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Last month, I offered special virtual C.A.S.H. Grid Healing Sessions for only $25.00 and people received incredible results.

Here is what one person said:

“The same evening (the 15th, I believe) I signed up for the cash grid, within 2-3 hours I received an email from a customer stating that she wanted me to do a nice profitable job for her that I thought was dead, since it had been 3 months since I bid it. What a great surprise!”

Of course, we all have a lot of layers. I know that these have been challenging times for many and budgets seem tight. That is why I am offering it again.

Expect miracles to happen when you sign up.

This time you have a choice of one of two beliefs to shift. See which one resonates with you the most.

1. One belief that is in the way for many of you is:

I cannot seem to improve my financial situation. I have to hold on to mon-ey tightly or I will end up in a desperate situation , won’t be able to pay bills or do other things I need to do.

If this resonates with you, I will transform it into the following belief in my C.A.S.H. Grid for everyone at the same time. You do not have to call in or do anything.

I allow mon-ey to flow in and out easily knowing that when I spend mon-ey wisely, it comes back to me in spades and I easily attract 2 to 3 times more than I spend.

2. Another common belief is:

I cannot seem to make good decisions about money or my health, career or relationships. I keep making the wrong choices.

The grid will do all the work and will transform that belief into:

I easily tap into my intuition and learn to trust my gut feeling and know that everything always works out for my highest and best. I trust myself and my intuition.

If you would like to participate, the cost is only $25.00 as opposed to $125 for a one on one C.A.S.H. Grid session.

The transformation will occur this Monday, October 17th at 8:00 pm ET so go ahead and get your name on the list. I will only be able to do this for 20 people at this time.

Again, you do NOT have to be present or call in to participate.

Use this link to sign up now:

Virtual C.A.S.H. Grid Sessions


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PS. If both resonate with you, you can purchase both and the second one will be released 4-7 days after the first.