Stacey Mayo created a special healing program for what people need the most at this time.

This Program Will Help You In The Areas Below:

If you do not need all of the following, it will only help with what you do need.

  • Release the challenges of the past and heal all issues faster.
  • Heal deep fears and release blocks in your way of moving forward exponentially faster and to new levels.
  • Learn to deal with the challenges in the world and your life better.
  • Heal movement and exercise resistance plus resistance in other areas much faster.
  • Intuitively move, stretch and exercise your body in ways that help you feel better and heal faster.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Become more flexible.
  • Feel enlivened and happier.
  • Become clearer and sharper mentally, emotionally, intuitively, physically, visually, verbally and more.
  • Try new things and have new experiences that you desire
  • Heal the whole cell including the egoic and non-egoic parts of the cell
  • Heal your genes/DNA faster.

If you desire any of the above, read on…

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues That I Want Help With?

YES! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in these areas to improve the results you are getting hugely.

This program heals everything tremendously faster than Stacey’s Divine Woman/Man/Pet Program, Just For You Healing, the full power of Grace Healing with the Master Level Healers modality upleveled to its highest capability, Counter Programming, Re-Emergence, Weight Attainment, Youthening, Regenerate, Epic Relationships, Gene Replacement, Dental, Eye/Vision, Hearing, Treatment Healing Bonus with Medical Intuitive Training, and all of these healing programs combined.



Program Includes:

Item 1:

Sent 24/7 for 1 Year:

The following healing processes and energetic support will be sent to all registrants of this program via remote healing by Source:

  • A new modality to accelerate the healing of 2020/2021 challenges and all challenges and issues for people and animals! (Value: $297)
  • Upleveled 24/7 support for moving forward in ways desired and at new levels in 2021. (Value: $297)
  • A new modality that heals movement and exercise resistance much faster as well as resistance to anything. (Value: $497) If you have found you don’t move or exercise much, it is likely that you have programmed resistance to it from negative/abusive programming. If you are not doing other things you desire to do, this is likely due to programmed resistance as well.
  • Stacey’s New Master Level Energetic Stem Cell Treatments to enliven you and help you heal much faster. These are created by Source and custom for each person and animal. These are the best stem cell treatments available! (Value: $697)


Specific custom stem cell treatments are also sent for each issue and desire you have. For example: If you have TMJ, specific stem cells are sent with TMJ healing and treatments to help your TMJ heal much faster.

These custom stem cells from Source are helpful for everyone– people and animals of every age. They have been tested on thousands of people. They will not hurt anyone or cause side effects or problems of any kind. In every person and animals tested, these stem cells created by Source enlivened them and helped them heal a lot faster.


  • New Process to Heal Deep Fears Exponentially Faster! We have many unconscious fears that are in our way of moving forward in ways desired. (Value: $197)
  • New support sent for moving through the triggers when they happen to help you have a full life even though you may get triggered by abusive/negative programming or by things that happen in everyday life. (Value $297)
  • Energy of Tai Chi sent by Source 24/7 provides benefits similar to doing tai chi for 45 minutes/day without actually doing tai chiIf you already do tai chi, this will enhance the benefits you get significantly. (Value: $297)

The benefits of the energy of tai chi may include:
– Decreased stress, anxiety and depression.
– Improved mood.
– Improved aerobic capacity.
– Increased energy and stamina.
– Improved flexibility, balance,sure-footedness & grace
– Improved muscle strength and definition.

  • Counter Treatments! (Value: $197) These energetic treatments find negative treatments in people’s and animals systems that cause their symptoms and challenges to get worse and turn it into something that will heal these issues.
  • Note: Negative treatments are something Stacey recently discovered; they are a part of negative programming. She has found them in everyone’s system.
  • New! Brain Acuity Processes! (Value: $397) Acuity means clarity in knowing and doing. These new energy processes created by Stacey will heal the the brain, brain function and brain stem much faster than any other method to date. The brain controls everything! This will help you have faster improvement in following areas plus more: Mental Acuity, Emotional Acuity. Physical Acuity, Intuitive Acuity, Relationship Acuity, Financial Acuity, Career Acuity, Hearing Acuity, Speech Acuity, Visual Acuity, Hearing Acuity, Taste Acuity.

Examples of high level acuities:
– High Financial Acuity is being clear about what you need to do financially including how to make money and doing it.
High Relationship Acuity is clarity about who to be in relationship with, who to do business with, who to trust and acting accordingly.
High Emotional Acuity is knowing what you feel and how to handle your emotions and acting accordingly.
High Career Acuity is knowing what career is in your highest and best, what steps to take in your career and acting accordingly.
High Physical Acuity is clarity in what your body needs to function correctly and the ability to do it.

  • Advanced Counterprogramming! (Value: $297) This new counterprogramming modality helps heal all issues and challenges significantly faster. Source sends counter programming (custom positive, healthy, energetic programming that is in your highest and best to counter the unhealthy programming that causes all of our problems). This new modality counterprograms much more negative programming at one time than Stacey’s previous counterprogramming modality* and does it at new levels.

* If you have Stacey’s current Counter Programming Healing, this will amplify its benefits manyfold to help you heal a lot faster with no side effects or detoxing.

Item 2:


(Value: $697)

This is an energetic program that Stacey created. It supports you in intuitively moving, stretching and exercising in ways that are right for you in any given moment (even if you have chronic pain).
Strengthening energies are sent with this program. The combination of the strengthening energies and exercise will help you get strong twice as fast and build bigger muscles in ways and areas desired.


This program will help you:
  • release pain
  • become more flexible
  • become stronger in areas needed
  • become more fit and tone
  • heal faster
  • have more energy
  • become healthier on all levels.

If you already exercise, this will help you take your exercising to new levels if desired.  No exercise classes needed.

It’s intuitive!

If you don’t exercise or move much, the modality above will help clear resistance to movement and exercise that is in your highest and best.  As resistance clears, you will naturally find yourself moving and/or exercising intuitively

You will  be supported in moving and exercising in ways that are fun for you.

Instructions/more details about this Intuitive Movement & Exercise program will be provided on the Resource page for all participants in this program.

I Am A Lot Stronger After Only 2 Weeks!!

“I have been exercising for 2 weeks now and my overall strength is up over 1 point already. Thanks for this program. 

~ Ricki H.

Item 3:


(Value: $397)

When energetic nutrition & supplements are sent with stem cells made by Source, they are received better and help you more.

You will receive upleveled energetic nutrition and supplements with stem cells 24/7 for 1 year. These are sent by Source via remote healing based on scans done by Source to determine what you need in any given moment. This includes vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and everything a body needs for nutrition, a strong immune system and well being.

It is NOT necessary to energize your water or food or listen to audios with this method.

It is possible to get triggered and not receive certain energetic nutrients for a period of time. Typically this heals fast and nothing else is needed.

Item 4:


(Value: $397)
Significantly More Effective For People & Their Pets!

You will be sent the energy of whatever treatments are in your highest and best with stem cells 24/7 for 1 year. These energetic treatments and stem cells are created by Source at the resonance that is right for you. When sent with stem cells, they are received better and significantly more effective.

Source clears your blocks in the way of receiving them and aligns you with them before sending to you so there will be no side effects.

Examples include any of the following or others:

Homeopathics, acupuncture, flower essences, essential oils, CBD oil, anti-inflammatory, ayurvedic medicine, pain relievers, thyroid medication, treatments to balance your blood pressure, healthy heart treatments, anti-coagulation treatments, healthy blood treatments, bone strengthening treatments, eye supplements, gum treatments, money treatments, healthy hair and hair growth treatments, healthy nail treatments, natural antibiotics for different strains, natural anti-fungal treatments for different strains, parasitic energy treatments, anti-viral treatments for different strains including Covid-19, worm and tick treatments, nerve treatments, treatments for specific symptoms/diseases, brain and memory treatments, lung and respiratory treatments, the best possible treatments for all health issues and all other issues.

Item 5:


(Value $397)

These online classes are specifically designed to help you heal exponentially faster than with the distance healing from this program alone whether you are able to attend live or not.

The energy from these classes will be sent to all registrants even if they do NOT attend the classes or know they are in this program. They will benefit similarly to people who attend the classes.

These 3 Online Healing Classes:

  • Provide new information about what is needed for you to move forward in ways desired and to heal faster.
  • Support you in knowing how and when to do intuitive movement, stretching and exercise in ways that truly work for you.
  • Provide answers to your questions.
  • Helps you heal faster in areas desired.
  • Helps heal all health, relationship, money, spiritual, emotional, mental, behavioral, abuse and other issues significantly faster.
  • Opens you up to find hidden issues significantly faster.
  • Provides support for what is desired while the deeper issues heal.
  • Complements and adds to the effectiveness and speed of any other healing work you are doing.


The classes can be attended by phone, webcast or webcall from anywhere in the world

These classes will be recorded in case you cannot attend live. They can be downloaded as MP3 files and kept for life.

Registrants of this program will receive emails when we have the dates and times for the classes scheduled and the dates will be posted on your resource page when available.

NOTE: We scan all registrants to determine the dates and times that will work for the most people before scheduling these classes.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Stacey’s Group Healing Classes

I Learned a Lot in Your Classes!

I learned a lot in your classes and my knowledge of what is going on is much better as a result. This helps me relax and feel better.I’ve stopped listening to other programs that I discern are not truthful.

Greg M.

I Find Listening To Your Classes Very Helpful!

I would like to say the info you give has been very helpful. I had never heard of the theory before that programming could make people hear voices or even repetitive messages.

This happened to me for quite awhile and I always thought it was some entity saying that. Doing clearing for entities never stopped the voice.

Hearing the explanation about why some things take a lot of time to heal was very helpful too.

I find listening to your classes very helpful!

Keri B.


My Brain Was Rewired in the Group Healing Session!

Last session was very powerful! ???? A shift in my thinking process about the pain and symptoms occurred. It feels as if the brain was rewired (and it was). Pains and hot flashes definitely diminished. With love and gratitude!

I Missed the Live Calls and Still Released a Lot!

Hi Stacy I missed two of the live calls in a row, however both calls was still very powerful for me and I released a lot released a lot.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Stacey’s Moving Forward in the New Year Program!

Immediately I Felt Things Shift!

Immediately, I mean immediately, things started to shift! Even before I finished the webform I felt a major physical shift and everything I read about the program seemed to just come in. I felt more relaxed, more grounded, easily went from one thing to the next, happily, without the overwhelm I have felt for months! It seems within a very short time (two days) my days are just unfolding, flowing and things are just easier. There feels to be more time.

I’ve been with you going on 4 years, and I have done many of your programs. This program feels in me like a reawakening or maybe an uplevel to many of the activations, attunements, and knowledge I have gained learning from you. PLUS more!

The ‘more’ is it feels like a real LEAP! Yet it felt so natural.

I wanted to share my excitement and my deep gratitude to you for continuing to create programs to support our well-being and growth.


Frances Kippel

I Am Dealing With What’s Going on in the World Well!

“I am dealing with what’s going on in the world well. While others seem depressed and devastated, I have been taking in what’s going on and staying positive that things are going to get better”

~ Priscilla B.

My Colon is a Lot Better!

“My colon is a lot better. I am having regular bowel movements now after going several weeks without one.”

~ Ken D.

I Made Over $900,000 This Past Year!

“I had a lot of blocks to making money in the last quarter of the year. I got clarity about what I could do to make money and it worked much better than I had imagined. I also enjoyed doing things differently that I had been doing them and I learned a lot.

I was ecstatic when I saw my year-end numbers!

Thank you.”

~ Laura M.

Our Relationship is Better Than Ever!

“My husband and I have a higher knowing of how to deal with stressful situations cooperatively/symbiotically. It is quite amazing. Additionally, we laugh together more.”

~ Betsy G.

Doctors Couldn’t Find the Cause of Blood in My Urine But Stacey Did!

“I had blood in my urine off and on for a long time now and the doctors could not find a cause for the bleeding with expensive tests.

In a private healing session, Stacey determined that my spine is really far out of alignment at the base and it’s caused a tiny tear in the muscle that bleeds.

Thank you for continuing to repair that tear while healing the deeper issue affecting my spine.”

~ Dan S.

My Son is Studying More & I Can Tell His Career Acuity is Better!

“My son’s Career acuity improved due to your processes. As a result he is studying more and he has more confidence he will do well and it will be worth it.

Much gratitude.”

~ Nancy S.

I Know How I Look in My Clothes Without Looking in the Mirror!

“I now have a good sense of how I look in my clothes without looking in the mirror. My view of my body is very distorted when I look in the mirror. People compliment me all the time and say how great I look and yet, I appear huge in the mirror.

I am very grateful for your help in upping my knowing in this area.”

~ Susie B.

My Visual Acuity is Better and I Am Styling!

“I am putting colors and styles together in a way that really works. I get complimented on most everything.”

~ Donna C.

I No Longer Get Depressed Even When Faced With Deep Challenges!

“I used to get depressed a lot and could not get myself out of it. Now I am lighter, happier and hopeful even when faced with deep challenges. I know things will work out somehow.”

~ Robert D.

My Dog and Cat Now Do Epic Stretches!

“I have never seen my dog and cat stretch like this. It’s a very long stretch and I can tell they really like doing it and it helps them feel better. I am glad the intuitive movement is helping them too”

~ Betsy G.

I Am More Organized and Getting More Done!

“I found myself naturally getting organized for the new year and letting go of old stuff that I previously hung on to way too long.  I get a lot done in a short amount of time.”

~ Gary W.

The Intuitive Movement I Am Doing Is Relieving My Pain!

“The Intuitivement Movement that I am doing daily is relieving my pain.

I have a lot less pain. Thank you.

~ Andrew Z.

My Boyfriend Actually Got a Decent Job!

“My boyfriend actually got a decent job. He is actually doing something consistently to make money. This is big because he hasn’t tried to get a job or do much for money in years. Thank you.”

~ Sue B.

My Son Did Well on His Finals!

“My son’s mental acuity went from 1-6 and this definitely helped him do well on his finals.”

~ Mark S.

My Intuition About People is Much Better!

“My intuitive ability to sense if people are what they appear to be is heightened. It served me well over the holidays.”

~ Sandi K.

New Opportunities are Showing Up while the Old Deep Money Issues Are Healing!

“I am confident, optimistic that what is desired will happen. In the meantime new opportunities are showing and positive things are happening. I feel calmness in my being even when my mind is worried.

I am also able to express myself better.”

~ Frances P.

My Husband Talked to My Mom More!

“When we are around my mom, it’s usually me and my mom that do all the talking. Lately my husband has been chiming in more and recently engaged in a lively conversation with her. This is a big shift.”

~ Theresa W.

Our Depression Lifted!

Our depression is much less and we are moving forward in positive ways in our business and life.

~ Barb and Dan L.

I Decorated in Ways I Like After My Visual Acuity Went Up!

“I made changes in my house house and daughters room that I really like. I was able to due this after my visual acuity and energy went way up from your healing. I really like the changes I made and enjoyed doing it.”

~ Pamela D.

My Spine is Staying Aligned and I Feel Great!

“My spine finally aligned and is holding after being triggered for a long time. Additionally due to your clearing my movement resistance I found myself cleaning my entire yard in one day and was amazed I had the energy to do this.”

~ Keri C.

I Have Muscle Definition in My Upper Arms For the First Time!

“I have muscle definition in my upper arms for the first time. I am in my 60’s. This is a big deal for me and is from doing Stacey’s Intuitive Movement and Exercise Program. I have not used any weights.”

~ Deanna T.

My Relationship With My Son is Greatly Improved!

“Both my son and I are a lot lighter

The relationship between both of us is greatly improved- we had a wonderful holiday together!”

~ Doris Y.

My Fear of Channeling is Gone!

“My fear of channeling is gone. This happened after you sent me speech acuity processes. Nothing else worked for this. I finally feel peaceful when I think about channeling and know I am able to do it accurately and easily.”

~ Susie D.

Time Spent With Family & Friends is Better and More Fun!

“Lately I find that I am laughing more and overall enjoying time spent with family, old friends and new acquaintances a lot more. It also seems easier for me to meet new people.”

~ Katrina P.

I Am Able to Create Better Art and Do It Faster!

“My ability to do art faster and better improved as a result of you healing my visual acuity. Thank you.”

~ Sam B.

Mom’s Cancer Went Down to Stage 1!

“The New Counterprogramming and Counter Treatments from this program are helping the cancer heal much better along with your cancer healing program.

Her infections also heal much faster with the Counter Treatments and New Counter Programming as well.”

~ Darcy N.

My Grandson’s Long Time Nose Infection is Gone!

“My grandsons nose infection healed. He had a persistent runny nose for years.”

~ Sandi R.

My Leg is Less Painful and Less Out of Alignment!

“My leg was way out of alignment and now much less so and much less pain.

I have also found myself naturally stretching my body.”

~ Barbara Z.

I Find Myself Doing Contemporary Dance as Part of My Intuitive Exercise!

I have never done contemporary dance in my life. This evolved after receiving your Intuitive Movement and Exercise program for 5 months. It is very joyful and enlivening for me. It is also making me much stronger and more flexible.”

~ Sheila L.

My Spine is No Longer Out of Alignment!

“My spine is no longer out of alignment a lot and I have a lot less pain due to the intuitive movements I am doing and the healing you’ve been sending me.”

~ Marie. A.

People Tell Me I Look Great & Brighter!

“Since doing your intuitive exercise program and receiving stem cell treatments, people have told me I look brighter and also that I look great.”

~ Lorna W.

Thanks for Helping My Whole Family!

“I am more physically stable.

My mom who has major health issues has been able to move more. She was barely moving at all prior to this program.

My daughter no longer requests/demands breastfeeding! She was still wanting to be breast-fed when it was way past time for that.

My cooking is better.”

~ Sheila R.

I Have a Better Understanding of Finances on a Macro and Micro Level!

“I have better understanding of finances on macro and micro level – my financial acuity is better.”

~ Kathy J.

I Now Know I Need Much Less Liquid Than I Had Been Told!

“I know how much liquid I need. It is a lot less than I’ve been told that people need. I stay fully hydrated.”

~ Sheila D.

I Am Able to Complete Sudoku Puzzles Much Faster!

“My mental acuity is better. I can tell as I am able to complete Sudoku puzzles much faster.”

~ Diane L.

I Remain Calm and Centered When Challenges Come Up!

“When major health and other challenges come up, I remain calm and centered rather than getting emotional and needy like I used to. I know I will be okay.”

~ Laura G.

I Am Happier and Have a Lot More Energy!

“I am happier and have a lot more energy since I started receiving your stem cell treatments. Thank you.”

~ Gary S.

My Improvements From This Program After 1 Month!

“My energy is better than its been in a long time

My sinus pressure is less

I am walking more and doing more physical activity.

My craving for soda is gone and has stayed gone.”

~ Regina F.

My Dog is Adapting to Change So Much Better!

“My dog did not wait 3 days to eat when we went on vacation like he usually does. He ate the first day and everyday while we were on vacation. I was amazed. He acclimated to the new environment fast.”

~ Sam Y.

I Am in My 60’s & Exercising Way More Than I Ever Have!

“I have rarely exercised throughout my life. I am in my 60’s now and am exercising way more than I ever have. I am intuitively exercising in ways I never would have thought of to get all the muscles toned. I have done this without taking a single class!”

~ Frieda B.

I Am No Longer Afraid of Making Plans Because I Might Get Sick!

“I am no longer afraid of making plans because I might get sick and have to cancel. It feels good to be doings the things I want to do again. So far I’ve made a lot of plans and haven’t needed to cancel any of them.”

~ Jane S.

*** How This Program Works ***

  • Registrants are scanned 24/7 for your history in this lifetime, conscious, subconscious and hidden issues, blocks and toxins in your whole system including your DNA. This is done via Source and starts as soon as you register.
  • The healing, activations, nutrition and treatments are sent 24/7 for one year and starts as soon as you register.
  • The group healing sessions be held by phone, webcall and webcast will be every week for 3 weeks. The dates and times will are posted on your Resource page when scheduled.
  • The group healing sessions are recorded. If you cannot attend live, you can send your questions ahead of time and they will be answered in the recorded sessions. You will receive similar benefit as attending live.
  • If you purchase for someone or a pet who will NOT attend live or listen to the recordings, they will receive the energy from the group sessions via remote healing and will receive full benefit of the program. They do NOT have to know they are in the program to receive full the energies from this program.
  • All of the energies are custom for each person/pet. They will never over-process you even if you are sensitive or doing a lot of other healing work and will not conflict with anything else you are doing. If you are doing a lot of other energy work, you will still receive full benefit of this program without being over-processed.

*If you purchase for another and not yourself and listen to it yourself, you will NOT get custom healing for yourself. The energies will only be sent to the person who purchased it.We customize the energies sent with all my recordings and replays for the people who purchased it each time they listen.


  • The 24/7 Upleveled Remote Healing, Activations and Alignments Start as Soon as You Register!
  • The recorded group healing sessions are approximately 1 hour each and will be held every week for 3 weeks.
  • The group healing sessions will start when we have a scheduled date. The dates will be posted on your Resource page and emailed to you when available. The classes will be recorded in case you cannot attend live. You can send questions ahead of time if you can’t be there live.

If you have Questions about this program and whether it will help you or others with specific issues, email Stacey using the contact form at

Purchase Here!

Choose from Option A, B, or C Below.

You Can Elect to Purchase Distance Healing With Private Sessions to Heal Even Faster and Get Answers to Your Personal Questions!


You can purchase Package A for additional family members and pets for approximately 1/2 price at checkout! You do NOT need their permission and it will not hurt them in anyway.

Option A:
Moving Forward in the New Year!

Includes Everything Listed Above For 1 Year!

Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!


Regular Price: $387

Special Price: $207  (Save $180)

Compare to the average price of 1-2 Master Level Healing Sessions.

This program sends Master Level healing energy 24/7 for 1 year.

You can also choose to pay with Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the link above and choose paypal option to find the instructions.

Add additional family members and pets for approximately 1/2 price at checkout

If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

Option B:

Everything Above Plus

30-Minute Healing Session with Stacey For Two People – for the Price of 1!

NOTE: Or 1 Person and a Pet

You can do this healing session for yourself and as a proxy for someone else with. When you do it as a proxy, BOTH of you will heal exponentially faster during this session than if you just did it for yourself. It’s a 2 for 1.

Two people or a person and a pet heal for the price of 1.

You can be proxy for anyone you know (relative, friend, pet, partner, associate, neighbor). You don’t have to know a lot about their issues for them to benefit a lot. They do NOT need to know you are doing this for them. They will receive the full healing even if they don’t believe in this work or know it is being done for them and you will heal faster as a result of this special healing modality used during proxy sessions.

Thank You For Finding and Helping Heal Hidden Lung Cancer!

“My lung cancer is healing. Thank you for finding it and helping it heal. It was hidden and the doctors didn’t find it on the MRI.”

~ Paula M.

I Am Saving Money on Expensive Shock Treatments!

“I have vitrofibulation and congestive heart failure.

Thank you for explaining that when my heart pauses, Source opens where it shuts which starts my heart again.

I have needed to get fewer electric shock treatments as a result.”

~ Fran K.

My Health is Good After Just 1 Session!

“I have been more productive and my health is good. This is a breakthrough after just 1 session. I thought it would take a lot longer as I’ve been in poor health for quite a while.

My lipid issue is healing well without medication. Thank you.”

~ Donna V.

UTI is Gone and Much Less Fatigued!

“My UTI was painful, persistent and annoying. It was virtually gone by end of our session.

My energy is also a lot better. I had been very fatigued for a long time.”

~ Priscilla D.

Cancer For My Brother Went from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in Today’s Session

“I did a proxy session for my brother who has stage 4 cancer. His cancer went to stage 2 in this 30 minute session and my health improved a great deal as well.

I truly appreciate you. Your work is remarkable.”

~ Lisa A.

I Was Able to Work a Full Day Instead of Going Back to Bed!

“I wanted to let you know how much better I felt after our appointment yesterday. Before our call, I had planned to cancel a couple of work appointments and go to bed. However, I felt so much better after your healing work that I was able to work a full day and accomplish what I needed to do. My mood was greatly improved as well. There was such a big shift yesterday that I didn’t want to wait to tell you! Thank you!”

~ Henry D.

My Advanced Metastatic Sarcoma Cancer Went from Stage 3 to Stage 2 During Session!

“My cancer was stage 3 when I started call and went to stage 2 quickly. Since that call, it held at stage 2. My overall health is better and my chi flow is better too.”

~ Alice H.

I Am Now Aligned With Being a Healer!

“When I started the call, I didn’t believe I could be a healer. Tons healed during our session and my alignment with being a healer went from 0 to 10!

I am very excited. Thank you!”

~ Lori C.

Your Transforming My Breast Implants Saved Me $20,000!

“Thank you so much for transforming my breast implants into natural breast tissue. You saved me $20,000 and it was painless and effortless.”

~ Debra Y.

The Fever I Had For 3 Weeks is Gone!

“I had a high fever for 3 weeks and a cough. My doctor could not help me. By end of our session, my breathing was a lot better, and my fever was gone. I feel much better, have more energy and am lighter.”

~ Ingrid S.

My Leg is Significantly Less Swollen and My Heart Opened Up!

“My left leg was stiff and swollen from my knee down. By end of the 30 minute session, my leg was much less stiff and swollen and my heart opened up a lot. I feel hugely better. Thank you and blessings.”

~ Linda H.

The Things Stacey Said During My Session Hit the Nail on the Head and Really Helped Me!

“I was feeling very discouraged – like there is no end to all the symptoms and problems. I was actually depressed. By the end of the session I felt lighter, my depression had lifted and I had hope. I even found myself laughing.

The things Stacey said really hit the nail on the head of what’s been going on with me. Hearing these things was very helpful.”

~ Frank D.

Includes Everything Listed Above

Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!


Regular Pricing: $797

Special Price: $597  (Save $200)

You can also choose use Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the Paypal button at checkout for more information.

NOTE: If you choose the 2 pay for Option B with a private Session with Stacey, you will get an email to schedule your session with Stacey, after the 2nd payment is made.

Add additional family members and pets for Pkg A for 1/2 price each at checkout.

If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

If you have administrative or technical challenges or trouble checking out, contact Assist AT ( substitute @ for AT) or call 904-606-5993.

Option C

Includes Everything in Package A PLUS

6 Private VIP Healing Sessions

Heal Faster as Proxy For Your Family

Priority Scheduling

Includes lifetime healing for you and 6 private phone 30 minute sessions with Stacey during which you will be made proxy for your entire family.

You and your entire family will heal immeasurably faster than if each person had private sessions with me.

The benefits are cumulative over the 6 sessions. This is especially great for those with chronic issues of any kind.

Stacey utilizes NEW faster healing methods during and in between these sessions.

The amount of time suggested between these sessions to get the fastest and best results is approx 1 week. If you or Stacey cannot do it in this timeframe, the next soonest time available to both people will be scheduled.You will receive priority scheduling with Stacey which is important as her schedule fills quickly.

Dad’s Cancer is Healing and He is Active Again!

“Dad’s cancer is down to stage 1 thanks to your help. He is working on a construction project in the backyard that took a lot of planning and thinking. I believe he is able to do this due to his mental acuity being up.

He’s starting to stretch and is walking some as well..

Overall, he has a lot more energy”

~ Jack G.

My Overall Health is Tons Better!

“My chest is a lot better! Thank you! I did some gentle intuitive movement exercises which were helpful especially when my back was ‘out’. My overall health is tons better since I started working with you.”

~ Donna W.

I Feel Immensely Better!

“My sister and I both have leukemia and cancer.

Both are nearly gone and our health has improved immensely and gone from a 3 to a 6 on average.

I am walking and biking 3x week on average.”

~ Janey S.

My Sons Brain Cancer is Nearly Gone & His Mental Acuity is Up!

“My son is is moving and stretching and more dedicated to his studies because he believes he can do it . Your brain function healing and mental acuity processes along with the cancer healing are helping him immensely.”

~ Sheri C.

My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

“My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!”

~ Robert J.

Stacey Saved His Life!

“Stacey is the best healer I have ever come across.

I requested her help after my husband was hospitalized due to a neck vertebra fracture which led to several very serious life threatening crises.

Stacey responded very fast and working with me as a proxy for my husband she saved his life. He is recovering at home now and has benefited tremendously from Stacey’s unique way of energy healing.

Her wisdom, compassion and high connection to the Source have made a huge impact on many of my husband’s chronic health issues as well.

I have received an unexpected bonus too: my own health has improved a lot. My husband and I feel very blessed and grateful for the privilege of receiving Stacey’s healing gift.

I would recommend Stacey’s private sessions and courses to all who need genuine solutions to problems on every level of their being.”

~ N.C., Sweden

Doctors Were Amazed at How Fast I Got Out of the Hospital!

“I had a bad accident and a mini-stroke. They rushed me to the hospital as I was doing poorly in many ways and in huge pain.

My wife did proxy sessions with you for me while I was in the hospital and I got better amazingly fast.”

~ Paul B.

Our Immunity to Cancer is a 10!

“Over the course of our session, my immunity to cancer went from a 4 –> 10 and so did my partner’s. The cancer and pre-cancer have been gone for a while due to your healing and now we are much less likely to get it in the future.”

~ Gina S.

My Scoliosis is Completely Healed!

“My scoliosis that I’ve had since childhood is completely healed. I am in my 60’s now.

I cried some for first time ever. I was not allowed to cry as a child due to my abusive father. My health has improved greatly in all ways.”

~ Olivia T.

For The First Time, I Can Breathe Thru Blocked Side of My Nose!

“I woke up depressed and my depression lifted during our call.

I had a deep infection in my respiratory system and ears. The congestion in my chest and ears were a lot clearer by end of session

For the first time, I can breathe through the blocked side of my nose. This is a huge breakthrough as it has been a chronic issue”

~ Mark A.

My Husband No Longer Abuses Me and My Back Stopped Hurting!

“I haven’t needed medication for my achy back for 2 weeks now. It no longer hurts.I laugh instead of being resentful towards my abusive husband. He has stopped abusing me which is a miracle!I tell him “I’m no longer yours to abuse” when he acts up.”

~ Alissa J.

Physical Health Went Up 3 Points for Each of Us!

“Physical health went up 3 points for each of us. This is a breakthrough. My blood pressure normalized – this was very high at start of our session. This is the most sessions I’ve had with any one healer. What you offer is very special and we always feel better as a result and are calmer too. We have noticed a lot of sustainable shifts over the course of working with you.”

~ Gerry N.

I Can Do All the Things I Used to Be Able to Do!

“These sessions have been extraordinary! I progressed hugely from the first session when my core strength and lung health were a 1.

Sending me the energetic meds for healing the myelin sheath helped a lot to strengthen me.

My core strength is now an 8 and I can do all the things I used to be able to do.

Much love to you.”

~ Jenni S.

My Whole Family’s Mental & Emotional Health Went Up 4 Points in 1 Session!

When you healed my whole family’s health at once, I healed tons faster!

Emotional and mental health went up 4 points for whole family. Physical health improved 2 points for each of us.

It was amazing! Thank you.

~ Kristin W

My Dad’s Stage 4 Cancer is Gone!

As a result of doing proxy sessions with you for my dad along with along with traditional treatments, his cancer is now gone!  Also due to your healing, he was able to receive the chemo from the doctors without side effects which was a huge blessing. When you started healing our entire family together, it cleared much faster.  Thanks so much!

~ Rachel W.

My Alignment With My Spiritual Work Went From 0 t0 10 and My Joy Level is Way Up!

I was not able to move forward with my spiritual work as things kept coming up to get in the way. In my work with you, my alignment with my spiritual work  went from a 0 -> 10. I am consistently moving forward now and have created a new website and a healing audio.  My physical, mental and emotional health is also tons better. I am also joyful much of the time. This had been a missing in my life.

~ Rosemary

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