. You will intuitively determine how much is enough for you at any given time.
  • You can do this for 5 minutes at a time or for 1 hour or more at a time or anywhere in between. Do what works for you on any given day.
  • If you currently exercise (including walking), you can combine energetic physiotherapy and with most any other exercise for vastly improved benefits.
  • You will also be sent support for having it be fun when possible.
  • There will be instructions on your Resource page on how to get started.


If you want to go to a physiologist, energies from this program will be sent to you during your sessions to make it easier for you.



If energetic physiotherapy is not right for you now, you will benefit a lot from the other parts of this program such as energetic restructuring. You can choose to start energetic physiotherapy at any future time that it feels right for you and can stop it if it does not feel right for you. Source will scan and know what your higher knowing desires at any time and support you in what is in your highest and best.



Physiology is different than physical therapy. Physiology is whole body healing versus therapy for one part of you. It is much more effective for healing your body correctly. Physical therapy is more commonly used after certain surgeries.


Item 5:
New Healing to Energetically Help Shift Negative Thoughts!

This will help shift the thoughts in your head that might complain, whine, worry, be anxious, doubt, yell and want to quit. It will also support your mind in honoring your intuition.

Item 6:
Energetic Support For Moving More and/or Differently!

People often move in set ways and don’t realize it. This will help you move in different ways than you would think of. Doing this will help heal stuck toxins and issues.

Special energy healing will also be sent to support you in being more active in ways that are in your highest and best if needed.

Item 7:
UPLEVELED Alignment For Eating Amounts and Types of Food That Are Right For You!

This will align your intuition with knowing when, how much and what to eat in ways that are in your highest and best. It will support your mind in following your intuition about this.

This is NOT a diet plan. Eating amounts and kinds of food that are right for you in the moment will help your system relax. This in turn will help your physiology heal better and also help you naturally lose weight if needed.

Item 8:
Energetic Cleanses

You will be sent energies to transform sweat and toxic matter on your skin. This will greatly reduce the odor of smelly toxins that sometimes occurs when people sweat. These cleanses are done 24/7. You likely don’t sweat 24/7 but we find it helps people’s and animal’s skin be healthier.

Item 9:
Energetic Support for Doing Yoga Therapy if Desired!

Yoga therapy helps a person find balance and heal. It helps you intuitively stretch in more ways than yoga. These stretches are different than those done in physiotherapy.

The proprietary energies in this program will support you in intuitively doing yoga therapy with no instruction needed. You will find yourself naturally doing it with no forethought, videos or classes when your system is ready for it.

You may choose to do this instead of the energetic physiotherapy or combine it with it or combine it with exercises you are currently doing. You can also choose to do it by itself.

If you do not do yoga, this will help you build towards it and provide tons of benefit in the meantime.

If you already do yoga, this will help you become more flexible, heal faster and get stronger.


If energetic yoga therapy is not right for you now, you will benefit a lot from the other parts of this program such as energetic restructuring. You can choose to start yoga therapy at any future time that it feels right for you and can stop it if it does not feel right for you. Source will scan and know what your higher knowing desires at any time and support you accordingly.


Item 10:
UPLEVELED Energetic Strengthening!

This improved energetic strengthening process will strengthen the body, mind and spirit at new levels.

When you do the energetic physiotherapy and/or yoga therapy offered in this program, the strengthening energies work with it to help you get stronger twice as fast as you would if you did traditional physiotherapy or yoga therapy.

Item 11:
Additional Support!

Energies to support you in having fun and joy in connection with the energetic physiotherapy, yoga therapy and supported movements.

Energetic help for recovering faster from physiotherapy, yoga therapy, exercise, accidents and anytime it is needed.

Support for persistence in doing what is needed to improve your physiology and age with grace.

Item 12:
Optional: 7 Healing Audios!

These audios are for those who like to listen to healing audios. Some people do and some do not.

The audios will be custom infused for each person/pet in your household who is registered for this program to help their physiology heal in ways that are right for them in the moment.

They may be played while you rest or during the day. They can be played aloud or on silent and you will receive the same benefit.

You can listen as often as desired and can play them on recurring if you wish.

