Below are some mini-readings that will appear in Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine.

I hope it gives you a better understanding of what is possible in these reading and healing sessions.

Dear Stacey,

I can’t seem to remember much these days. I am not that old – am in my early 50’s and am concerned that I may end up with Alzheimer’s. What steps can I take to regain my short term memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Regina H., Mississippi

Dear Regina, I understand completely how you feel. Memory loss can be very frustrating. There can be many reasons for memory loss. Nutrition plays a big part in it. When you have all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need, your memory will improve. I am getting that you are deficient in Vitamin K, Calcium and B12. That is not the case for everyone with memory loss but is what you need at this time.

You can get Vitamin K from green leafy vegetables, Calcium from milk or Rice Milk that has been fortified with it, and B12 is in apples and limes and many other fruits and veggies. Multi-vitamins and other vitamin supplements are not the best way to get healthy as they are generally not absorbed into your blood stream easily and may not give you the quantities you need in a way that is proportional for your system. Your vitamin needs can and do actually change from day to day.

If you choose to take vitamins, make sure you buy high quality ones.

Take good care of yourself nutritionally and your memory will start to return.



Dear Stacey,

I have lymphoma. The doctors removed both my breasts and some of my lymph glands. I have bloating in my arms and it hurts a lot to move my shoulder. I don’t want radiation treatment. What should I do?

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.

Cindy T., Scotland

Hi Cindy,

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that can be hard to treat. Your lymph glands are stressed out because they cannot remove all the toxins from your body. This results in edema which in your case, looks like excessive swelling in your arms.

There is a lot of anger inside of you whether you are conscious of it or not. Anger is at the root of all dis-ease, especially cancer. Those with any kind of cancer have a great deal of deep rooted anger that needs to be released.

I have helped others release the anger behind lymphoma and other diseases and their bodies healed naturally.

You need to keep up your strength as well. Get a lot of rest and meditate. You can find a free One Minute Meditation at my website that will help a lot.