The energy of MLK day stirred up a lot on our planet about what has happened to our dreams. We are so far ahead of where we were when King first said, “I have a dream!” . . . And the jist of his message was that sometime in the future all men will come together as one and we will know that there is no difference between you and me and anyone else. And let no one put us under.

MLK stood for the black man and equality for all.

He spoke about “men” and he saw a vision for the U.S. where no man would be put asunder which meant no person would be seen as less than another. But he didn’t mention women in his speech. It was implied and women have been holding grudges about not being heard and wanting to have equal rights for a long time. We have come a long way baby . . . and our vision has been one and the same, we all want to be heard and known for who we are and not discriminated against for any reason.

MLK was passionate and he was angry and so are women and those of most every denomination. And behind this passion is anger. It is what ignites our soul and has us want to get up and finally do something about things we are literally sick and tired of.

And we are all angrier than we know. And we have suppressed it for a long time.

MLK’s passion conveyed an important message and it is impacting many people even today and that is because we’ve been saying the same type of thing since the time of Adam and Eve. And we are all wanting to be heard and be seen as one and we all still discriminate in some ways and none of us like it.

We don’t have to yell and scream at each other, or push it down or protest anymore. Our passions are important and a way to express ourselves and there is still anger that must be healed. And anger is at the root of all dis-ease.