Dear Stacey,

I read your column every month and have been very impressed by your responses to the people who write in.

I have a situation too that I would like some clarity on. My husband recently retired, and we relocated. I left behind friends, a home, and a job that I loved. I seemed to have put on 20 lbs. overnight. I am at the age where menopause is a player, but could the weight gain also be due to low thyroid, blood sugar, hormones, food sensitivities, or simply stress. Please shed some light on this for me so I know where to start to heal myself.

Thank you for all the light you are shining in the world.


T. Jones


Hi T.

Your thyroid is operating at 78% and your adrenals are at 78%.  Your blood sugar levels are high and are about 20% out of balance.  Your hormones are 80% in balance.  Your yeast is 67% in balance.  The overgrowth of yeast makes you more sensitive to other things.

You need to remove sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol out of your diet for about 5 months and eat more leafy greens.  There are 3 layers to release regarding your thyroids and your adrenals. One of those layers is “I exhaust myself because I believe I have to work really hard to receive the money I need.”  It comes from 70 past lives. Releasing that layer will also help you to make more money with less effort.



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