People got tons of value out of my recent program, “How to Listen to Your Body and Understand What it is Saying”.

The content provided and the amount of learning and healing that was done in the last class was amazing.

We helped people heal their hormonal imbalances, thyroid challenges, back and leg pain and understand what was keeping those extra pounds on. These are just a few of the topics that were covered.

As you age, you will find you have more and more need for this information. I just made this program even better! You will not only learn to interpret what your body is saying and what beliefs are in the way of it healing; you will also learn my Advanced C.A.S.H Grid method so you can transform old beliefs in the way of you being healthy and wealthy by YOURSELF.

Another improvement is you can listen to the online class at your own time and pace. No matter where you are in the world or what your schedule is, you can do it in a way that works for you. Simply set aside one hour per week for 7 weeks and start to transform your health and help your family at the same time. You can even have a buddy for accountability.

This program is on sale through June 30th so act now and receive nearly 50% off.

The next eleven people who register get extra one-on-one time from me and receive special bonuses worth nearly twice the price of the class.

The 5 most important reasons you don’t want to miss taking this class at this time:

  • The number one reason you don’t want to miss the course is it can save you a lot of money on doctors bills supplements and medications in the long run and allow you to enjoy more freedom, passion, inner peace and abundance. Learning to do it by yourself can be costly.
  • The number two reason why you don’t want to miss this course is that many things that are blocking your body from healing are also in the way of you making more mon-ey!
  • The number three reason you don’t want to miss this class is you will learn to release the blocks causing your physical symptoms. Then your body can heal itself, making it easier for you to move forward with your dreams. You will form new neural pathways in your brain and your behaviors will change as a result. Only people who take my classes are currently eligible to learn the C.A.S.H. Grid. And for the time being, it is included in the low price of admission
  • The number four reason is you can take it online at your own pace without having to worry about time differences.
  • The number five reason is you can save $300 if you act quickly
Go here to learn more and register:

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PS. Be one of the next 11 to sign up and you will get a total of up to 14 blocks released and transformed for you without having to schedule an appointment so your body can heal itself quicker. This will help you move forward quickly,even before you learn how to use the C.A.S.H. GRID for yourself. I will also look at your supplements and nutritional needs. These bonuses are worth $933 — nearly 3 times the cost of the program

PPS. I am currently teaching the C.A.S.H. Grid to my students and am including it as a bonus class in this program. This is a great opportunity for you to learn to transform your own blocks gently and easily without even having to know what they are. It is much more powerful than most methods used today. – retail value $175