Dear Stacey,

I am beyond hope regarding my ability to live a happy and fulfilled life. I get depressed and then bounce back and then get bummed out again. I have a number of physical issues that I believe are related to this including migraines. My mouth is also numb. I cannot feel my tongue at times. What is going on?

Richard, Illinois


Hi Richard,

I am glad you wrote in. I sense you are feeling hopeless and like life can never be what you expect it to be.

I want you to know that life can be everything you want it to be. See yourself as creator in partnership with Source/God. Together you can create great things and enjoy life fully.

The symptoms you mention are definitely related. Your headaches, especially the migraines, are related to a resistance to being with what is.

The numbness in your mouth is indicative of being unable to speak your truth from a place of joy so you withhold your thoughts. Joy seems illusive at times.

To reconcile this, I suggest seeing yourself joyful, happy and able to speak your truth without being criticized for being negative or down. Visualize this throughout the day.

I have a free audio on my site called “Letting Go.” I recommend you check it out and listen to it 2 – 4 times a day. Once you download it, it will automatically be infused specially for you.

Love and blessings,

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