peacefu entrepreneurI have been posting albeit, somewhat irregularly about the Peaceful Entrepreneur. Well the time has come for me to write more regularly on this all important topic and I’ve decided to create a Peaceful Entrepreneur Project. I invite you to follow my posts and interact with me on it as your opinions and thoughts on this subject matter very much to me.

Many of you participated in my Peaceful Entrepreneur Survey and told me what was in the way of being peaceful for you and how that affected your business.

This project is about going to the next level for all of us. I have some ideas and tools that help me with being more peaceful as an entrepreneur such as The One Minute Meditation and Life Transformation Tools and aligning with your Big Yes program and I have a whole lot more tricks up my sleeve that I will share. But I will be the first to admit that don’t have this whole peaceful thing mastered. Egad — it’s true.

And so I have decided to make it a project. I tend to make myself a guinea pig, do research and try out various tools and techniques and then share what works with my clients anyway. I will share with you things that I find that work for me and my business and those that don’t and I will also talk about my perception of how these things affect both the peace I feel related to my business as well as the actual impact this has on business – i.e. results.

Why should I care about this? Quite frankly, I don’t think it is worth having a business if we cannot be peaceful with where we are in it more often than not. Stress kills and that’s a fact. At the same time I don’t want fear to stop you or me from taking on bigger projects and impacting more people. This is not about staying in your comfort zone.

I want for us to stop putting pressure on ourselves to do things that don’t feel good in our body. I want all of us to be confident in what we bring to the world, okay with our failures and our wins and everything in between. I want entrepreneurs to make a big impact in the world that aligns with our soul but in a way that works with our soul. Most of us don’t play nearly as big as we could.

Does this resonate with you?

I am not talking about a business that is void of ups and downs, joy and sadness or excitement and disappointment. These are all part of being human and as entrepreneurs we are very human. I am talking about being being in a place of acceptance about where we are, knowing that what we are feeling is always temporary. And when we can be in the now while working towards our goals and dreams, there are less ups and downs and more peace and joy.

I plan to talk about the whole gamut of things that affect us as entrepreneurs from spirituality to marketing and from technology systems to support teams and everything in between. It is about the inner work AND the outer work (i.e. action steps) . This blog will evolve naturally so it may end up looking entirely different than what I said today but my intent is that it be relevant and helpful to us all.

So here goes . . .

Join me in this interesting and hopefully, fruitful journey for us all.

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