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Feel calmer and more present PLUS upleveled energetic

healing for your physical Nervous System & whole body.




The level of anxiety in the world today is higher than its been in our lifetime

You may already know you suffer from tension, anxiety, and/or worry or recognize the following:

  • Negative thought loops                                           
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress Eating
  • OCD
  • Overwhelm
  • Inability to take action even when you really want to
  • Fear of the future, feeling like everything is going downhill
  • Waiting for the “other shoe to drop” when times seem to be good

Even most babies are born tense!

Most people are born tense. It is typically an inherited condition, meaning most people are born this way and often do not realize they are tense. Tense is their norm.

Additionally, most people inherited the propensity to worry about and fear many things including uncertainty.

Oftentimes these fears are unconscious and remain in your DNA even if you’ve done a lot of healing. These inherited fears go way back in your ancestral lines and affect you more than you know.

Tension causes disease and blocks the flow of money, healthy relationships, health and much of which is desired that you do not have.

Current methods are often not enough to heal this conscious and unconscious tension, anxiety, propensity to worry and be in fear.

Tension and Worry can Cause Many Serious Problems!


    • Disease and chronic health issues
    • Compromised immune system
    • Addictions
    • Blocking flow of money and abundance
    • Difficulty creating and/or maintaining healthy relationships

Current methods to help with anxiety, stress and worry often do not heal the conscious and unconscious root causes of tension, anxiety, propensity to worry and be in fear.

A New and Better Method Was Needed and Developed!

Stacey Mayo realized a new method was needed to help people and their pets cope with this and life’s challenges in a healthy way.

Current methods including meditation, reiki, tai chi and exercise help some but just aren’t enough for most people. This is obvious by the number of health, relationship and money challenges in the world.

It has been tested and shown to be hugely more effective in helping you deal with stress than Reiki, meditation, yoga, tai chi and other relaxation and healing techniques by themselves.

This new Nervous System Healing Program will help all your challenges heal a lot faster than Stacey’s previous programs AND support you you in dealing with stress better.

What Makes This Program Different

* Source sends relaxing energies with the healing energies,energetic treatments, supplements and nutrition. This helps you receive the energies better and heal faster.

* It includes proprietary energies to help you deal with stress better and be calm and centered more of the time.

* Source sends you the Essence of Brain Food and the Essence of Food That Heals Your Nervous System 24/7. This is important because people with chronic issues, usually do not absorb what they need from food. The essence of food sent to each person is custom and will not be anything that you are sensitive, allergic or intolerant to. It will NOT cause side effects or detox reactions, nor does it have calories.

* Source sends different healing to every nerve in one’s body.

* When Source heals the nervous system with this method, everything heals faster on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, money challenges, relationships challenges and more.

* Nervous system healing is sent with custom healing modalities that are best for each symptom and challenge one has. This enhances the effects of Stacey’s custom healing modalities sent in this program and has them work better and faster.

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues That I Want Help With?

YES! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in these areas to improve the results you are getting hugely.

This program heals everything tremendously faster than all Stacey’s previous programs including, Moving Forward In the New Year, Upleveled Breakthrough Healing, Stacey’s Divine Woman/Man/Pet Program, Just For You Healing, the full power of Grace Healing with the Master Level Healers modality upleveled to its highest capability, Counter Programming, Re-Emergence, Weight Attainment, Youthening, Regenerate, Epic Relationships, Gene Replacement, Dental, Eye/Vision, Hearing, Treatment Healing Bonus with Medical Intuitive Training, and all of these healing programs combined.


Item 1:

NEW ADVANCED HEALING For These Deep Issues in Your DNA and System!

The healing is sent 24/7 by Source via remote healing.

Even if you don’t think you have some of the challenges below, Stacey has scanned and found everyone has these challenges to varying degrees deeply hidden in their DNA.

* tendency to be reactive

* tendency to worry

* fear of uncertainty

* tendency to be anxious and/or panic

* tendency to get stressed over little and/or big things

* deep fear patterns related to money, relationships, abuse, health and all excessive fear patterns found in your system faster

* tendency to get depressed and/or sad for prolonged of time

* challenges with communicating and knowing what is okay to say

* health issues related to the nervous system

* all issues and challenges (when your system relaxes, you heal faster)

Item 2:

Calming, Enjoyment, and Resiliency Energies

This energetic support is sent 24/7 by Source via remote healing. 

