Dear Stacey,

I am a regular subscriber to Sedona Journal of Emergence and came to know about you from the magazine.

My grandson Jaiveer is 4.5 years old. He is very intelligent, smart and full of energy and has about past one month a rare disorder called VASCULITIS. Though we are getting him normal medical treatment, not much is known about the Vasculitis in medical profession. I have been well aware of the alternate healing practitioners and their effectiveness.

I would like to add that Jaiveer does not like going to school but his mother is over indulgent in the matter of his diet and school. He is forced several times against his wishes.

Virpal Singh


Hi Virpal,

Jaiveer is does not like going to school, in part, because he cannot focus very well. His inability to focus has to do with learning disabilities and feeling stifled in his creativity. He feels constricted in his abilities and unable to open up to the flow of life. This is an important emotional component to the vasculitis.

I suggest that he be given a lot of praise and support for all he does well. Allow him to unleash his creativity in both fun and productive ways. He has an abundance of creative juices that yearn to be used.

Regarding his diet, he is wavering on become diabetic. He feels like he is not sweet enough and wants sugar to make himself feel better.

He desires to be loved for who he is and how he sees himself. Love him unconditionally and he will likely blossom before your eyes.

Love and blessings,

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