Hi Stacey,

I have a recurring toothache in the upper left side of my mouth and also my gums are receding slightly and nothing the dentist does has helped. What does this mean on an emotional level?

Thanks so much,
Judith, Paris

Hi Judith,

We are looking at your situation personally and this is what we see. The toothache in the upper left side of your mouth has to do with the relationship you had with Spirit from a number of lifetimes ago. It has been triggered in your current work and can be healed over a number of weeks.

The receding gums are getting worse because you resist speaking out about all you know. The level of knowledge you have is deep and wide but you are remiss to speak it in public.

You have a lot to give the world and we suggest you clear all that is in your way of doing it. Your gums can heal over time with an energetic dental process that is mentioned on my website.

All is well.


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