Happy New Year! We are starting out the year with a new moon which is a time for new beginnings. The 2 day period before the moon started to peak through was a time for inner reflection. Now it is time for us to put one foot in front of the other and go forward on our paths.

Farmers have been making decisions about growing crops and many other things in alignment with the moon and the stars since the 1700’s. There is really nothing “new age” about it.

As we go into 2011, remember that everything that is happening is a reflection. It is providing us with information for our spiritual growth and for the healing of our globe as we come together as “One Earth”.

So regardless of whether you stub your toe, sneeze, have a fight with someone, notice something has been delayed, have a bad connection on the phone or have a dropped call, etc., etc. – every bit of that is telling us something. It takes acute Sentelligence to first notice these things and then check in with our guidance to understand what message it brings for us at this time.

Sometimes we get too busy and hurried to stop and listen to what the message it telling us. Then of course, it will get louder.

So I encourage you to slow down as you enter 2011 and take the time to tune in to all of your six senses and your feelings and notice what messages you are getting over and over.

If you keep bumping into things, it is a sure sign that you are bumping up against the next level of your life. Don’t resist the path you are moving towards. Allow it to be an adventure of the spiritual kind – which is what our life was meant to be.