Hi Stacey,

I have moles all over my body.  It will be expensive to have them all removed. The ones that have been removed so far have all been benign.

What is the cause of moles and is there anything else I can do to remove them besides having them cut out or burned off my skin by a dermatologist.


John, Connecticut


Hi John,

Moles are often hereditary and can be thought of as war wounds from past lives as well as present day challenges.  They are simply bacteria and viruses that are trying to be released from your body.

Cancer is anger and so are viruses. I am getting that all of yours are benign at the current time.

Nonetheless a lot of moles can cause you to feel badly about your appearance.

Here are a couple of things you can do.

1)    Put cod liver oil on the moles.  A tiny bit on a q-tip every other day for 3 months will remove the small moles.  Larger moles will take longer … as much as 9 months.

2)    If you want to release them fast then there are 3 beliefs to release that I could do in one session for you.  One of those beliefs is:  “I am ugly and don’t deserve positive attention.” That comes from 52 past lives.

Thanks for asking. That was a great question.



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