First Method For Healing Your Genetic Tendencies Naturally!

(The Ones You Don’t Want)

If You Are Frustrated Because You Are Not Healing in Certain Areas or Keep Having New Issues Pop Up or Old Issues Re-Occur, Read On …

Stacey Mayo has done extensive research to determine why many people have persistent problems even after doing a lot of healing.

Here is what Stacey found:

She had Source scan 1000 people around the globe who have persistent challenges and have done a lot of personal development and healing work. These people were chosen at random by Source. Their history, genetic make-up and genetic pre-disposition were scanned. Among those 1000 people, Source found:

Of the challenges they had that were hard to heal or had not healed after trying various methods for a period of time, 100% were genetic (may have skipped 1 or many generations).

This included mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, financial relationships and all challenges/issues.

When sent Just For You, Perfect For You Healing,

the genetic proclivities associated with their challenges started to heal and their genes actually transformed naturally.

After 90 days of receiving this healing,

many shifts were observed and their genes remained transformed*.

When a genetic proclivity/tendency healed 100%,

the issues associated with it were no longer a problem. Their systems no longer got triggered as there was nothing to trigger.

It is sensed that an issue is likely to re-occur, if the gene causing it is not transformed in entirety.


* NOTES: This is different from Stacey’s Gene Replacement program and hugely more effective. Sometimes genetic issues skip many generations.

While abusive programming heals in your DNA with all Stacey’s programs including this one, this is the first healing program where your genes actually transform along with the abusive programming; i.e. your genes get healthier.


What if they are not present or visible in family members?

  • Sometimes it is difficult to tell if an issue is genetic. This is because it can be genetic and skip many generations.
  • We are finding ALL CHRONIC AND PERSISTENT ISSUES ARE GENETIC AT THE CORE. This includes 1 challenge after another patterns.
  • If you are not sure if your issue is genetic and if this new program will help heal it sustainably, feel free to email Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT)
  • If you are not sure if your genes and genetic tendencies will heal, please know this program heals the blocks, fears and beliefs in the way of this. This allows your genes to receive this special, one of a kind, modality that transforms it.
  • If you are still unsure, email Stacey and she will test it on your system to see if you receive it and if it will transform your genes. (Stacey AT

The Just for You, Perfect for You Healing Program Rewires Your Genetic Tendencies Naturally!

(The Ones You Don’t Want)

Would You and Your Family Like to Heal Faster in Any of the Following Areas?

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Addictions and/or addictive tendencies
  • Disorders
  • Ability to learn fast/be very smart
  • Athletic ability
  • Dental Health
  • Eye Health and Vision
  • Cranial Sacral Health
  • Balance Issues
  • Relationships With Others
  • Relationship With Self
  • A Sense of Community
  • Money
  • Investments
  • Manifesting
  • Job/Career or Your Own Business (if applicable)
  • Success in any area
  • A Place to Live That You Love
  • Commitment
  • Sex
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Weight
  • Fitness
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Fun
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Romance
  • Initiative
  • Forward Momentum
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Intuition/Knowing
  • Decision Making
  • Productivity/Efficiency
  • Connection to the Divine
  • Certain Abilities
  • Communicating Well (verbal and/or written)
  • Any other area(s)_______________

What Makes This Just For You, Perfect For You Healing Program Different?

In addition to scanning for everything unwell in your cells including your DNA, Source will

  1. Scan for your DNA for genetic proclivities/pre-dispositions that are not desired as well as all negative programming in your DNA.
  2. Scan your energetic history in this lifetime for the resonance of anyone, anything and any situation/environment that may have been harmful or potentially harmful to you in some way.

Tracing the energy of a person’s complete relationship and environmental history helps Source find the abusive programming in your system immeasurably faster and heal it.(NOTE: The people themselves will not be scanned. Rather the energetic blueprint of their resonance in your history will be scanned.)

Source will use the results of these scans to create healing at a resonance that is Just For You, Perfect For You.

This personal healing modality will heal all unwell and heal your genes and genetic pre-dispositions naturally, hugely faster and more effectively. THIS IS NOT GENETIC RE-ENGINEERING.

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues That I Want Help With?

Yes! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in this area to improve the results you are getting hugely.

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Have Not Had Contact or Relationships With Anyone Who Has Harmed Me in Any Way?

