Hi Stacey,

I have been having this aching pain around the front, side and back of my right knee. For the past six months, it has been bothering me more.  It concerns me because I do not want this aching to get worse later down the road that I have to have knee surgery. I definitely want to avoid that as much as possible. I am still able to walk. Thank you for
your insight.

P.S.  One day I would like to attend one of your classes on how to be a career intuitive coach or get information on them.

Jeanne, Florida


Hi Jeanne,

You are aching to go forward on your higher path but you have some issues around being flexible enough to change courses at this stage in your life.

Your desire to take one of my training courses is indicative of your soul talking to you, but there are a number of fears in your way. The biggest fear in your way is the belief that you won’t make nearly enough money doing “God’s work”.  This is a belief you came into this life with. In prior times, you lived an impoverished life as a healer and intuitive and you have great fear about that happening again.

You came in with the intention to do it differently this time and indeed you can.




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