Hi Stacey

My ex-husband gave me the herpes virus over 40 years ago. I have regular outbreaks mostly brought on by stresses. I don’t believe there is no cure and have been working very hard with different modalities. I have a good diet, avoid sugar and starches, wheat etc. I also have an irritation on my back, but it is slightly discolored but not rough in any way. I feel it and the virus are connected because it gets itchy more when the virus is active but is always there. I’m a spiritual person and am working at remembering to breath deep.

Thanks so much.

Donna, Oregon


Hi Donna,

All disease is curable and you do not have to live with this forever.

You are correct in that the two things are related. Herpes is a virus and it is in the cells of your body. You are still irritated with your ex for his lack of support and that is a big part of the problem. You have not forgiven him for all the ways he hurt you.

I know you have tried to do this but the two of you have been around the block since the beginning of time, so to speak. He harmed you and you harmed him in many ways. This will continue to be viral until you release and forgive yourself and him for all lifetimes.

Your immune system also needs to strengthen to heal this entirely. You are rejecting yourself which keeps your white blood count high. This is another issue that needs to be resolved and transformed.

The combination of these things will help significantly.




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