* to help you be calm and centered

* letting go of worries and fears

* be truly happy

* enjoying your life more even when there are challenges

* communicating effectively, calmly and in a way that works

* knowing all is healing and healable

Item 3:

Special Healing For Nervous System Related Issues Including Those Listed Below:

Healing is sent by Source 24/7 via distance healing for whatever nervous system issues you have regardless of whether they are listed below or not.

A different resonance healing is sent for each nerve in your body that needs healing along with healing for all causing these nervous system related challenges.

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Sciatica
  • Twitches
  • Stuttering
  • Pins and needles/stings
  • Pain
  • Sympathetic/parasympathetic imbalance
  • Headaches
  • All nerves
  • Tension
  • Tremors
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shingles
  • Rashes and all skin disorders
  • Acne
  • Neuropathies
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Heart disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Bell’s palsy.
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Motor neurone disease (MND)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • ALS
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Spina bifida
  • All other nervous disorders and diseases related to the nervous system.

Item 4:

NEW UPLEVELED 24/7 Healing For All Issues and Challenges You May Have Including Those Listed Below:

This healing sent 24/7 by Source for 90 days will help relax and heal your nervous system. When your system is healthier and you more relaxed, everything typically heals faster.

Source will scan your system 24/7 to determine what challenges you have in that moment

Specific healing modalities that are right for each issue/symptom you have will be sent by Source with this proprietary, Master Level Nervous System Healing method to help it heal faster.

Types of Issues Healing is Sent For Include:




  • All organs
  • All systems
  • All nerves
  • All symptoms
  • All diseases










All challenges and desires

Item 5:

Special Recorded Classes Taught by Stacey

Includes Extra Calming Energies!

This webcast is specifically designed to help you heal exponentially faster.

The energy from these classes will be sent to all registrants even if they do NOT listen to the recorded classes or know they are in this program. They will benefit similarly to people who listen to the recordings.

In This Healing Class, Stacey Will:

  • Help you know what it feels like to relax at new levels.
  • Provide new information about what is needed for you to deal with stress better and heal faster.
  • Support you in knowing how to help yourself in ways that truly work for you.
    • Help you heal faster in areas desired.

    The recording can be downloaded as a MP3 file and kept for life.

    The Information in Your Classes is Amazing!

    The information in your classes these past few months has been incredible/amazing (don’t know the best word to use) and I felt very deeply affected by it, so thank you.


    Item 6:

    NEW Healing Audio to Help You De-Stress

    This short downloadable healing audio is infused with master level energies from Stacey Mayo to help you de-stress and get calm and centered.

    Listen as often as desired.

    You can play it aloud or on silent mode and get the same benefit.

    Item 7:

    BRAND NEW! The Essence of Brain Food and of Healing Food For Your Nervous System

    (Value: $397)

    Stacey has developed a new method to send you the essence of brain food and the essence food that is right for your nervous system. This is sent 24/7 by Source via remote healing.

    When sent with the healing in this program and other energetic nutrition and supplements, it helps your brain, nervous system and entire body heal faster.

    People’s and animal’s nutrition score typically improves by at least 1 point quickly with this method. This is true, even for those who already have great nutrition.

    My Husband and I Have More Energy, Are Stronger & More Productive!

    I’ve been receiving your energetic nutrition for a long time and its helped me a lot. Since receiving this food essence, I noticed thatmy husband and I have a lot more energy, are stronger and more productive. Our nutrition went up a point quickly. It is now a 9. I am also able to go into a meditative state easier.

    Karrie V.

    I Have Stage 4 Cancer and This Is Helping Me Immensely!

    I have stage 4 cancer and was extremely tired and weak. This brain food has helped my energy immensely. I am able to focus on small tasks now and am getting stronger.

    Kathy F.

    Item 8:


    Sent With Relaxing Energies & Stem Cells!

    (Value: $397)

    When energetic nutrition & supplements are sent with relaxing energies and stem cells made by Source, they are received better and help you more.

    You will receive upleveled energetic nutrition and supplements sent with relaxing energies stem cells 24/7 for 90 days. These are sent by Source via remote healing based on scans done by Source to determine what you need in any given moment. This includes vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and everything a body needs for nutrition, a strong immune system and well being.

    It is NOT necessary to energize your water or food or listen to audios with this method.

    It is possible to get triggered and not receive certain energetic nutrients for a period of time. Typically this heals fast and nothing else is needed.

    Item 9:


    Sent With Relaxing Energies & Stem Cells!

    (Value: $397)

    Significantly More Effective For People & Their Pets!

    You will be sent the energy of whatever treatments are in your highest and best with stem cells 24/7 for 90 days. These energetic treatments and stem cells are created by Source at the resonance that is right for you. When sent with relaxing energies and stem cells, they are received better and significantly more effective.

