Dear Stacey,

My young granddaughter, Shannon, has recently been diagnosed with having IBS. Her parents were also told that there was physical evidence (due to upper and lower GI procedure) that she had food allergies that magnify her pain and inflammation.

They are keeping a food diary, hoping to find a pattern of she could be sensitive to. I am asking for your divine help in identifying foods and other substances that are making this young girl miserable. Is there anything “natural” that would be in sync with her system and help heal the inflamed tissues? Are there emotional issues involved? Any insight would be a wonderful gift!

Thank you!


Hi TJ,

There are always emotional issues involved with any physical symptom. The main emotional cause of IBS is being irritated with something that she cannot digest conceptually. In her case, she is irritated with people who she cannot control or have them be the way she wants them to be. She wants to be treated differently from her family who see her as less than them or so she perceives.

The main food sensitivities we picked up on are: tomatoes, radishes, carrots, corns, lettuce, and fibrous foods that are harsh on her stomach lining.

A good practitioner can heal all of those without having to know what they all are.
The combination of healing the emotional issues related to IBS and the food sensitivities will help a great deal.

Love and blessings,

PS. For the inflamed tissues, I recommend a B complex with B-12, 250 mg, B-6 50 mg and Thiamine 12 mg.

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