Q1. What is a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive Reading?

A1. It is a session where I read what is underneath your physical and emotional ailments and determine what is blocking your body from healing itself.

Q2. How do I know if I could benefit from this type of reading?

A2. If you have physical ailments or emotional distress of any kind you can benefit from this reading. All ailments have at least one root cause that is held in the energy in your body. When you know the root, then you also know what is holding you back in other areas of your life be they mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, career, etc.

Q3. Why would I go to this expense to know this information if I just have small ailments?

A3. Knowing the core of what is bothering you, can save you lots of money in the long run. Sometimes, you may be able to reduce a common medication or even eliminate it, with your doctor’s approval. In some cases, you may have a nutritional deficiency which can be shifted by eating other foods which could eventually eliminate the need to take certain vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc. Other times, you may easily change your mindset as a result of the information you receive, enabling things like healthier relationships which in the long run are priceless.  The same thing that is showing up in your body could also be what is blocking your abundance. Honestly, the benefits are numerous and it all depends on your situation.

Q4. How would I know if I would benefit from a healing session combined with a reading rather than just a reading?

A4. If you know that you want relief from something that ails you and do not have a method that would be adequate for releasing the blocks at the core of your symptoms, then a reading and healing session combined is highly suggested.

Q5. What healing modalities will work for my ailments?

A5. That depends on a few things. It depends on the nature of your ailments/symptoms and the core of them. I had allergies that were triggered by pollen, and found the root of them in my energetic body and at the outskirts of my aura. In that case, I needed a healing modality that would heal beyond my physical body, all the way out to the edges of my aura. There are only a few healing modalities that do that. Dominion Over Self ™ is my preferred method. You can check with your energy practitioner to see if a modality that he/she uses will suffice. Many physical ailments have at least part of their energy at the outskirts of your aura. I am able to tell you if that is the case when I do your reading or you can email me ahead of time and I can let you know if that is the case.

Q6. Why would I heal my allergies or anything else this way, if I can use OTC or prescription medications to alleviate them sufficiently?

A6. Sometimes OTC or prescriptions meds can be very effective in alleviating your symptoms temporarily or even permanently. However, if the energetic root is not released, then it will remain in your body and show up in other ways or the same symptoms will reoccur again in the future and could be worse the next time.

Q7. Can you help me strengthen my immune system?

A7. Good question. A week immune system is a result of many things including stress, anger, rage, too many antibiotics, overwork, prolonged illness, lack of sleep and more. To regain a healthy immune system, it is important to release the energetic core of what causes the stress, overwork, prolonged illness, or whatever the case may be. There is a core energetic block that also causes a week immune system in everyone including those with HIV. It would be good for most anyone to release this.

Q8. How will I know how many healing sessions I will need?

A8. During the reading, I will tap into my guidance to see approximately how many healing sessions it will take. I cannot do that before hand as there are too many factors that can influence this. Even then, it will be approximate, as things shift on a daily basis, so it could take less or more time than I approximate. I will give you a range. I offer a discount for multiple healing sessions.

Q9. What if I only want to do one healing session or can only afford one session at this time?

A9. When we release blockages, you will feel some relief immediately and even more in a few days. After that, it will depend on each person and each situation as well as your tolerance level as to when to schedule another session if needed. If you have a chronic disease or prolonged ailments, then it is good to schedule consecutive sessions to facilitate the healing quicker.

Q10. I need to lose weight. Can I get at the root of why I can’t seem to get rid of these extra pounds?

A10. Yes, you can. There are many reasons why people don’t lose weight including an addiction to sugar. This is one that releases quickly and will help you make healthy, yet delicious choices. There are other reasons for overeating that can be easily identified and released as well.

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