    Source clears your blocks in the way of receiving them and aligns you with them before sending to you so there will be no side effects.

    Examples of treatments include any of the following or others:

    Homeopathics, acupuncture, flower essences, essential oils, CBD oil, anti-inflammatory, ayurvedic medicine, pain relievers, thyroid medication, treatments to balance your blood pressure, healthy heart treatments, anti-coagulation treatments, healthy blood treatments, bone strengthening treatments, eye supplements, gum treatments, money treatments, healthy hair and hair growth treatments, healthy nail treatments, natural antibiotics for different strains, natural anti-fungal treatments for different strains, parasitic energy treatments, anti-viral treatments for different strains including Covid-19, worm and tick treatments, nerve treatments, treatments for specific symptoms/diseases, brain and memory treatments, lung and respiratory treatments, the best possible treatments for all health issues and all other issues.

    Here’s What Some People Have Experienced!


    My Husband and I Are a Lot Less Anxious!

    My husband and I are a lot less anxious and both of us are happier, more joyous.

    Lisa S.

    Sciatic Pain is Much Less

    Last time my spine was far out of alignment, I could not bear to ride in a car on a bumpy, cracked road due to the pain in my butt.

    Now, my spine is way out again, but the sciatic pain is hugely less. I am fine in cars even when there are cracks and speed bumps.

    Lisa R.

    Granddaughter is No Longer Anxious When Mom Leaves The House!

    My granddaughter’s anxiety is so much less; she is happy to go to kindergarten, and is no longer anxious when mom leaves her with a babysitter.

    Frances Y.

    Less Body Clenching!

    My wife and I are noticing a lot less body clenching. We feel better and are lighter and brighter.

    Jay C.

    Now I Am Truly at Peace – It is Different Than Meditating!

    I feel I will always have enough. I was worried all the time about everything. Now I am truly at peace – there is no negative emotion – it is different from meditating or anything I’ve ever felt. I feel good about everything. It’s not fluffy- it’s very grounded and realistic . I am doing what needs to be done from a grounded place.

    I am happy.

    Diane J.

    My Multiple Sclerosis is Gone – Doctor Confirmed!

    I wanted to stop taking medication for my MS and chose to go off it. Your healing helped me heal the MS, get away from needing a cane and able to have a more active life.

    Robert H.

    There is a Freeing of My Left Shoulder, Neck and Spine!

    The main joy is the gradual freeing of my left shoulder, neck, and spine. Also my body temperature maintenance functions better than before and I am beginning to cope with more extreme changes in the weather.

    Gina A.

    Fibromyalgia is Now Intermittent!

    I used to have constant fibromyalgia. This continued for years. Now I only have nerve pain occasionally. It happens when my spine goes out and even then it is less.

    Laura T.

    Life is More Buoyant, Enjoyable and Stress is Reduced Hugely

    Since receiving this transmission life is much more buoyant, enjoyable and stress is reduced hugely.
    Eternal gratitude and appreciation.

    Victor M.

    Shingles is Gone!

    I had bad shingles for a long time. Your healing was the only natural method that helped relieve it at all. Now it is gone altogether thanks to you.


    Yvonne U.

    The Doctor Said My Blood Pressure Indicators Improved!

    The process is working, it is lowering quickly. My blood pressure indicators improved and my blood pressure is significantly better. I check it before and after exercise. Overall I find I am responding to stress better.

    Karrie D.

    Digestion is Much Better For My Cat and I!

    Digestion is much better for both my cat and I. My cat no longer feels sick when he eats or is around food.

    Consistent improvement now – no ups and downs.

    Jane P.

    My Husband’s Alzheimer’s is Improved!

    My husband was barely able to remember anything. Now he remembers some things that happened recently. This is a huge improvement.

    Dan W.

    I Am More Comfortable With New People!

    I am more relaxed when meeting new people. I used to freeze up.

    Doug S.

    My Lymph Node That Had Cancer Finally Shrunk!

    My lymph node finally shrunk when you sent healing for my nervous system along with the cancer healing treatments.

    It’s been swollen for a very long time. The cancer is now gone from that lymph node. My anxiety is less as well.

    Thank you.

    Sharon L.

    Heart Health Has Improved Greatly!

    I have high blood pressure and a weak heart. I’ve also had a number of minor heart attacks. Now my blood pressure is normal and my heart is strong. I feel no tension in my heart or around it anymore.

    Jane G.

    Sleeping Better and Not Worried About Money!

    I am sleeping better and don’t have anxiety, am happier and not worried about money. These are all big shifts.

    David N.

    Relationship With My Kids is Much Better!

    My kids and I talk about things that used to be off limited. We enjoy each other’s company a lot more. I am forever grateful.

    Sandi S.

    Able to Confidently Stand Up For Myself!

    I am successfully standing up for myself, what I want and need and presenting new ideas in a way that lands well. My confidence in this area has gone from 0 to 10.

    Nan D.

    I Was Able to Get Off My Blood Pressure Medicine in My 90’s!

    I had to bring in my blood pressure monitor to my doctors office to prove that my blood pressure is normal now. It went up when I went for a medical exam, but that’s the only time it goes up. It’s gotten steadily better since receiving healing from you. FYI, I am 94 years young.

    Sue W.

    My Relationship With My Husband Gets Better With Each of Your Programs That I Take!

    With this program, we are both more relaxed about things, laugh more and let things roll off our back. We also cuddle more.

    Roz J.

    *** How This Program Works ***

    • Registrants are scanned 24/7 by Source for your desires and anything unwell. Healing starts as soon as you register and will continue 24/7 for 90 days via remote healing by Source. It will never overprocess you or conflict with anything else you are doing regardless of how much healing you are already doing.
    • The audio to help you relax is on your Resource page and you can access it and download as soon as you register if desired.
    • The brain food and essence of food for the nervous system, other nutrition and treatments are sent 24/7 by Source via remote healing for everything unwell and all your desires for one year and start as soon as you register.
      • The recorded class is available on your resource page.
      • If you purchase for someone or a pet who does NOT know they are in the program, they will receive the energy from the recording via remote healing and will receive full benefit of the program. They do NOT have to know they are in the program to receive the full energies from this program. It will not harm anyone in anyway.
      • All of the energies are custom for each person/pet. They will never over-process you even if you are sensitive or doing a lot of other healing work and will not conflict with anything else you are doing. If you are doing a lot of other energy work, you will still receive full benefits of this program without being over-processed.

      *If you purchase for another and not yourself and listen to the audio yourself, you will NOT get custom healing for yourself. The energies will only be sent to the person(s) and pet(s) who you purchased it for. Source customizes the energies sent with all Stacey’s recordings and replays for the people who purchased it each time they listen.

      If you have Questions about this program and whether it will help you or others with specific issues, email Stacey using this form:


      Choose from 2 Options Below!

      You can purchase Package A for yourself and add 1-2 additional family members and pets for approximately 1/2 price at checkout


      Package B includes a Private Healing Session to Help You Heal Even Faster and Get Answers to Your Personal Questions PLUS Nervous System Healing For 90 days.

      Option A:
      Nervous System Healing Program

      Includes Everything Listed Above For 90 days!

      Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!


      Regular Price: $297

      Special Price:

      Full Pay: $197  (Save $100)

      2 Pay: $115 now and in 30 days

      This program sends Master Level healing energy 24/7 for 90 days.

      You can also choose to pay with Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the link above and choose paypal option to find the instructions.

      Add additional family members and pets for $150 each at checkout

      If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

      If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

      Option B

      Includes Everything in Package A Plus

      30-Minute Healing Session with Stacey For Two People – for the Price of 1!

      NOTE: Or 1 Person and a Pet

      You can do this healing session for yourself and as a proxy for someone else with. When you do it as a proxy, BOTH of you will heal exponentially faster during this session than if you just did it for yourself. It’s a 2 for 1.

      Two people or a person and a pet heal for the price of 1.

      You can be proxy for anyone you know (relative, friend, pet, partner, associate, neighbor). You don’t have to know a lot about their issues for them to benefit a lot. They do NOT need to know you are doing this for them. They will receive the full healing even if they don’t believe in this work or know it is being done for them and you will heal faster as a result of this special healing modality used during proxy sessions.


      Thank You For Finding and Helping Heal Hidden Lung Cancer!

      “My lung cancer is healing. Thank you for finding it and helping it heal. It was hidden and the doctors didn’t find it on the MRI.”

      ~ Paula M.

      I Am Saving Money on Expensive Shock Treatments!

      “I have vitrofibulation and congestive heart failure.

      Thank you for explaining that when my heart pauses, Source opens where it shuts which starts my heart again.

      I have needed to get fewer electric shock treatments as a result.”

      ~ Fran K.

      My Health is Good After Just 1 Session!

      “I have been more productive and my health is good. This is a breakthrough after just 1 session. I thought it would take a lot longer as I’ve been in poor health for quite a while.

      My lipid issue is healing well without medication. Thank you.”

      ~ Donna V.

      UTI is Gone and Much Less Fatigued!

      “My UTI was painful, persistent and annoying. It was virtually gone by end of our session.

      My energy is also a lot better. I had been very fatigued for a long time.”

      ~ Priscilla D.

      Cancer For My Brother Went from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in Today’s Session!

      “I did a proxy session for my brother who has stage 4 cancer. His cancer went to stage 2 in this 30 minute session and my health improved a great deal as well.

      I truly appreciate you. Your work is remarkable.”

      ~ Lisa A.

      I Was Able to Work a Full Day Instead of Going Back to Bed!

      “I wanted to let you know how much better I felt after our appointment yesterday. Before our call, I had planned to cancel a couple of work appointments and go to bed. However, I felt so much better after your healing work that I was able to work a full day and accomplish what I needed to do. My mood was greatly improved as well. There was such a big shift yesterday that I didn’t want to wait to tell you! Thank you!”

      ~ Henry D.

      My Advanced Metastatic Sarcoma Cancer Went from Stage 3 to Stage 2 During Session!

      “My cancer was stage 3 when I started call and went to stage 2 quickly. Since that call, it held at stage 2. My overall health is better and my chi flow is better too.”

      ~ Alice H.

      I Am Now Aligned With Being a Healer!

      “When I started the call, I didn’t believe I could be a healer. Tons healed during our session and my alignment with being a healer went from 0 to 10!

      I am very excited. Thank you!”

      ~ Lori C.

      Your Transforming My Breast Implants Saved Me $20,000!

      “Thank you so much for transforming my breast implants into natural breast tissue. You saved me $20,000 and it was painless and effortless.”

      ~ Debra Y.

      The Fever I Had For 3 Weeks is Gone!

      “I had a high fever for 3 weeks and a cough. My doctor could not help me. By end of our session, my breathing was a lot better, and my fever was gone. I feel much better, have more energy and am lighter.”

      ~ Ingrid S.

      The Things Stacey Said During My Session Hit the Nail on the Head and Really Helped Me!

      “I was feeling very discouraged – like there is no end to all the symptoms and problems. I was actually depressed. By the end of the session I felt lighter, my depression had lifted and I had hope. I even found myself laughing.

      The things Stacey said really hit the nail on the head of what’s been going on with me. Hearing these things was very helpful.”

      ~ Frank D.

      My Leg is Significantly Less Swollen and My Heart Opened Up!

      “My left leg was stiff and swollen from my knee down. By end of the 30 minute session, my leg was much less stiff and swollen and my heart opened up a lot. I feel hugely better. Thank you and blessings.”

      ~ Linda H.

      Includes Everything Listed Above

      Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!

      TOTAL VALUE: $3697

      Regular Pricing: $697

      Special Price:

      Full Pay: $597 (Save $100)

      2 Pay: $275 now and in 30 days

      You can also choose to use Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the Paypal button at checkout for more information.

      NOTE: If you choose the 2 pay for Option C with a private Session with Stacey, you will get an email to schedule your session with Stacey, after the 2nd payment is made.

      If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

      If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

      REFUND POLICY: Please know that in order to honor the Law Of Energy Exchange, all exchanges need to be fair energetically. We love and honor all of our valued customers. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee to our customers to help them decide if a certain product works for them or not. You have 30 days from the day of purchase to request a refund. We can only offer a refund on one package for every customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. If you purchase a personal session with Stacey, the guarantee will be voided if a session has been scheduled or availed. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.

      About Stacey Mayo

      Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive and Healer and teaches others to be Certified Medical Intuitives and Healers.

      She is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution aka “Solutions by Stacey” and the following healing programs: Moving Forward in the New Year, Divine Woman, Breakthrough Healing, Re-Emergence Healing, The First Ever Covid-19 All Natural Energetic Vaccine, Epic Relationships Healing Program, Stacey’s Maker Program, Counter Programming, Cancer Healing Program, Youthening Program, Eye/Vision Healing Transmissions, Dental Healing, Gene Replacement and Regenerate and Grace Healing Modalities plus more. She founded her company in 1995 and has been in business for over 25 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams.

      She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

      NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

      DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes.

      WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH STACEY MAYO OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.

      About Stacey Mayo

      Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Healer, Medical Intuitive and Coach and has been in business for over 25 years. She teaches people how to be very successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field and attunes people to be amongst the top in their field. Mayo has been training and certifying people to be Master Level Medical Intuitives and Healers for over 15 years. She has supported thousands of people in achieving better health and living out their dreams. She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women, and is a popular public speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

      Here's What Some of Stacey's Private Clients Said: