Dear Stacey,

I was diagnosed with HIV virus about 5 years ago. It is getting progressively worse.  I catch colds a lot and have been unable to get rid of a virus.  My face is broken out and no one wants to get too close to me.  I am gay and have dealt with my family about that and they accept my sexual choices but are still reluctant to be near me during this time.  What do you suggest?  I am on medications but am not getting better.


Tim, Milwaukee


Hi Tim,

There are many things that can be done to heal your immune system. Meditating 2 x day for 15 minutes is highly recommended. I also suggest dealing with your emotional issues that are unhealed.  When your body does not respond to medications, it generally means there is subconscious resistance to getting better.

There is a part of you that does not want to live as a gay man in this lifetime.  You have been gay in other lifetimes and there are unresolved issues that go way back.
These need to be resolved and then you will be aligned with getting healthy.






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