Yes. Source will scan for everything unwell in your system and also your history in case there was any abusive or harmful behavior (mental, verbal, emotional, spiritual, sexual or physical) any malignant narcissists or other abusers or everyday people who did you harm in ways that affected you.  This also includes neglect, inappropriate behavior and more. Even if none is found, your genetic proclivities will be scanned for and Just For You Healing will be sent based on those.

Item 1:
Two NEW 24/7 Healing Modalities for 90 Days

These 2 modalities work together to produce amazing results. They are sent via Source 24/7 and are custom for each person and animal in the program.

Source will scan the following in your system to create your custom Just For You, Perfect For You Healing.

  • Your personal history for the resonance of anyone or anything that may have been harmful or potentially harmful to you in some way.
  • Anything unwell or causing things to be unwell in your system including hidden toxins.
  • All you desire (conscious and sub-conscious)
  • What causes one to attract any abusive or harmful people, situations, toxins and/or environments into their lives.

New Faster Healing Modality for Genetic Predispositions/Tendencies!

This high level modality does the following via Source:
  • Scans for negative genetic tendencies of any type and heals them immeasurably faster. These genetic tendencies wire people and animals to be a certain way.
  • Transforms these genetic proclivities naturally, thereby re-wiring your system.


Please note genetic proclivities/tendencies can skip several generations.



  • Specific physical health issues/diseases
  • Spine/body structure challenges
  • Genetic predisposition for cancer and other diseases (known or unknown)
  • Money challenges
  • Investment challenges
  • Specific mental health issues/disorders
  • Malignant narcissism
  • Abuse of any type
  • Addictions and/or addictive tendencies
  • Relationship challenges/attracting unhealthy people
  • Behavioral issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Spiritual issues
  • Dependency on others
  • Hearing voices/abusive programming/negative entities/false guidance
  • Seeing false visions/imagery
  • Delays
  • Procrastination
  • Perfection
  • Sleep issues
  • Fatigue
  • Weak muscles
  • Aging poorly
  • Tendency to get bitten by bugs
  • Tendency to be “taken”
  • Vision, dental and hearing challenges
  • Indecision/poor decisions/confusion
  • Weight challenges
  • Body appearance issues
  • Skin and nail issues/challenges
  • Hair/balding
  • Other: whatever genetic tendencies affect you negatively

Item 2:
Just For You Energetic Nutrition & Supplements!

People and their pets typically have more energy with these new energetic vitamins and supplements!

You will receive upleveled energetic nutrition and supplements that are right for you based on the scans done in this program. This includes Just Right For You vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and everything a body needs for nutrition, a strong immune system and well being.

This is custom for each person and sent 24/7 via Source for 90 days. It is NOT necessary to energize your water or food or listen to audios with this method.

We have found that people & their pets typically have more energy with these new energetic vitamins and supplements.

100% of people and animals receive this energetic nutrition from Source via distance healing well. If you sense you are not getting something you need, please consult a doctor.

It is possible to get triggered and not receive certain nutrients for a period of time. Typically this heals fast and nothing else is needed.

Item 3:
Just For You Energetic Treatments!

Significantly More Effective For People & Their Pets!

You will be sent the energy of whatever treatments are in your highest and best to support you in having what you desire plus more. These treatments are created by Source at the resonance that is Just Right For You based on the scans done in this program.

Source clears your blocks in the way of receiving them and aligns you with them before sending to you so there will be no side effects.

Examples could include any of the following or others but Source will make them the right resonance for you based on what is found in the scans done 24/7 in this program. We have found that creating them in this manner has them be significantly more effective.

Homeopathics, acupuncture, flower essences, essential oils, CBD oil, anti-inflammatory, ayurvedic medicine, pain relievers, thyroid medication, treatments to balance your blood pressure, healthy heart treatments, anti-coagulation treatments, healthy blood treatments, bone strengthening treatments, eye supplements, gum treatments, money treatments, healthy hair and hair growth treatments, healthy nail treatments, natural antibiotics for different strains, natural anti-fungal treatments for different strains, parasitic energy treatments, anti-viral treatments for different strains including Covid-19, worm and tick treatments, nerve treatments, treatments for specific symptoms/diseases, brain and memory treatments, lung and respiratory treatments, the best possible treatments for all health issues and all other issues.

Item 4:
Recorded Classes!

These classes are specifically designed to help you heal exponentially faster than with the distance healing from this program alone.

The energy from these recordings will be sent to all registrants even if they do NOT know they are in this program.

These 3 Healing Classes:

  • Provide information about what is needed for you to have the life you desire.
  • Provide answers to your questions.
  • Helps you heal faster in areas desired.
  • Helps heal everything unwell significantly faster.
  • Helps heal all health, relationship, money, spiritual, emotional, mental, behavioral, abuse and other issues significantly faster.
  • Opens you up to find hidden issues significantly faster.
  • Provides support for what is desired while the deeper issues heal.
  • Complements and adds to the effectiveness and speed of any other healing work you are doing.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Stacey’s Group Healing Classes

Working With Me as a Proxy For My Husband Stacey Saved His Life!

Stacey is the best healer I have ever come across.

I requested her help after my husband was hospitalized due to a neck vertebra fracture which led to several very serious life threatening crises.

Stacey responded very fast and working with me as a proxy for my husband she saved his life.

He is recovering at home now and has benefited tremendously from Stacey’s unique way of energy healing.

Her wisdom,compassion and high connection to the Source have made a huge impact on many of my husband’s chronic health issues as well.

I have received an unexpected bonus too: my own health has improved a lot.

My husband and I feel very blessed and grateful for the privilege of receiving Stacey’s healing gift.

I would recommend Stacey’s private sessions and courses to all who need genuine solutions to problems on every level of their being.


I Broke Through Stagnation!

I finally worked on my website, my son is speaking to me, I applied for a job and am no longer just sitting around.

Fred B

My Cataracts Healed Hugely During 1 Session and Are Less Than They’ve Ever Been!

My cataracts are less than they’ve ever been. I am excited as I may not need lens replacement surgery after all. My short term and mid-term vision improved on call.

Kerry C.

My Neck is Freed Up!

My neck is free ! My emotions are freed up too.

My left shoulder is better and my feet feel more like mine.

Darcy C.

I Find Listening To Your Classes Very Helpful!

I would like to say the info you give has been very helpful. I had never heard of the theory before that programming could make people hear voices or even repetitive messages. This happened to me for quite awhile and I always thought it was some entity saying that. Doing clearing for entities never stopped the voice.

Hearing the explanation about why some things take a lot of time to heal was very helpful too. I find listening to your classes very helpful!


Keri B

My Brain Was Rewired in the Group Healing Session!

Last session was very powerful! 🙂 A shift in my thinking process about the pain and symptoms occurred. It feels as if the brain was rewired (and it was). Pains and hot flashes definitely diminished. With love and gratitude!

I Missed the Live Calls and Still Released a Lot!

Hi Stacy I missed two of the live calls in a row, however both calls was still very powerful for me and I released a lot released a lot.

New Just For You, Perfect For You

Helps Heal Genetic Issues & Tendencies in People & Animals Even Faster!

(Value: $1097)

These new activations are different from othser activations and are also created from the above scans. They will help you heal hugely faster (no side effects or detoxing ever).

They will open up your cells 24/7 for Source to insert healing that is perfect for you in the moment.

This is important because it often takes a long time for genetic issues to heal and for the gene to transform in entirety.

Additionally it can take a long time for healing to fully penetrate cells where there is tension, knots, constriction, compression and/or inflammation.

These activations get healing to these important areas much faster.

They will be sent to you 24/7 for 90 days via Source. They will never over-process you, cause harsh detox or side effects or any problems even if you are very sensitive.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Stacey’s “Just For You, Perfect For You” Healing!

I Actually Fit Into My Jeans Again!

“My appetite is less and I am able to fit into my jeans again. I am thrilled. Thank you.”

~Jerri C.

My Husband and I Both Look More Youthful!

I am pleasantly surprised when I look in the mirror and at my husband 🙂 My face seems to get more youthful looking over time (and so does his).

Thank you. I know this program helped us greatly in this area. We already have your Youthening program and facials too.

~ Lisa B.

I Am 65 and My Mobility Keeps Improving!

Most people’s mobility declines as they age. However, my knees and shoulders keep getting better and better allowing me to do more without pain.

~ David L.

My Widespread Metastatic Breast Cancer is Gone!

“My widespread metastatic Breast Cancer is gone after just a couple of months of doing healing with you. I did not do any traditional treatments. I did sign up for your cancer healing program and Just For You healing sessions. The combination worked amazingly fast. I was so afraid and now feel a huge relief. I have a knowing it is gone and my genetic proclivity to having cancer is healing.”

~ Eve H.

I Am Less Perfectionistic! It is Very Freeing!

“I am enjoying different foods again. I find myself being less perfectionistic about food and eating more like I used too. I am also less perfectionistic about my hair, my appearance and my work. It is very freeing. I know if something is wrong, it will get corrected. It’s not a big deal.”