If certain family members/pets are not registered for this program, the audios will not help them.

I Was Told I Have Beautiful Dancer’s Legs and I’m 64!!

“I was told today that I have beautiful dancer’s legs. This totally made my day. I know this is from doing physiology with your energetic program. I do a form of physio-dance naturally almost daily. It is fun and helps me hugely.”

~ Dana R.

Blood Analysis Confirms That My Immune System and Plasma Are Much Healthier!

“I saw an alternative health practitioner for a live blood cell analysis. I’m happy to report from her observation of my blood, that my immune system looks very strong (thank you for helping with this Stacey). My immune system was not functioning well before.
Also the plasma appeared very clear, which is a first (no fibrin).”

~ Robin F.

Your Physio Energies Help Me Work Out the Tension in My Shoulders While I Garden!

“I was able to dig big holes and continue planting even though my shoulder was tight this morning. Your physio energies are helping me work out the tension while I dig. I am not nearly as fatigued as I would be normally. Usually I would get stopped by the tension in my neck. It’s great to be able to continue gardening, knowing I am getting energetic support for it.”

~ Sam W.

I Have a Healthy Living Plan That Seems Doable For the First Time!

“Thank you for your help. In our session, you helped me understand an eating plan and physio/exercise plan that is doable and will help me overcome my genetics with respect to my weight and health. This is the first time I’ve ever had a plan that seems doable and sustainable.”

~ Lisa T.

Item 13:
NEW UPLEVELED 24/7 Healing For All Issues and Challenges You May Have Including Those Listed Below:

Source will scan your system 24/7 to determine what challenges you have in that moment. Specific healing modalities that are right for each issue/symptom you have will be sent by Source with this proprietary, method to help it heal faster.

Types of Issues Healing is Sent For Include:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical:
    • All Organs
    • All systems
    • All symptoms
    • All disease
    • All limbs, digits and nails
    • Blood and all fluids
    • Eyes, mouth and nose
    • Hair, scalp and skull
    • All muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones
    • Skin
    • Every cell
  • Spiritual
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Abuse
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Genetic/DNA
  • Addictions
  • All challenges and desires

The energies will never over-process you even if you are sensitive or doing a lot of other healing work and will not conflict with anything else you are doing.

If you are doing a lot of other energy work, you will still receive full benefit of this program without being over-processed.

Item 14:
3 Downloadable MP3 Classes Taught by Stacey

In These Healing Classes, Stacey Will:
  • Support you in knowing how to best do the components of this program that are right for you at this time to attain maximum benefit.
  • Support you in understanding the process of physiotherapy and what needs to heal for you to function significantly better consistently
  • Provide new information about what is needed for you to to heal faster.
  • Provide answers to your questions. (Your higher knowing will receive the answers to any questions you may have. Simply intend to receive the answer and trust you will get a silent knowing)
  • Help you heal faster in areas desired


These classes are specifically designed to help you heal exponentially faster. The energy from these classes will be sent to all registrants even if they did NOT attend the classes or know they are in this program. They will benefit similarly to people who attended the classes.

These recorded classes can be downloaded as a MP3 file and kept for life.


The Information in Your Classes is Amazing!

“The information in your classes these past few months has been incredible/amazing (don’t know the best word to use) and I felt very deeply affected by it, so thank you.”

~ Mona-Lisa

Item 15:
The Essence of Healing Food to Help You Have the Energy For Doing the Components of This Program That Are Right For You!
Sent via distance healing 24/7 by Source.

Stacey has developed a new method to send you the essence of healing food that is customized for each person and right for your whole body and doing the components of this program that are right for you. This is sent 24/7 for 3 months by Source via remote healing. It is typically received better than the energetic nutrition and supplements including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Source will NOT send you anything you are allergic to, sensitive to or intolerant to.

When sent with the healing in this program and other energetic nutrition and supplements, it helps you have more energy and helps your entire body heal and recover faster.

People’s and animal’s nutrition score typically improves by at least 1 point quickly with this method. This is true, even for those who already have great nutrition.

I Am Often Surprised That I Have The Energy to Do My Physio Stretching and Exercise!

“I can feel tired and start doing physio stretching to fun music and I often feel enlivened. I combine it with dancing.”

~ Alice N.

I Am Able to Do Yoga Therapy Even When I Don’t Feel Good!

“Normally I would just rest when I am not feeling good. Now I find myself moving my body and doing some stretching anyway. It usually helps me feel better.”

~Diana U.

Item 16:
Sent via distance healing 24/7 by Source.

Complements or replaces supplements you may be taking – your choice

You will be sent any needed upleveled energetic nutrition and supplements sent 24/7 for 3 months. These are sent by Source via remote healing based on scans done by Source to determine what you need in any given moment. This includes vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and everything a body needs for nutrition, a strong immune system and well being.

Source will not duplicate anything you are taking physically if you are absorbing and getting what you need from it. Many people do not absorb what they need from physical supplements due to digestive and other physiological issues

It is NOT necessary to energize your water or food or listen to audios with this method.

It is possible to not receive certain energetic nutrients for a period of time. Typically this heals fast and nothing else is needed.

Item 17:
Sent via distance healing 24/7 by Source.

Complements or replaces other treatments/process you may be doing – your choice

You will be sent the energy of whatever treatments are needed and in your highest and best 24/7 for 3 months. These energetic treatments are created by Source at the resonance that is right for you.Source clears your blocks in the way of receiving them and aligns you with them before sending to you so there will be no side effects.

Source will not duplicate anything you are getting physically if you are getting what you need from it.

Examples of treatments you might be sent if needed include any of the following or others:

Homeopathics, acupuncture, flower essences, essential oils, CBD oil, anti-inflammatory, ayurvedic medicine, pain relievers, thyroid medication, treatments to balance your blood pressure, healthy heart treatments, anti-coagulation treatments, healthy blood treatments, bone strengthening treatments, eye supplements, gum treatments, money treatments, healthy hair and hair growth treatments, healthy nail treatments, natural antibiotics for different strains, natural anti-fungal treatments for different strains, parasitic energy treatments, anti-viral treatments for different strains including Covid-19, worm and tick treatments, nerve treatments, treatments for specific symptoms/diseases, brain and memory treatments, lung and respiratory treatments, the best possible treatments for all health issues and all other issues.

This Physiology Program is also for pets, infants, children, elderly and bedridden:

People and animals of all ages can benefit from physiology healing to support all their organs, systems, limbs, joints and whole body in functioning correctly. This includes everyone from infants to the elderly to those who may be bedridden,

While some people and infants may not be able to stretch much or do physiotherapy, pilates or yoga therapy, they will receive energetic restructuring, healing and support for doing small and/or large movements that are right for them to help them heal faster. This has been shown to help people hugely.

Pets will also receive energetic restructuring, healing and support for doing small and/or large movements that are right for them to help them heal faster.

Signs Your Pet Has Physiology Challenges:

Please note these are just some of the signs that your pet’s physiology is not functioning correctly. There are many more. These things tend to get worse over time if the core physical issue causing them is not addressed.
  • Sagging body
  • Can’t hear at times or at all
  • Seems hesitant about which way to go
  • Has challenges walking, going up or down stairs stairs, or jumping up or down
  • Can’t see well
  • Startles easily
  • Doesn’t like to be touched in certain areas
  • Doesn’t like to get its paws wet
  • Snores
  • Digestive challenges and/or food sensitivities
  • Persistent skin challenges
  • Fatigues easily
  • Pees or poops in the house
  • Their body is warm or hot in some places – this may come and go as may any of these symptom

My Dog is Able to Walk a Lot Further Than Ever Before!

“My dog walks a lot further than ever before. He is much more adventuresome.”

~ Dani S.

My Cat is Like Her Self Again

“She was very cranky when I or others touched her in particular places. Now she seems sweet, like her ol’ self again.”

~ Wanda Y.

My Dog’s Stance is Improved

“I noticed that my dog’s stance is much improved the majority of the time.”

~ Pam R.

Jack’s Hearing is Better!

“My dog, Jack, hears a lot better. His ears perk up with little sounds.”

~ Sheila C.

My Dog Snores Less

“Bo’s snoring was very loud and kept us up at night. Now he snores lighter and for shorter amounts of time.

I know that means his physiology is improving.”

~ Henry V.

My Cat Stretches Bigger, Longer Stretches and her Mood is Better!

“My cat’s stretches are sometimes much bigger and longer than I’ve ever seen her stretch. She has more energy and her mood is better too.”

~ Virginia F.

*** How This Program Works ***

  • Registrants are scanned 24/7 by Source for your desires and anything unwell. Healing starts as soon as you register and will continue 24/7 for everything needed at that time via remote healing by Source. It will never overprocess you or conflict with anything else you are doing regardless of how much healing you are already doing.
  • The instructions on the Resource page will help you get started in doing whatever activities are right for you to help heal your physiology.
  • The essence of food, other nutrition and treatments are sent 24/7 by Source via remote healing for everything unwell and all your desires and start as soon as you register.
  • The online classes/group healing sessions are recorded and on your resource page.
  • If you purchase for someone or a pet who will NOT  listen to the recordings, they will receive the energy from the classes via remote healing and will receive full benefit of the program. They do NOT have to know they are in the program to receive full the energies from this program. It will not harm anyone in anyway.
  • All of the energies are custom for each person/pet.

If you have Questions about this program and whether it will help you or others with specific issues, email Stacey using this form: https://thesentelligentsolution.com/contact-us/

Physiology Healing Program!

Regular Price: $197 for 3 months per person or pet
Special Price: $147 for 3 months per person or pet
(Save $50 off regular price)

Includes Energies For Everything Desired!

Proprietary Master Level Energies are sent by Source 24/7 via remote healing and are based on scans done by Source 24/7.

Need Help? Write to: assist@sentelligentsolution.com

Here’s What Some People Have Experienced!

Significant Freeing of Shoulder & Neck!

“There has been significant freeing of my left shoulder and neck. Thank you.”

~ Gretchen S.

When My Legs Cramp Up, I Am Able to Release It Quickly!

“When my feet or legs cramp up, I am able to move through it quickly and with more ease. I know what to do to release it.”

~ Fred B

I Can Stretch Farther Than Before!

“I can stretch farther than before. It helps me know that my physiology is improving.”

~ Gina J.

Have More Energy & Mobility!

“I have more energy and more mobility than before. I am able to do a lot of physical activity as a result.”

~ Barbara K.

My Dog Had Cancer and is Doing So Much Better!

“My dog is finally feeling better. He has much more energy, his mood is up a lot and he is playful at times. His cancer is almost in remission, His digestion is stabilized and getting better. His jaw strength is significantly better. He has more life in him and his overall constitution is better. I appreciate your cancer and physiology healing.”

~ Stacie S.

My Whole Body Structure is Vastly Improved!

“My left shoulder is down hugely and my whole body structure is vastly improved.”

~ Tricia W.

Thank You For Finding and Helping Heal Hidden Lung Cancer!

“My lung cancer is healing. Thank you for finding it and helping it heal. It was hidden and the doctors didn’t find it on the MRI.”

~ Paula M.

I Am Saving Money on Expensive Shock Treatments!

“I have vitrofibulation and congestive heart failure.Thank you for explaining that when my heart pauses, Source opens where it shuts which starts my heart again.I have needed to get fewer electric shock treatments as a result.”

~Fran K.

My Health is Good After Just 1 Session!

“I have been more productive and my health is good. This is a breakthrough after just 1 session. I thought it would take a lot longer as I’ve been in poor health for quite a while.My lipid issue is healing well without medication. Thank you.”

~ Donna V.

UTI is Gone and Much Less Fatigued!

“My UTI was painful, persistent and annoying. It was virtually gone by end of our session.My energy is also a lot better. I had been very fatigued for a long time.”

~Priscilla D.

Cancer For My Brother Went from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in Today’s Session!

“I did a proxy session for my brother who has stage 4 cancer. His cancer went to stage 2 in this 30 minute session and my health improved a great deal as well.I truly appreciate you. Your work is remarkable.”

~ Lisa A.

Less Congestion, Fatigue and Pain!

“I have less congestion and fatigue due to your physiology healing. I have less pain in my spine and flowing movement in my arms and hands”

~ Bonnie F.

My Stomach Muscles Are Stronger!

“I am able to pull my stomach in. I had tried to do this many times before and nothing happened. These muscles are functioning better – thank goodness.”

~ Svetlana. C.

My Pancreas and My Mood Are Much Better!

“The health of my organs went from 6 to 7 on average due to doing your energetic physiotherapy. My pancreas is much better. My mood is better and I deal with challenges better

~Jake N.

My Brain Tumor Shrunk 90% So Far!

I am a lot calmer and more confident. There is less pressure on my brain as my tumor has shrunk 90 percent so far. Thank you.

The physiotherapy healing helped it heal faster along with the tumor healing you did with me.”

~ Gretchen F.

I Lost 10 Pounds!

“I lost 10 pounds and feel more aligned with my knowing about what to eat

I am also more active and that feels better than being sedentary.”

~Donna R.

Acute Infections Healed in 2 Days!

“My sister and new baby who were in hospital with acute infection got better really fast – in 2 days

Much joy and gratitude”

~ Ginger S.

My Colonoscopy Report Was Clean!

“My colonoscopy report was clean thanks to your physiology and cancer healing. My colon was giving me a lot of problems with constipation and that is much better now. They did not find any cancer there and I had metastatic cancer which is gone thanks to you.

Thanks so much for your continued healing energies.”

~Sam V.

I Love the Physiotherapy and Feel Wonderfully Stretched Out!

“I wanted to let you know that I asked Source for guidance with the physiotherapy right after our session. I loved it. I feel wonderfully stretched out. Thank you Stacey!”

~ Lance R.

I Am Up to 4 Miles/Day on My Bike!

“As a result of the physiology healing, I am Up to 4 miles/day on my bike. Previously was only doing 1 mile. I am stretching with more ease and freedom and feeling hugely better.

~Lori W.

My Sister’s Autism is Better and Her Wisdom Tooth Healed Hugely and Quickly!

“My sister is less autistic . Her wisdom tooth was abscessed and this healed hugely and very quickly ”

~ Sandy P.

I Am Better in All Ways!

“I am stronger, my jaw is more in balance and I am able to stretch further.

My cancer is in remission and healed significantly faster and I moved through grief faster due to your physiotherapy and cancer healing”

~Denise K.

My Jaw is More Balanced & My Teeth Are Not Painful Anymore!

“My Jaw is more balanced. This is a big change. My Teeth are not painful anymore.

A friend noticed that I am walking differently.

~ Alicia B.

This Program Kept My Mom From Having to Go to The Emergency Room!

My mom lives alone and had extreme burning pain yesterday. (worse than delivering a baby). She got clarity to lay down and found the pain soon subsided. Your healing work kept her from having to go to the emergency room.Thank you.”

~Jenny K.

My Body is More Aligned Than It Has Ever Been!

“My body is more aligned than it ever has been and I am moving through chronic health issues faster. I am also able to organize with more ease.”

~ Gary O.

My Teenage Son is Stronger Physically and Emotionally!

“My teenage son’s strength has gone from 6-10. His spine is aligned now. He is feeling a lot better about himself in many ways.”

~David H.

My Bladder Issues Are a Lot Less & I’m Sleeping Better!

My bladder and pelvis are more in proper position. This is helping with incontinence a lot.

I am also sleeping better”

~ Jane K.

My Jaw is Closer to It’s Correct Shape and My Body Feels Straighter!

“My jaw is more square. It has expanded and is closer to its correct shape. My body feels straighter – very different”

~ Geri R.

Need Help? Write to: assist@sentelligentsolution.com

REFUND POLICY: Please know that in order to honor the Law Of Energy Exchange, all exchanges need to be fair energetically. We love and honor all of our valued customers. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee to our customers to help them decide if a certain product works for them or not. You have 30 days from the day of purchase or the date of the first live class whichever comes first to request a refund. We can only offer a refund on one package for every customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. If you purchase a personal session with Stacey, the guarantee will be voided if a session has been availed. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.

NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

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