I have been on a mini-sabbatical. While there, I focused on my well-being and did my best to get some rest. During my sabbatical, some thoughts about where I want to head in the next segment of my life arose. As some of you know, I have been letting my inner artist out to play. She does not want to be contained. (grin)

I have been living out my dreams for a while and my dreams keep changing. I am sure yours do as well. Recently I had the thought that I would love to have some of my photos published in National Geographic.

Why not dream big?

I like to dream big and yet move forward one step at a time and have fun along the way.

There are lots of steps to Living Your Dreams Sentelligently. Doing what you are inspired to do is a good first step.

Over the past 2 weeks, I was inspired to open a new division of the Sentelligent Solution which is focused on intuitively guided art (how fun is that!)

I have placed some of my newest photography on that site and am very excited about all the doors that are opening for my as I follow my latest passion.

Are doors opening for you?
They are always there but you have to be in alignment with what you desire.

Are you ready to live out the next phase of your life with more joy, fun and Cash?

I am holding my signature program, Living Your Dreams Sentelligently again.

People have doubled and tripled their income in this program before. And I have added something new this time.

I call it The Crystalline Attraction Sentelligent Grid (C.A.S.H. Grid). When I put goals in there for myself and others, the grid attracts lots of opportunities to those people. The lucky 10 people who sign up for this program will get the added bonus of having their goals magnetized to them via the C.A.S.H. Grid.

If you are ready to make lots of cash, while doing what you love to do, please join us for the next Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Group. Early bird bonuses and rates are incredible.

Get more info at the link below and contact me personally to determine if this group is right for you.

Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Group

BTW, here is an example of one of my favorite new photos:

This is Flipper. He is fun and magical. Dolphins remind you to play and have fun while living out your dreams. That is what we will do in the Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Coaching Group.

Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Group