~ Nancy T.

I Am in My 60’s and Don’t Need Make-up!

“Two people told me I don’t need make-up! This validates what I see when I look in the mirror. I still wear it sometimes but don’t feel like I HAVE to wear it.

With gratitude.”

~ Shelley K.

New Opportunities Are Showing Up and I’m Taking Action When They Do!

“Things are manifesting that I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s almost as if they magically appear all of a sudden. In the past, I might have missed them or felt stopped around them. Now I am taking action when it feels right to do so.”

~ Paul S.

My Dog Has More Energy, is Less Timid & is More Mobile!

“My dog walks further than he ever has. He has become an explorer. I have never seen him have so much energy and he is 12 years old. He is no longer afraid of other dogs. He used to run from them and now he will stand toe to toe with them.”

~ Tom S.

My Hearing is a Lot Better!

“I am amazed at how much better I am able to hear things. I feel. a lot better overall as well and my intuition is spot on.”

~ Nancy J.

I Have a Lot of Energy & Get a Lot Done!

“I have had a lot of energy for quite a long time and I get a lot done (personally and professionally). I am quite healthy as well. This is remarkable considering I hardly sleep.

~ Gretchen M.

I Am In Overwhelm a Lot Less!

“I am taking on less at one time to prevent overwhelm. This is a big shift for me. I am much more centered and calmer as a result.”

~ Jess W.

I Am Stronger & Financially Secure!

“My dependency on others is less. I am not willing to allow others to use me any longer. I know I can support myself financially and don’t need to stay in my abusive marriage for money. This is a big shift.”

~ Jane C.

My Voice is Very Youthful!

“I was talking to someone on the phone and she told me my voice is very youthful and pleasant to listen to. This was very surprising considering I didn’t feel up to par. It is cool to get more youthful in various ways as I age.”

~ Deanna D.

My Fingernails Are Growing in Healthier!

“My nails have been unhealthy for a very long time. They tend to be extremely dry. They are finally growing in healthier and appear a lot less dry.”

~ Gina J.

I Rarely Procrastinate Things Anymore!

“I rarely procrastinate doing things anymore. I just go ahead and do them, knowing it will be easy and it usually it is.”

~ Victor M.

My Body Temperature is Less Hot!

“I do not need to turn the air conditioning down really low at night when I sleep. I realized this is a sign that my body is not as hot and my chronic infections are less deep. I used to turn it down to 71-72 F. degrees and now that feels cold to me.”

~ Tricia E.

I Am Dealing With Uncertainty a Lot Better!

“There is a huge amount of uncertainty in the world and my life. Even with this, I feel calm and happy. I know I am creating my life to be what I desire and can continue to do so.”

~ Kelly D.

*** How This Program Works ***

  • Registrants are scanned 24/7 for your history in this lifetime, conscious, subconscious and hidden issues, blocks and toxins in your whole system including your DNA. This is done via Source and starts as soon as you register.
  • The Just For You healing, alignments, nutrition and treatments are sent 24/7 for 90 days and starts as soon as you register.
  • The healing sessions are recorded and available on your resource page to listen as often as you’d like.
  • If you purchase for someone or a pet who will NOT listen to the recordings, they will receive the energy from the recorded sessions via remote healing and will receive the full benefit of the program. They do NOT have to know they are in the program to receive full the energies from this program.
  • All of the energies are custom for each person/pet. They will never over-process you even if you are sensitive or doing a lot of other healing work and will not conflict with anything else you are doing. If you are doing a lot of other energy work, you will still receive full benefit of this program without being over-processed.

*If you purchase for another and not yourself and listen to it yourself, you will NOT get custom healing for yourself. The energies will only be sent to the person who purchased it. We customize the energies sent with all my recordings and replays for the people who purchased it each time they listen.


The 24/7 Upleveled Remote Healing, Activations and Alignments Start as Soon as You Register!

Option A
Just For You, Perfect For You Healing Program

Includes Everything Listed Above
Regular Pricing: $397
Special Price: $297  (Save $100)

You can also choose to pay with Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the link above and choose paypal option to find the instructions.

Add additional members for Pkg A. at $150 each at checkout

If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

Option B
Everything Above Plus Private Healing Session With Stacey

This includes everything above plus a private 30 minute healing session with Stacey. People who do these private healing sessions with Stacey typically heal exponentially faster during these sessions than with the Perfect For You healing program by itself and all other distance healing programs you may be on.

