Friday was the beginning of a new time for all of us. It marked the start of a new millennium, so to speak. Even though it is not a new year, the stars and planets are aligned and things are changing rapidly these days.

This is all on purpose. It is time to awaken to new levels. We all want peace and yet, it sometimes seems like it is not within reach. I am getting that at this pace, it will take 20 years to have world peace. That seems a long way off but it is closer than it has ever been.

We must continue to work on having peace within us and with all our neighbors. That energy will extend out into the world. When we are on purpose, we are better able to contribute to world peace.

May 21st, marks a new moon which is about new beginning as well. Perhaps, you are tired of new beginnings. However, they are a good thing. We can start from a clean slate and create whatever we want next. What is it that you want next?

Sometimes, it seems like we can barely keep up with what is on our plate now. I know I have felt that way for a while. My purpose continues to evolve and I have uncovered what the next level is to various degrees. (Stay tuned – it’s going to be fun.)

Those of you who have known me for a while, have seen my work grow and change. Our purpose evolves as we do. Eventually all the pieces fit together.

Here are some tips to get an idea of what is going on with you:
• If you feel like you are stagnant, it is a sign that there is more for you to do. ( i.e., a new level to your purpose is on the horizon).

• If you feel like you are unable to keep up with all that is being thrown your way, it is a sign to slow down and listen to what is priority. It is a good time to set better boundaries and maintain them. There may also be a new level to your purpose showing up, so it is important to take time to be still and trust that all can be handled in a timeline that works for your soul.
You may think you know your purpose or have been wondering what it is for a long, long time. Either way, I hope you will join me for my free class on “The 7 Secrets to Helping Others Be More Successful While Becoming More Successful Yourself” , May 22nd at 1:00 EDT (check for the correct time in your area).

In this f’ree training class, you will learn why it is important to understand the next level of your purpose and how you can help others understand what is next for them.

Understanding what your purpose is, is not the whole answer. Find out what all the pieces are.

This is very important information for your own evolution and the evolution of the planet. You will be glad you made the time to attend.

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