I met with platinum client Barry Lipscomb to create the plan for the Council for Sustainable Living. I love working with all my clients and it just keeps getting more fun. The concept for this business is so exciting and can really make a wonderful impact in the world. We had a great time brainstorming and refining the business plan, marketing and implementation steps for this venture.

Here is what Barry had to say about his day.

“Yesterday was fantastic! My expectations were surpassed and my objectives were completely met. I am very excited with the additional ideas we developed around ‘Phase One’ (shh, it’s a secret) of my business plan and feel the core of that idea is complete and ready to implement. I am also amazed at how the idea seems to get bigger as my focus gets smaller.

This seems like such a paradox and I very much appreciated you sharing your own experience with The Center for Balanced Living where you likewise started out with a very big idea but began to focus on a specific aspect of the vision. With the Council for Sustainable Living I can now see through our work yesterday how the big idea was necessary in my understanding of what is important in approaching product design responsibly and with regard for sustainability. I am now also much clearer on what Phase Two looks like and how it is the personally
fulfilling and meaningful work I have sought

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the consideration you gave to the location for our planning retreat. Being in the mountains and around nature was spiritually fulfilling and certainly facilitated the open space you created for the work we did together. I am very glad I took the time to come in a day early and enjoy a wonderful hike through the woods to the waterfalls at Big Canoe. As I shared with you, my process for the retreat began on that walk and the ideas just kept coming through. I do not think the work would have been as rich if held anywhere else.”

Stacey, you are joy to work with. Thanks so much for sharing your talent so openly and making a difference in my life. This venture and more importantly myself, personally would not be in this space today without your assistance. I am incredibly grateful and honor your being and the work you do.”

Barry Lipscomb,
CEO, Council for Sustainable Living

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