You can do this session for yourself or as a proxy for someone else with money issues. If you do it as a proxy, both of you will heal exponentially faster during this session. It’s like a 2 for 1.

My Health is Good After Just 1 Session!

“I have been more productive and my health is good. This is a breakthrough after just 1 session. I thought it would take a lot longer as I’ve been in poor health for quite a while.

My lipid issue is healing well without medication. Thank you.”

~ Donna V.

UTI is Gone and Much Less Fatigued!

“My UTI was painful, persistent and annoying. It was virtually gone by end of our session.

My energy is also a lot better. I had been very fatigued for a long time.”

~ Priscilla D.

Cancer For My Brother Went from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in Today’s Session

“I did a proxy session for my brother who has stage 4 cancer. His cancer went to stage 2 in this 30 minute session and my health improved a great deal as well.

I truly appreciate you. Your work is remarkable.”

~ Lisa A.

I Was Able to Work a Full Day Instead of Going Back to Bed!

“I wanted to let you know how much better I felt after our appointment yesterday. Before our call, I had planned to cancel a couple of work appointments and go to bed. However, I felt so much better after your healing work that I was able to work a full day and accomplish what I needed to do. My mood was greatly improved as well. There was such a big shift yesterday that I didn’t want to wait to tell you! Thank you!”

~ Henry D.

My Advanced Metastatic Sarcoma Cancer Went from Stage 3 to Stage 2 During Session!

My cancer was stage 3 when I started call and went to stage 2 quickly. Since that call, it held at stage 2. My overall health is better and my chi flow is better too.

~ Alice H.

I Am Now Aligned With Being a Healer!

When I started the call, I didn’t believe I could be a healer. Tons healed during our session and my alignment with being a healer went from 0 to 10!

I am very excited. Thank you!

~ Lori C.

Your Transforming My Breast Implants Saved Me $20,000!

Thank you so much for transforming my breast implants into natural breast tissue. You saved me $20,000 and it was painless and effortless.

~ Debra Y.

My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

~ Robert J.

The Fever I Had For 3 Weeks is Gone!

I had a high fever for 3 weeks and a cough. My doctor could not help me. By end of our session, my breathing was a lot better, and my fever was gone. I feel much better, have more energy and am lighter.

~ Ingrid S.

My Leg is Significantly Less Swollen and My Heart Opened Up!

My left leg was stiff and swollen from my knee down. By end of the 30 minute session, my leg was much less stiff and swollen and my heart opened up a lot. I feel hugely better. Thank you and blessings.

~ Linda H.

My Husband No Longer Abuses Me and My Back Stopped Hurting!

I haven’t needed medication for my achy back for 2 weeks now. It no longer hurts.I laugh instead of being resentful towards my abusive husband. He has stopped abusing me which is a miracle!I tell him “I’m no longer yours to abuse” when he acts up.

~ Alissa J.

The Things Stacey Said During My Session Hit the Nail on the Head and Really Helped Me!

“I was feeling very discouraged – like there is no end to all the symptoms and problems. I was actually depressed. By the end of the session I felt lighter, my depression had lifted and I had hope. I even found myself laughing.

The things Stacey said really hit the nail on the head of what’s been going on with me. Hearing these things was very helpful”

~ Frank D.

Includes Everything Listed Above
Regular Pricing: $797
Special Price: $597  (Save $200)

You can also choose use Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the Paypal button at checkout for more information.

NOTE: If you choose the 2 pay for Option B with a private Session with Stacey, you will get an email to schedule your session with Stacey, after the 2nd payment is made.

Add additional family members and pets for Pkg A for $150 each at checkout.

If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

REFUND POLICY: Please know that in order to honor the Law Of Energy Exchange, all exchanges need to be fair energetically. We love and honor all of our valued customers. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee to our customers to help them decide if a certain product works for them or not. You have 30 days from the day of purchase or the date of the first live class whichever comes first to request a refund. We can only offer a refund on one package for every customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. If you purchase a personal session with Stacey, the guarantee will be voided if a session has been availed. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.

NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes.

WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH STACEY MAYO OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.

About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Healer, Medical Intuitive and Coach and has been in business for over 25 years. She teaches people how to be very successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field and attunes people to be amongst the top in their field. Mayo has been training and certifying people to be Master Level Medical Intuitives and Healers for over 15 years. She has supported thousands of people in achieving better health and living out their dreams. She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women, and is a popular public speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

Here's What Some of Stacey's Private Clients Said: