Hi Stacey,

I have had serious problems sleeping since I was 4 and can go 3 weeks without sleeping if I don’t take prescription medications. I also have memory problems that are concerning me. My step dad had similar problems.

What is causing this?




Hi Jack,


Your chemicals are out of balance. This is affecting your ability to shut down and rest.

There is an energetic pattern in the upper right quadrant of your brain that is not consistent with your DNA. It appears to be your step dad’s DNA.This is causing your system to have challenges in accessing the gene needed to rest. It is also causing a chemical imbalance.

There is also toxic matter around your cerebellum that is affecting your ability to pull up information. This appears to be from taking medications that were not right for you when you were 28 years old.

Your system has not been able to get rid of them, as your detoxification pathways are not operating correctly.

Love and blessings,



This is a mini-medical intuitive reading and is NOT all inclusive.

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