Some people have a goal of making a million dollars. Others don’t care that much about it. Nonetheless, it is an interesting question that came up in my Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Coaching Group when we were discussing the relationship between love and mon-ey.

Perhaps you make mon-ey and then lose some or never feel like you can make enough or just get by. There are many places we can be with regards to our financial situation at different times in our life.

Mon-ey is energy. Love is energy. You are energy. There are various levels of energy for most things.

A penny has a certain vibration, a quarter has a higher vibration, $1 is higher and $1,000,000 bill is a much higher vibration. Gold is a higher vibration than paper currency.

Similarly love is a high vibration. There are different kinds of love. You may love a friend or send love to someone. The love you feel for a friend may be conditional. When you send love, it is usually unconditional unless you feel like you have to do it to get something in return. Then it is of a lower energy.

Unconditional love in its purest form is of the highest vibration. It is equal to the energy of inner peace. We all want unconditional love and inner peace in a way that is sustainable.

When you vibrate at the level of inner peace or unconditional love, then you can easily attract a million bucks.

In the same vein, you can look at how many layers of blocks you need to release in order to have inner peace, unconditional love or a million bucks.

If you desire all of those things in a way that is sustainable you will want to look at how many layers there are to release for each item.

In the group, I tapped in and the number of layers people had to release before they could attract a million dollars easily in a way that is sustainable ranged from 6 to 17.

A million dollars will not make you peaceful all by itself. It is important to have inner peace and unconditional love and when you have those things, you will care less about mon-ey and it will also come to you more easily.

I could go on and on about this, but want to keep it short.

If you would like to know how many layers you need to release before you can make or attract 1,000,000 bucks you can comment below and I will respond as I have time. It is a fun inquiry.