I’m 11 years old and I’ve always been very sensitive the kids at school tease me a lot about a big mole on my chin I’m very pigeon-toed and now I’m gaining weight. Can you help me with all of this?

Thank you for your Sedona journal article?  Can you help me there or by email?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Josh,

There are many issues regarding your appearance that are causing you big problems.  If you can, have your parents take you to a dermatologist to remove the mole.  As it will take a long time to heal naturally. It should be covered by insurance.

The issue of being pigeon-toed is a reflection of you turning inward and not wanting to move outward where there are other people who criticize you.  It is important for you to remember that you are great, awesome, brilliant and beautiful on the inside and out. I want you to repeat that to yourself 10 times every day.

There are 10 beliefs that you came into this life with that affect how you feel about your outer appearance.  I am asking permission to release those for you.  Please ask your parents if I can do that for you virtually as my gift to you. This is not the whole answer to all your problems but will help a lot.

I don’t do this for adults who write me but will do it for you as you won my heart.





Josh was emailed privately as well.)

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